FAQ Section 3

The Lost "Doctor Who" Episodes

FAQ Item 3.1 - What are the "missing episodes" or "lost episodes"?

During the early seventies many Doctor Who stories were destroyed by
the BBC, along with vast amounts of other material kept by the BBC, in
order to cut costs in storage. This was in the age before home video,
when the material appeared useless due to the limitations on televised
repeats in Britain.

Many of the lost episodes are of the later William Hartnell and much 
from the Patrick Troughton era.  109 episodes are still missing.    

There are also audios of the shows made by fans which are of varying
quality.  The BBC has copies of these.

In addition to the lost Hartnell and Troughton episodes, some Pertwee
episodes exist only in black and white versions.  Recently, several
episodes from "The Silurians", "Terror of the Autons", "The Daemons"
and "The Ambassadors of Death" have had their color restored using 
low-quality color video tapes recorded in the U.S.

A complete list of the Missing Doctor Who episodes appears below:

Episode Title		Parts Missing	Author		Story Code
Marco Polo		all		John Lucarotti	     D
The Reign of Terror	4-5		Dennis Spooner	     H
The Crusades		2,4		David Whitaker       P
Galaxy Four		all		William Emms   	     T
Mission to the Unknown  all		Terry nation         T/A
The Myth Makers		all		Donald Cotton        U
The Dalek Masterplan    1-4,6-9,11-12	Nation & Spooner     V
The Massacre		all		John Lucarotti       W
The Celestial Toymaker  1-3		Brian Hayles         Y
The Savages		all		Ian Stuart Black     AA
The Smugglers		all		Brian Hayles         CC
The Tenth Planet	4		Kit Pedler	     DD

Power of the Daleks	all		David Whitaker       EE
The Highlanders		all		Gerry Davis	     FF
					 & Elwyn Jones
The Underwater Menace   1,2,4		Geoffrey Orme        GG
The Moonbase		1,3		Kit Pedler	     HH
The Macra Terror	all		Ian Stuart Black     JJ
The Faceless Ones	2,4-6		David Ellis          KK
					& Malcolm Hulke
Evil of the Daleks	1,3-7		David Whitaker       LL
The Abominable Snowmen  1,3-6		Mervyn Haisman       MM
					 & Henry Lincoln
The Ice Warriors	2,3		Brian Hayles         OO
The Enemy of the World  1,2,4-6		David Whitaker       PP
The Web of Fear		2-6		Mervyn Haisman       QQ
					 & Henry Lincoln
Fury From The Deep	all		Victor Pemberton     RR
The Wheel in Space	1,2,4,5		David Whitaker	     SS
The Invasion		1,4		Derrick Sherwin      VV
The Space Pirates	1,3-6		Robert Holmes	     YY

Further information about missing episodes and transcripts for some 
of them can be found at various web sites, including

FAQ Item 3.2 - I know something about missing episodes. What do I do?

Here's the name and address of who to contact with missing episode

Christine Slattery, 
Television Archivist,
BBC Film and Videotape Library,
Reynard Mills Industrial Estate,
Windmill Road,
England TW8 9NF

Tel: 0181-567 6655

Reports on whether the supplier of these lost episodes will be reimbursed
have varied from source to source.  The most substantial report I have
received so far has been:

"There is an amnesty, and no questions at all will be asked if private
collectors do have some of the missing episodes; all the BBC wants to do
is to copy the film print (or whatever), the original being retained by
the donor. "

(Thanks to Steve Roberts, 

FAQ Item 3.3 - What are the "missing novelizations"?

W.H. Allen and Target Books, between the years 1973 and 1991, published
a set of novelizations for just about every Doctor Who story ever produced.
155 in number, they span the Doctor Who era from "An Unearthly Child" all the
way to "Survival", some greatly expanded on the original stories, others
basically verbatim transcripts.  

A few serials, however, have never been novelized.  They include Douglas 
Adams' "The Pirate Planet", "City of Death" and "Shada" and Eric Saward's
"Resurrection of the Daleks" and "Revelation of the Daleks".

In the case of the Adams' serials, he has refused to novelize his stories
because a writer of his caliber would never stoop to churning out a novelization
for a low fee.  Furthermore, several plot elements from "City of Death"
and "Shada" were reused in Adams' two Dirk Gently novels.

The Dalek episodes never reached print because of royalties disputes between 
Terry Nation, the original creator of the Daleks, and Eric Saward, who penned 
many of the later Dalek serials and deviated greatly from Nation's original 
concept of the Daleks.  

FAQ Item 3.4 - What are these Missing Episodes that I see in bookstores?

To further confuse the issue, during season 22, the show was temporarily 
pulled off the air and the stories that were planned for season 23 were 
shelved and never filmed.  There are novelizations of 3 of the stories
that were intended for that season.

The stories and the novelizations are as follows - 

Title				    Author		    ISBN #
The Nightmare Fair                 Graham Williams        0 426 20334 8
Mission to Magnus                  Philip Martin          0 426 20347 X
The Ultimate Evil                  Wally K. Daly          0 426 20338 0

Eric Saward was also supposed to novelize Robert Holmes' planned "Yellow 
Fever".  Like his two forthcoming Dalek novelizations, however, it is
uncertain when or if this will see the light of day.

FAQ Item 3.5 - What is Shada?

Shada was the name of a six part story, which would have been the last
one of the 1979 season.  The story was scripted by Douglas Adams and 
many scenes were shot on location in Cambridge England.  However during
production, a strike by television personnel at the BBC prevented
the completion of the show.  While large amounts of filming were 
complete, various aspects such as special effects and large parts of studio 
filming were not completed.  This particular show was then considered
dead in the water.  Interest in Shada did not let up, and various 
attempts to save the story were made.  Finally, in 1992 the BBC released
the extant material for "Shada" on videotape, with new special effects
added and Tom Baker providing the links for missing material.