Time Lord Bumper Stickers

By KFiles

I brake for chronovores
Be careful! Evolving species on board
If you can read this, you're in range of the demat gun
Time ram me if you love Daleks
Chameleon circuits rule- my other TARDIS is two Porches and a Lamborghini!
Earth First! Ravalox Second
If you can't read this, you only live in four dimensions
My last accident was Event One!
I don't know everything, but I know a Matrix who does
Temporal Anomalies don't kill people... they were just never born
I wasn't born a killer. Daleks like you made me this way!
Linear time is for wimps
Mind that child- they may be wiped out of existence
0 to Light Speed in 10 seconds!
Time Lords rule! Everything. Forever.