The New Doctor?

(note from Shabang: I found this item so intriguing that I had to include it for your impressions.... Perhaps there is a good reason why there has been no news about who will be cast in the new Doctor Who production?)

(An article posted by Scott Newbury on rec.arts.drwho):

I was reading the newspaper the other day when I came across an article which I believe covertly announces who the eighth Doctor will be. Below is a transcript of that article:


Golden Valley, Minn. (AP) Betty Crocker, the white-bread-and-mayonnaise symbol of middle America, is getting a multi-ethnic makeover. General Mills Inc. said yesterday it will select photos of 75 women-to celebrate the Betty Crocker company's 75th birthday-and digitally "morph" them into a new Betty.

Chances are, she won't be the fair-skinned, blue-eyed homemaker whose image has appeared on and off over the years on cookbooks, cake and brownie mixes and Hamburger Helper.

"I guess they want to put some fire under her tail," said Lehman Brothers analyst Caroline Levy. "I think it's a great idea to revitalize the brand."

The new face, to be unveiled in February, will be the eighth Betty Crocker since the fictional character was created in 1921.

(minor stuff deleted)

Quaker Oats Co. has given periodic makeovers to Aunt Jemima.

Shocking, eh? The coincidences are amazing...the eighth be unveiled in February...a complete "makeover" (a regeneration)... I think that the most chilling part is the last line, which implies that Aunt Jemima is, in fact, a Time Lord.

Scott Newbury

(for our foreign readers, Betty Crocker is the corporate name for many products such as cake mix, baking ingredients, etc. Betty is usually depicted as a very common middle american housewife in advertising. Aunt Jemima is the brand name for pancake syrup - and she is depicted as a black woman - rather chubby. Originally Aunt Jemima was depicted as a large black "mammy" - kind of like from "Gone With the Wind", but recently she has lost her thick southern accent and is not so chubby.)