The Dominators

The Dominators, self-acclaimed masters of ten galaxies, and their robots the Quarks, arrive on Planet Dulkis with cruel and evil intentions as the Doctor and his friends touch down for a "Peaceful holiday" Life is about to change dramatically for the pacifist Dulcians who, with no weapons on their planet soon become enslaved to the Dominators.

As Doctor Who episodes go this one doesn't much. The Quarks are pathetic, they couldn't chase a tortoise, one of the Dominators is a psychopath, the other one keeps the Doctor alive by repeatedly failing to kill him. The story wanders along, the Dominators plot is revealed as over complex and easily stopped.

On the plus point, Zoe is wearing the original, rather fetching jump suit at the start, then changes into a not entirely unappealing skirt/dress type thing. Oh and watch out for the scene where it splits down the back, its the one where one of the Dulcians collapses. Its a hoot

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