FAQ Section 0


FAQ Item 0.1 - Doctor Who Archives 

The Doctor Who FTP Archives are located at:

nitro9.earth.uni.edu [] in /pub/doctor/

Contains original fan stories, listings of all available Dr. Who Audio
and Video tapes (updated monthly), a copy of this FAQ, an episode guide,
the official Bloopers list, and some other cool stuff.  Anonymous guest login
available.  Write the Keeper if you're not familiar with mucking about in FTP
sites.  The Keeper is:

Siobahn Morgan
Associate Professor of Astronomy
University of Northern Iowa

Some small locations (with perhaps only 1 or 2 items) include the following:

shark.cse.fau.edu [] in pub/text
ftp.wustl.edu [] in pub/multimedia/images/gif/d

FAQ Item 0.2 -  Doctor Who Gifs

Apart from the stuff available at Nitro9 (Main FTP site), there are some 
more Doctor Who Pictures available in .gif format from:

grind.isca.uiowa.edu []  *** Warning - slow system, not a lot
(Login: anonymous   in directory:  /image/gif/scifi )         there ***

ftp.sunet.se []
(Login: anonymous   in directory: /pub/pictures/tv.film/Dr.Who )

Main website: http://www.shillpages.com/dw/dwia.html - Doctor Who Image
archive.  There are also many more images available at WWW sites (see section
0.4 below)

FAQ Item 0.3 - The Video and Audio Lists

See the Doctor Who Video List - available via ftp from 
nitro9.earth.uni.edu []
in /pub/doctor/matrix/videos , or via e-mail from the author,
Daniel O'Malley , or check his website
http://www.netsoc.ucd.ie/Doctor_Who/ .
A updated version of this list is also posted as Part 4 of the FAQ.

A list of "Who"-related music releases, once a part of this
FAQ, has been passed into the hands of Daniel O'Malley, who updates it
as well as the video lists, and is available at 
nitro9.earth.uni.edu [] under /pub/doctor/matrix/audio

FAQ Item 0.4 - Doctor Who WWW Sites

There is my own WWW Doctor Who Page, the address of which is
All of the following have links located at my site

Other Prime information WWW sites include the following:
   Doctor Who News page  
   Shaun Lyon's "Outpost Gallifrey" Site
   University of York Multimedia Society
   Gavin Greig's site of sites (U.K.)
   Dan O'Malley's page, with oodles of stuff (Ireland)
   Bevis King's and Duncan White's site (U.K.) 
   Chuck Foster's site - Serendipity (U.K.)
   Doctor Who Alliance of North America
   Stephen Jenkins Home Page, (The Velvet Web) with reviews (U.K.)
   Doctor Who Dynamic Ranking Web Page (U.K.)
   Science Fiction Continuum, video retailer  
   The Who Shop, vendor of Doctor Who merchandise
   800-Trekker, vendor of books, videos, clothing, etc.
   Vendor of books - UK site
   Don Smith's Quote Archive
   Doctor Who Role Playing Game Site (see section 0.6) 
   Site for uk.media.tv.sf.drwho newsgroup 

If you are looking for a particular site, the link list of Paul "Ozzy" 
Harman includes hundreds of links - (the list is also posted 
on rec.arts.drwho)
And the other large link list is Dwain Gleason's WhoLINK

FAQ Item 0.5 - Doctor Who Author E-mail addresses

Several authors of recent (and not so recent) Doctor Who books and stories
who have computer accounts.  These folks occasionally post items on 
rec.arts.drwho and have participated in many discussions about their
own works and those of others. 

Jon Blum         jblum@access.digex.net
Daniel Blythe    daniel@drblythe.freeserve.co.uk
Mark Clapham     mclapham@ssees.ac.uk
Paul Cornell     paul@cornell.demon.co.uk     
Martin Day       marty@dial.pipex.com           
Keith R. A. DeCandido krad@ix.netcom.com
Craig Hinton     craggles@timeword.demon.co.uk  
David J. Howe    howe@which.net               
Ben Jeapes       bjeapes@aol.com
Matt Jones       mat.jones@virgin.net
Andy Lane        andylane@goldfinch.win-uk.net  
Paul Leonard     100773.3554@compuserve.com   
Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier   jmlofficier@worldnet.att.net    
Steve Lyons      steve@jslyons.globalnet.co.uk
Paul Magrs       P.Magrs@uea.ac.uk
David A. McIntee master@sol.co.uk
Jim Mortimore    jimmortimore@compuserve.com   
Kate Orman       korman@zip.com.au
Lance Parkin     ljparkin@aol.com              
John Peel        johnpeel@usa.pipeline.com      
Neil Penswick    101772.3516@compuserve.com     
Justin Richards  justinr@ibm.net
Gary Russell     gaz-john@dircon.co.uk           
Richard "Halibut" Salter etlrdsr@etl.ericsson.se
Mark Stammers    mark.stammers@yuma.tpd.co.uk      
Dave Stone       dave@sgloomi.demon.co.uk
Keith Topping    Keith@tooon.demon.co.uk        
Nick Walters     nwalters.gosw@go-regions.gov.uk
Doctor Who Magazine (Marvel Comics) doctorwho@marmags.demon.co.uk
FAQ Item 0.6 - Doctor Who Mailing lists

Doctor Who discussion list---- manager is Chuck Foster 

Subscription Address:   listproc@lists.pipex.com
Subsciption info:       subscribe drwho-l FirstName SurName

List Address:           drwho-l@lists.pipex.com
List queries:           admin-drwho-l@lists.pipex.com
General listproc enquiries:
WWW site:     http://serendipity.drwho.org/drwho-l/
Web Archives: http://www.lists.pipex.com/cgi-bin/listproc?list=drwho-l

Moderated Doctor Who discussion list - moderated by Kate Orman

Subscription Address and Info:   subscribe@reuben.net 
Unsubscribe :                    unsubscribe@reuben.net

List Address:               allenrd@reuben.net

WWW site:     http://www.zip.com.au/~korman/who/allenrd.html
Totterslane mailing list
Maintained by Adam Stone

Subscription to list: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/totterslane
Gaming Mailing List - list manager is Ian MacDonald

Subscription Address:   listproc@lists.pipex.com
Subscription info:      subscribe who-rpg-l FirstName SurName

List Address:           who-rpg-l@lists.pipex.com
Contact Address:        admin-who-rpg-l@lists.pipex.com
Web Archives:  http://www.lists.pipex.com/cgi-bin/listproc?list=who-rpg-l
A Doctor Who/Star Trek Mailing list - managed by Clyde Meli 

List-Name:              trekwho-l@cis.um.edu.mt
Subscription Address:   majordomo@cis.um.edu.mt
Subscription Details:   subscribe trekwho-l   - in body of message 
Information:            List for both Doctor Who and Star Trek
Paul McGann Estrogen Brigade Mailing list - managed by Stephanie Linz-Gould

List-Name:              pmeb@orbit.crawford.com
Subscription Address:   majordomo@orbit.crawford.com
Subscription Details:   subscribe pmeb  your-e-mail-address
Inquiries:              slgould@crawford.com or elsaf@pipeline.com or
Web subscription:       http://www.maidenhaist.com/pmeb/subscrib.htm
FAQ Item 0.7 - What Doctor Who newsgroups are there?

There are currently five Doctor Who USENET newsgroups.  The primary one is
rec.arts.drwho, where all general discussion and such takes place.
Another newsgroup is alt.drwho.creative, which is exclusively for the
posting of Doctor Who fan fiction.

Most recently, the information group, rec.arts.drwho.info, was created.
This group deals with information about the show, as well as the people 
in it, conventions, news items, etc.  Since it is a moderated group, 
posts will not appear immediately, but are checked for relevancy 
before being posted.

There is also a alt.binaries.drwho group, though it is not available
on all systems.

For people who can get the uk. newsgroups (mainly the people in the UK)
there is also uk.media.tv.sf.drwho.

FAQ Item 0.8 - What about Doctor Who IRC groups?

Check the postings in the newgroup (rec.arts.drwho) for IRC information - 
there are some fairly frequent discussions.  Generally people tend to meet 
at 4 PM EST daily at #doctorwho, as well as Fridays at 10 PM EST, but 
anytime at all is also fine.  Another irc group is #drwho, which meet on 
DALnet (10 pm EST).  Go to which ever trips your trigger.

Also check the #drwho channels on Icenet and Newnet.