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                The alt.drwho.creative round-robin FAQ
                     Last Update: 12 January 1998

1)  What is a round-robin?
  A round-robin is a story where each chapter has been written by 
a different person, with each writer generally trying to end with 
a nerve-wracking cliff-hanger for the next person to get the heroes 
out of.  Since each writer is different, the focus and tone of the 
story may change markedly from what it was when it began.

2)  What is a *moderated* round-robin?
  A moderated round-robin has a Moderator, who generally facilitates 
the production of the story.  He or she announces the formation of the 
new story, signs up and assigns the chapter writers their turns, keeps 
everybody updated on the progress of the story, may advertise the 
existence of the story to other newsgroups, harangues the writers, 
performs light editing duties, if necessary, and sends chapters to 
people who need them.  Sounds kinda like...a Producer!  Yeah, 
that's it!  Only, for round-robins...  ;-)
  Several types of Doctor-Who themed round-robins appear 
*exclusively* on alt.drwho.creative.  (Tres chi-chi!)  When 
completed, they are archived on various web pages (see the 
list of URLS at the bottom of this document).

3)  So, what's an 'IA'?  And an "MIA'?  And a 'CIA'?  A BIA?  An HIA?
  An 'IA', or 'Internet Adventure', is a round-robin adventure featuring 
the 8th Doctor, and currently, companions Jadi Morok, Wil Young, 
and Angela Ferris.
  An 'MIA', or 'Missing Internet Adventure', is a round-robin adventure 
featuring any Doctor and companion(s) prior to the 8th Doctor.
  A 'CIA' is a 'Companions' Internet Adventure', a round-robin 'spin-off',
featuring adventures of some of the fascinating folks who have traveled 
with the Doctor.  No Doctor.
  A BIA is a 'Benny Internet Adventure'.  (Yes, a round-robin featuring 
Benny Summerfield, that indominable former companion of the 7th 
Doctor).  These stories are a variation on the 'CIA' concept, except 
they feature only Benny and her friends.  No Doctor.  Starting in 
Winter '98.
  An HIA is another new Round-Robin style for '98.  Yep, you guessed 
it -- it's an historical, with no space monsters allowed.  Just the Doctor 
and his companions, adventuring in olden times and exotic places.  We 
don't need no steenkin' Daleks to have fun and live on the edge -- you'll 

4)  At the end of the Doctor Who telemovie, Grace *didn't* go with the 
Doctor, yet she's in the first few IAs.  What's up with that?
  It's all Jeff Beuck's fault!! (How's that for a nice passing-of-the-buck, 
Jeff? ;-))  No, seriously...so inspired were we by the incipient Doctor 
Who telemovie, that Jeff, the first chapter writer of the very first IA, 
chose the new Doctor and Grace as the protagonists -- before anyone had 
even seen the movie!  (This was back in late March of 1996.)  It all seems 
to have worked out for the best, though, and we decided to keep on with 
the same characters for a while.  I wrote a linking fan-fic story, called 
'Reunion', to bridge between the telemovie and the first IA.  This tale 
explains how Grace met up with the Doctor again, and decided to travel 
with him for awhile.
  Eventually, Grace got a bit sick of gadding around through time and space, 
and caught a ride home with Irving Braxiatel (last we'd heard).  As usual, 
the Doctor had no problem finding new companions to share his journeys 

5)  So how can *I* get involved?
  As an 'IA' or 'MIA' comes to an end, a notice will go up on 
alt.drwho.creative and rec.arts.drwho, announcing that the 'sign-up' 
for the next round-robin is open.  You'll generally have a week or 
until the writer's list (usually 15 people, max) fills up to sign up, 
by e-mailing to the Moderator.  First come, first serve.  Due to the 
increased number of interested of people, we've recently begun to 
have more than one IA running simultaneously at one time.
  Once sign-up is closed, each writer will be assigned a due date, 
at which time a chapter, somewhere from 2,000 to 4,000 words, 
will be due to be posted to the adwc newsgroup, and sent also to 
the Moderator.
  Turns are generally assigned randomly, though there is room for 
flexibility, if people have busy times coming up at school or work.  
The first writer gets to pick the story's premise.  The last writer has 
to end the story in a satisfying way, as well as tie up various loose 
plot-ends, if possible.  Thus, these 'anchor' positions do carry some 
responsibility with them...


My web page contains links for all the IAs (but only the _IAs_), 
as well as the fan-fic 'Reunion', which explains how Grace met 
the Doctor for the second time and decided to travel with him after 

The IAs themselves are archived in their entirety at JJF's IA archive:

IAs #1-4 are also on the alt.drwho.creative U.S. Archive page:
(NOTE - This site is no longer valid - nitro9 webmaster)

John 'Omega' Seavey has IAs #3, 4 & 7 stored on his web page:

IA#1:  'DeathRace!'is also at: 

IA#2: 'Six Sides To Every Story' is at:
(NOTE - This site is no longer valid - nitro9 webmaster)

Alden Bates has archived IAs # 2,3 & 5, at:

The MIAs are archived in their entirety at JJF's MIA Archive:

MIAs #1-3 are available at the alt.drwho.creative archive page:
(NOTE - This site is no longer valid - nitro9 webmaster)

'Jadi Morok & the Dark Sapphire' is at:
(NOTE - This site is no longer valid - nitro9 webmaster)

'Chang Lee & The Revenge of the Alliance' is at:

Far as I can tell, the alt.drwho.creative archive page,
currently contains CIA#1, and 'Chang Lee & the Revenge of the Alliance'.
(NOTE - This site is no longer valid - nitro9 webmaster)

-This FAQ was created by Becky "IA Moderator!" Dowgiert.
If you have any questions, comments or corrections, let me know!