World's Biggest Doctor Who Fan Test

This test is the brain child of Steve Traylen (

Here is a little quiz to determine the world's biggest Doctor Who fan. There are 100 questions, most of them are of the yes/no variety, where as some require knowledge of the show. Award yourself one point for each yes, or each question you know the answer to; no looking up either!

For the questions that require a specific answer (other than the yes/no type), answers are found at the end of the test. But Don't Peak Until You Have Completed The Entire Test!!!

  1. Have you ever worn a Tom Baker Scarf in public?
  2. Have you ever been to a Doctor Who convention?
  3. More than 5 conventions?
  4. Do you possess at least one Target Novelisation?
  5. At least 10?
  6. At least 50?
  7. At least 100?
  8. Have you read at least one New Adventure?
  9. At least 5
  10. At least 20?
  11. Do you know which stories the following production codes represent? - 6K
  12. 7P ?
  13. 5M ?
  14. VVV ?
  15. MM ?
  16. Can you name all seven Doctors?
  17. Can you name at least 10 people who have played the Doctor?
  18. Do you know the Birthday of at least 1 of the answers to question 16?
  19. The Birthday of all 7?
  20. Can you spell Romana's full name?
  21. Do you know what UNIT stands for?
  22. Do you know the Brigadiers wife's name?
  23. And in which story did she first appear?

    Authors Section

  24. Do you know who wrote the following stories? - The Daleks?
  25. Robot?
  26. The Robots of Death?
  27. The Web of Fear?
  28. The Curse of Fenric?
  29. One of the 3 persons who may have authored Attack of the Cybermen?
  30. Another one?
  31. And another one?
  32. The 3 Doctors?
  33. Ghost Light?
  34. The Web Planet?
  35. Marco Polo?
  36. Do you know Jon Pertwee's real name?
  37. Sylvester McCoy?

    Obscure Guest Stars....

  38. Who PLayed Harrison Chase?
  39. Who Played Josiah Light?
  40. Do you possess the Lofficier's reference trilogy?
  41. Do you know the 3 composers of the Eighties version of the theme music?
  42. Have you ever worn a question mark sweater?
  43. In public whilst talking in a Scottish accent?
  44. Do you have a Pat Troughton Haircut?
  45. Have you ever thought of naming a pet after a Doctor Who character?
  46. Naming a child after a Doctor Who character?
  47. Changing your own name to a dw character?
  48. Can you name every member of the High Council seen in the 5 Doctors?
  49. Do you know the truth behind Banishment of the Daleks?
  50. Do the following names mean anything to you - Ian Levine?
  51. J. Vincent Rudski?
  52. C. E. Webber?
  53. Gary Levy?
  54. Robin Bland?
  55. Do you know what the following initials stand for - TARDIS ?
  56. DWB
  57. TOMTIT
  58. Can you argue for at least 15 minutes why serial A should be called 100,000 BC?
  59. Have you ever had your photo taken at a conference with a Doctor Who star?
  60. Whilst in costume?
  61. Do you know the 1st Doctor's first on screen line?
  62. The 2nd Doctor's?
  63. The 3rd?
  64. The 4th?
  65. The 5th?
  66. The 6th?
  67. The 7th?
  68. Can you give a coherent explanation as to why the 5th Doctor didn't recall the events of "The 5 Doctors" Having experienced it 4 times already?
  69. What is the Rassilon Imprimature?
  70. Can you spot at least one continuity error in Remembrance of the Daleks?
  71. Have you ever worn a Doctor Who costume to school?
  72. If yes were you beaten up for so doing so?
  73. Have you ever had a subscription to DWM?
  74. Are you a member of the DWAS?
  75. Do you possess a "Hard Rock - Gallifrey" T-shirt?
  76. Have you ever told a joke where the punchline was "Doctor Who?"
  77. Did you receive blank looks?
  78. Do you possess The Tardis Technical manual?
  79. The Doctor Who pattern book?
  80. Doctor Who the unfolding text?
  81. Do you possess a "My other car is a TARDIS" bumper sticker?
  82. Have you ever tried to build a dalek?
  83. Have you ever tried to make a fan video?
  84. Do you have a car called Bessie?
  85. Does your car have a Dr. Who related licence plate?
  86. Have you ever used the phrase "Megabyte modem" in public?
  87. Have you ever used the phrase "No! Not the mind probe!" in public?
  88. Can you read allegorical meanings into at least one story from the McCoy era?
  89. At least 5?
  90. All of them?
  91. Can you spot a dubious continuity reference in at least 5 stories from the JNT era?
  92. Are you the world's biggest Dr. Who fan?
  93. Have you ever had dreams involving chocolate sauce and any memeber of the Dr. who cast?
  94. Does your video collection have at least 20 DW stories?
  95. At least 50?
  96. over 100?
  97. Do you possess any missing episodes?
  98. Do you post at least 10 messages a week to rec.arts.drwho?
  99. Has Doctor Who ever ruined a relationship for you?
  100. Are you watching a Doctor Who episode whilst doing this test?

And now for the answers