FAQ Section 5

Random Items concerning "Doctor Who"

FAQ Item 5.1 - Which big celebrities have appeared on Doctor Who?

John Cleese appeared, with Eleanor Bron, as an art critic in "City of
Death".  A clip of The Beatles performing "Ticket to Ride" was seen in "The
Chase".  "Queen Elizabeth" was seen walking her dogs in "Silver Nemesis" 
(this was not the real queen).  American stage actor Stubby Kaye (from
the original Broadway and movie version of "Guys & Dolls") appeared as
a bumbling yet lovable U.S. secret agent in "Delta & The Bannermen".
Julian Glover appeared as King Richard the Lionheart in "The Crusade",
and as Scaroth in the popular "City of Death".  Jean Marsh briefly
played companion Sara Kingdom in "The Daleks' Master Plan", and was
also Joanna in "The Crusade" and Morgaine in "Battlefield".  Honor
Blackman, from "The Avengers" and "Goldfinger", played Professor Lasky
in "Terror of the Vervoids" (a portion of the "Trial of a Time Lord" season).
The body (but not the voice) of Darth Vader was provided by Doctor Who
alumnus David Prowse, who was in the "Time Monster".
And in a strange, yet almost appropriate career move, Patricia Quinn (Magenta
in "Rocky Horror Picture Show") appeared as Belazs in "Dragonfire".
For fans of the "Young Ones", Alexei Sayle appeared as the DJ in 
"Revelation of the Daleks", and Christopher Ryan appeared as Lord Kiv
in Mindwarp.

FAQ Item 5.2 - What are "The Stranger" videos?

The Stranger videos are a series of semi-professional stories made by 
Who fan Bill Baggs. They star Colin Baker as Soloman or "The Stranger". 
Originally, the Stranger was a very Doctor-like being who was unaware of 
his own past. More recently, the truth about the Stranger's past has been 
revealed. Concurrently, the series has seen a shift away from being such 
an out-and-out Doctor Who imitation and taken on a style of its own. A 
plethora of Who celebrities have also appeared in the Stranger videos, 
such as Nicola Bryant (Peri), Louise Jameson (Leela) and Sophie Aldred (Ace).

There have been six Stranger videos so far: "Summoned by Shadows", "More 
Than a Messiah", "In Memory Alone", "The Terror Game", "Breach of the 
Peace" and the two-part "Eye of the Beholder". There have also been two 
Stranger audio tapes.

Bill Baggs has also produced other videos starring Doctor Who cast in 
non-Who roles, among them "The Airzone Solution" and "The Zero Imperative". 
The latter features the return of Caroline John as Liz Shaw, though the 
Doctor himself is not present.

Further details and ordering information are available in the UK from:

53 South Road 
Beeston, Nottingham NG9 1LY


In the US, the following source for videos is recommended:

Science Fiction Continuum
P.O. Box 154
Colonia, NJ 07067-0154
Telephone: 1-800-232-6002
FAX orders: 1-908-755-2886

FAQ Item 5.3 - What is the "Mythmaker" Series?

Another independently produced series of videos, which highlight the actors
and actresses who have appeared in the show.  These are sort of mini-
biographies, where the performer usually takes you on a tour of some 
location that they live in, grew up in, went to school at, etc.  These are
recommended only if you *really* want to see what these people are like
when they are not in front of the camera.  The video list is rather
extensive and should be consulted for the currently available editions. 
The "Mythmakers" videos are made by Reeltime Pictures, who have also made 
two adventures featuring Doctor Who characters, called "Wartime" and 

FAQ Item 5.4 - What is this I hear about a female Doctor Who?

In the 1980s, a Seattle-based filmmaker named Ryan K. Johnson produced
four movies with a female Doctor.  They were:

Doctor Who: The Wrath of Eukor (1984) 30 minutes
Doctor Who: Visions of Utomu (1986) 32 minutes
Pentagon West (1987) 28 minutes
Doctor Who: Broken Doors (1988) 20 minutes

You can still get copies directly from Ryan by sending him a blank VHS tape
and $2 for return postage to:

Ryan K. Johnson
7025 27th Ave NE
Bothel WA 98115

e-mail:   rkj@eskimo.com
URL:      http://www.eskimo.com/~rkj/

Foreign requests will of course have to add extra money to cover the
extra postage. Ryan can only make copies in the American video standard
(NTSC).  If you are in the UK or Australia and want PAL copies, you'll
have to look around in your own country for copies - they're there, just
ask around.

FAQ Item 5.5 - Were those the Doctor's faces in "The Brain of Morbius"?

At the climax of the Tom Baker story "The Brain of Morbius", the Doctor 
and Morbius engage in a mental duel. At a point when the Doctor appears 
to be losing, the faces of the First Doctor appears, followed by several 
other adult male faces in various period clothing. The suggestion appears 
to be that these are previous incarnations of the Doctor prior to William 
Hartnell's version. Indeed, this was the idea at the time the story was 
broadcast (the faces themselves were those of various production members).

However, this directly conflicts with various other statements in the 
series. In "The Deadly Assassin", it is said that a Time Lord can only 
regenerate twelve times, but by this count, Peter Davison's should have 
been the final Doctor. Furthermore, in "The Five Doctors", the Fifth 
Doctor specifically states that he is the fourth regeneration. This has 
led to the assumption that the faces are Morbius', though this is not 
borne out by what appears on-screen.  There is also an explanation in
the New Adventure "Lungbarrow" but I don't know what it is - you'll
have to read it for yourself.  Of course purists may not consider an
explanation provided by a non-broadcast story as canon.

This is one of those subjects which is essentially unanswerable, but 
seems to be particularly persistent on the newsgroup. The real answer, of 
course, is that there *is* no answer -- just lots of debates amongst fans.

FAQ Item 5.6 - Which companions have posed nude?

Following the end of her tenure as Jo Grant in the 70s, Katy Manning 
posed naked for the first issue of a magazine called "Girl"... with a 
Dalek! A portion of the article including these photos was reprinted in 
David Howe's book "Timeframe" in 1993.

The only other companion said to have posed nude is Lalla Ward, who 
played the second Romana. Apparently, however, this was actually a body 
double used for a film Lalla filmed; stills (presumably taken from this 
movie) have popped up in magazines now and then.

FAQ Item 5.7 - What are the proper story titles?

Following the painstaking research of people like David Howe, Mark 
Stammers, Stephen James Walker and Andrew Pixley, it has come to light 
that many of the titles commonly used by fans are not, in fact, the 
correct story titles. This has become a bone of contention for many fans, 
some of whom prefer to use the customary titles while others favor the 
"proper" titles. Stories referred to by a number of titles are:

There are also debates about spellings as can be seen in
"Crusade", "Galaxy 4" and "The Daleks' Master Plan" .  Many thanks
to Tim Roll-Pickering for providing a great deal of this information.

Serial A:
"An Unearthly Child" (common title)
"100,000 B.C." (proper title)
"The Tribe of Gum" (once commonly used, now becoming obsolete)

Serial B:
"The Daleks" (common title)
"The Mutants" (proper title -- not used to avoid confusion with the 
Pertwee story of the same name)
"The Dead Planet" (title of the first episode, occasionally used to refer 
to the whole story)

Serial C:
"The Edge of Destruction" (common title)
"Inside the Spaceship" (proper title)
"Beyond the Sun" (actually a working title for the first episode of 
Serial B, confused with Serial C due to BBC documentation)

Serial D:
"Marco Polo" (title)
"A Journey to Cathay" (working title)

Serial E:
"The Keys of Marinus" (title)
"The Sea of Death" (first episode title)

Serial G:
"The Sensorites" (title)
"Strangers in Space" (first episode title)

Serial H:
"The Reign of Terror" (title)
"The French Revolution" (Radio Times article title)

Serial K:
"The Dalek Invasion of Earth" (title)
"World's End" (first episode title)

Serial N:
"The Web Planet" (title)
"The Zarbi" (novelization title)

Serial P:
"The Crusade" (title)
"The Crusaders" (novelization title)
"The Crusades" (common mispelling)

Serial T:
"Galaxy 4", "Galaxy Four" 

Serial DC (aka Serial T/A, Ta, T):
"Mission to the Unknown" (generally accepted correct title) 
"Dalek Cutaway: Mission to the Unknown"  (another title) 

Serial U:
"The Myth Makers" (title)
"The Trojan War" (working title, Radio Times article title)

Serial W:
"The Massacre" (common title)
"The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve" (proper title)

Serial X:
"The Ark" (title)
"The Space Ark" (Radio Times article title)

Serial Z:
"The Gunfighters" (title)
"The Gunfighter" (used for a compilation sold in 1980s)
"A Holliday for the Doctor" (first episode title)

Serial BBB:
"The Silurians" (common title)
"Doctor Who and the Silurians" (proper title, albeit an accident by the 
production staff, this is used most often nowadays)

Serial WWW:
"Invasion of the Dinosaurs" (title)
"Invasion" (first episode title only)

Trial of a Time Lord (Season 23)
Individual stories and episodes are referred to in a variety of
ways including Trial episodes (or parts) 1-14 (counting each
individual segment), or episodes 1-4 (counting only the story
arcs, "Mysterious Planet", "Mindwarp", etc.)
7A: "The Mysterious Planet" (working title)
7B: "Mindwarp" (working title)
7C1: (parts 9-12), "Terror of the Vervoids" (title)
     "The Ultimate Foe" (working title)
     "The Vervoids" (working title)
7C2: (parts 13-14) "The Ultimate Foe" (title)
     "Time Inc" (working title)

The Paul McGann Movie
"Enemy Within" (name given by Philip Segal, producer)
"The Enemy Within", "TV Movie", "Doctor Who: The Movie",
"The Return of Doctor Who", "McGann film", 
"US Telemovie with the Pertwee logo" - (various ways of referring to it)

FAQ Item 5.8 - Is Susan REALLY the Doctor's graddaughter?

Despite having no legitimate evidence to support their arguments, many
fans profess the belief that Susan is not really the Doctor's (biological)
granddaughter.  Like the question of whether the Monk, Master and War
Chief are really the same Time Lord, there is nothing in the series
itself to make us think that Susan is not the Doctor's granddaughter.
Indeed, the Doctor makes reference to having a "family" in both "The
Tomb of the Cybermen" and "The Curse of Fenric".  However, it has never
been conclusively stated that Susan _is_ the Doctor's granddaughter
either, so these fans are not necessarily completely out in left field.
The New Adventure "Lungbarrow" is also supposed to explain this, but
again, I don't know what the explanation is, so you'll have to find
out for yourself.

FAQ Item 5.9 Is there a Pink Floyd song that sounds like the Doctor 
Who theme music?

Yes there are.  One version can be found in "One Of These Days" which
is on the album "Meddle".  You should also check out the album
"Delicate Sound of Thunder".

FAQ Item 5.10 What is Romana's full name?

FAQ Item 5.11 Did John Byrne, writer for such comics as X-Men, 
Fantastic Four and She-Hulk, ever work on Doctor Who?

No - there is writer for the show named Johnny Byrne, who wrote "Keeper of
Traken", "Arc of Infinity" and "Warriors of the Deep".  This is an
entirely different person.  No known relation.
Though John Byrne has not worked on Doctor Who, he has included some 
Doctor Who items in his comic book work.  There are instances of 
Daleks and other items appearing.  
FAQ Item 5.12 Is that Tom Baker?

Well, maybe.  People think that Tom Baker made a cameo appearance
in a music video "Don't Pay the Ferryman" by Chris DeBerg.  He did not.

However Tom Baker will be doing a bit on an upcoming album by the 
English rock group Mansun.  The album is called Six and the song
is "Witness to a Murder".  

In several episodes of the "Simpsons", a cartoon version of Tom Baker
appears - doesn't say anything, but is clearly seen.  This is the
episode known as "Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming", and has the evil
Sideshow Bob threatening to blow up a bomb if all television
broadcasts don't cease.  Episode number 3F08 (seventh season).
He is also seen briefly at the Bi-mon-sci-fi-con signing autographs
(with early Baker era logo and Tardis).  This is the episode where
Homer becomes a bodyguard ("Mayored to the Mob", number AABF05, 10th
season).  And most recently he was in the 10th Halloween special
episode (the one featuring "The Collector" and Lucy (Xena) Lawless).