Canadian Doctor Who Clubs

National Clubs

Club's Name: Doctor Who Information Network
Mailing Address:
PO Box 912
Station F
Toronto, ON, Canada
M4Y 2N9
e-mail address: Michael J. Doran
Membership dues: $15.00 Can, $14.00 US ($13.00 Can, $12.00 US for Renewal s)
Benefits of Membership: 6 issues of newzine Enlightenment, pen-pal service, membership card, photo of Doctor Who star, information sheets, booklets, participation in group activities.


Club's Name:British Television and Film Society of Calgary
Mailing address:

1004 Rundlecairn Way NE
Calgary Alberta, T1Y 2W8
e-mail address:
Meeting location: 1835 10th Ave. S.W. (east entrance)
Meeting dates: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month
Membership dues: $18
Benefits of membership: Fanzines Vortex/Into the Vortex

Club's Name:The Lords of Time and Space
Mailing address:

11620 35th Ave
Edmonton Alberta
T6J 2X2
e-mail address: Chris Burgess
Meeting location: Member's Home
Meeting dates: Every once in a while - contact Chris at the above e-mail address for details.
Fanzine/newsletter: The Index File, published 3 times a year

British Columbia

Club's Name: Telefantasy Appreciation Society of Canada
Mailing Address:

c/o 1408-1005 Jervis Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V6E 3T1
E-mail:Bob Furnell
Info: General Sci-fi viewing society, with a Doctor Who emphasis and a fanzie Jigsaw. Based in British Columbia, but can be joined by anyone in Canada/USA/UK.
Membership Dues: Single - $20 Can/US, #9.50 UK; Family - $32 Can/US, #15 UK
Benefits of Membership - 5 issues of fanzine, Jigsaw, attend monthly meetings, discount on club events and products, access to club's video archives.


Club's Name:The Celestial WHO-LIGANS
Contact Information:
The Celestial Who-Ligans
c/o J. Garth Wilcox
#107 33 Killarney Ave
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R3T 3B1

Meetings: Check website for time/place.
Dues: Free
Events: video watching, RPG, board games, conventions.

Club's Name: TARDIS 204
Mailing Address:

304-314 Broadway Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0S5
Contact Person: Anna Marie Bourdrou

New Brunswick

Any New Brunswick clubs out there?


Club's Name: The-As-Yet-Unnamed-Doctor Who-Fan-Club-of-Newfoundland
Meeting Dates: monthly
e-mail addresses: Kurt Buchheit
Membership dues: None

Northwest Territories

Any Northwest Territory clubs out there?

Nova Scotia

Club's Name: Metro Science Fiction Society
Mailing address:
Halifax NS
e-mail address: John McKenzie
Meeting dates: Every Saturday, 3 to 11 PM, and the first Tuesday of every month, 7-9 PM.
Membership dues: none


Club's Name: The Pharos Project
Doctor Who Information Network Chapter
Mailing Address
Pharos Project
c/o Andrew Gurudata
2699 Battleford Rd. #1021
Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada
L5N 3R9
Membership Dues: $10/year
Benefits of membership: 4 issues of club magazine Singularity per year, membership card, access to events

Club's Name:Lost Tribe of Mondas
Doctor Who Information Network Chapter
Mailing Address:

James Bow
99 Krug Street
Kitchener, ON
N2H 2X8

Dan Kukwa
236 The Country Way
Kitchener, ON
N2E 2P9
e-mail address: James Bow or Dan Kukwa
Meeting Dates : Various (please call James Bow at [519] 570-3124)
Membership fees: None
Person in Charge: James Bow

Club's Name:Temporal Pubcrawlers
Doctor Who Information Network Chapter
Mailing Address:

Sean K. Hoover
58 Penwick Cr.,
Richmond Hill, ON
C4C 5B4
E-mail address: Michael J. Doran
Fanzine/Newsletter: The Chameleon Circuit

Club's Name:Brethren of Time and Space
Doctor Who Information Network Chapter
e-mail address:Brethren or Ray Currier President: Ray Currie
Members: 6 full time, 6 honorary, 1 part time
Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of every month (alternate - 3rd Thursday of the month)
Dues: n/a
Fanzine: Newsletter Cheese Factor, published by Aaron Prokop, first issue is free, subsequent issues $2

Club's Name:The Three Who Rule Hamilton, Ontario (AKA The Doctor Who Viewing Society of Hamilton, Ontario)
e-mail address:Tom Robinson Meeting Location: Central Hamilton (e-mail for further details, directions and GPS coordinates)
Meeting Dates:The last Sunday of each month (2 PM - 6 PM)
Dues: none
Benefits: Access to viewing material you've only ever read about, and some which you've probably never even heard of; small lending library.

Prince Edward Island

Any PEI clubs out there?


Club's Name: British Television Fan Club of Quebec
Doctor Who Information Network Chapter
Mailing Address:

The Doctor Who Fan Club of Quebec
6255A Belherbe Street
St-Leonard, Quebec, Canada
H1P 1G3
E-mail Fax: (514) 324-1815
Benefits of membership: Newsletter A Little Enlightenment, meetings
Location: Quebec
Membership Dues: $8 Quebec residents, $10 other provinces, $15 rest of North America, $18 elsewhere


Any Saskatchewan clubs out there?


Any Yukon clubs out there?