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I can't gaurantee a quick response, or regular posting - I'll try to
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now, the FAQ itself.

1.  Is alt.drwho.creative the main Doctor Who Newsgroup?
2.  Can I post binary files here?
3.  So what can I post here?
4.  The story I want to post may be considered offensive - can I post
5.  What shouldn't I post here?
6.  What is a Round Robin?
7.  What is a crossover?
8.  What is a drabble?
9.  What is such-and-such?
10. Where can I find more stories?
11. I really liked that person's story - can I post a review of it?
12. What about copyright? Can I use this story in my fanzine?
13. There is no question 13. Why not?

1.  Is alt.drwho.creative the main Doctor Who Newsgroup?

alt.drwho.creative is the newsgroup for posting and discussing Doctor
Who fan fiction created on the internet. rec.arts.drwho is the main
group for discussion of the TV program, radio plays, telemovies, books
and so forth. is where you'll generally be able to
find information on fan-produced conventions, videos and so forth, as
well as official information regarding the status of Doctor Who.

2.  Can I post binary files here?

Binaries related to Doctor Who should be posted to the
alt.binaries.drwho and groups. Please do
not post binaries to this group, or expect to be torn a new one.

3.  So, what can I post here?

Practically anything that is to do with creative Doctor Who.  If
you're posting a very long story, it's considered good form to split
it up and number the bits.  If you're reading a story and only get
chapters 1, 3 and 5 through 9, wait a bit before requesting a repost -
it may just be your server is a bit slow.  Also, for courtesy's sake,
read and abide by the rules set out in the alt.drwho.creative
Formatting FAQ, found at -
This will give your story a better chance of being read.

4.  The story I want to post may be considered offensive - will it be

Yup.  This group is totally unmoderated.  This means three things -
you can quite happily post a story where various companions and
Doctors do wierd and terrifying things with chocolate sauce to each
other, and you can possibly expect to get one or two rude responses.
It also occasionally means spam. If you see any spam on the group,
feel free to report it to the spammer's ISP. Constructive criticism of
stories is generally encouraged, but comments like "Yor story sux, yo
iliturat luser!" will generally be treated with the respect they

5.  What shouldn't I post here?

Binaries are the main thing. Advertisements for new Who material (such
as Audio plays, fan videos and so forth) are quite acceptable. Please
don't post non-Who related items, or Who-related non-creative
items(such as book reviews and so forth). Other groups exist for that

6.  What is a Round Robin?

Someone comes up with the concept, say the Doctor must win a
road-race, or defeat the aliens, or just figure out what the hell is
going on.  They will ask for entrants in the round robin - usually 12
or so - who are given a chapter to write.  There is also a "Round
Robin FAQ" which can be found at
which will give you far more detailed and useful information.

7.  What is a crossover?

A crossover is a story which links characters from two different
sources of fiction.  For example, the Doctor might land on the
Enterprise, the Red Dwarf, or in sunny Springfield, or the Sliders,
Arthur Dent, or Barney Rubble may land in the TARDIS console room.
It's usually courteous to list who the crossover is with to avoid
confusion, although you may wish to leave it out if you want to keep
it a surprise.

8.  What is a drabble?

A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words - no more, no less. Some
people have created "Double-drabbles" and "half-drabbles" - I'll let
you guess how many words these have.

9.  What is such-and-such?

Best to ask the author. Send them an email or ask the group, if you
feel that others might benefit from more knowledge.

10. Where can I find more stories?

There are several archives which can be found on the internet.
Different ones may suit different tastes, and not all of them contain
every story, so check around if you're looking for something in
particular - someone should have it. If all else fails, try DejaNews -

Some archives (eg Panatropic, Ogron Bob) are "everything" archives,
some have a specific theme (Storm God Rising, the Erotic Archive,
while others are collections of personal fiction (eg Jeri Massi).

The alt.drwho.creative archive

Ogron Bob's alt.drwho.creative archive

Clive May's Fiction

Doctor Who Fiction

Gordon's fan fiction archive

James Bow and Erin Noteboom 's archive of their fiction

Jeri's Dr. Who Fiction Page

The Fictional Netherworld

Matt Grady

Omega's page

Paul Gadzikowski's fan fiction and cartoon page

Rebecca Anderson's page

Storm God Rising

Temporal Nexus

Terry Burnett

Time Vworp

Will Howells Curse of Fanfic

If you have your own archive, or have changed some of your details,
please contact me and I'll fix the FAQ for you.

11. I really liked that person's story - can I post a review of it?

Sure, go ahead.  You could also send the person email - there's
nothing quite like the warm fuzzy glow you get when someone sends you
email for a story you've just written. As noted before - constructive
criticism is encouraged, destructive will get you hatemail and/or

12. What about copyright? Can I use this person's story in a fanzine?

rule of thumb, at least.  Most people are happy to let others use
their stories somewhere else, as long as they are asked nicely first.

13.  There is no question 13.  Why not?

Because this is where you can ask your own questions.  Send them to me
and I'll either answer, put them in the FAQ, or direct you towards
someone who may know more than me about the subject.

This FAQ was designed by Bruce Greenwood.  Feel free to stick it
wherever you please, as long as you keep my name somewhere prominent
(apart from sentences such as "Bruce Greenwood is a fanboy w****r")
and don't change it too much.