[DRWHO] COMPLETE Unofficial Card List 1.02

by robin

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    Doctor Who and related trademarks are the property of BBC/Terry
    Nation 1963. The Doctor Who Collectable Trading Card Game is
    copyright MMG Limited 1996.


The following is a complete listing of all 302 Doctor Who Collectable
Card Game cards released to date. This list has been checked against
one made available by MMG's American distributor.

The only thing remaining to be done is to match some of the Time cards
to their rarities. This is made difficult by their hard-to-describe
images. Please match your cards to the descriptions and send in your
card counts. Thanks.

Note that the following list uses spellings as taken directly
from the cards; these may not correspond with those used in the Doctor
Who programme or the English language!

This list was compiled by robin (robin.escalation@ACM.org). Send any
comments and corrections to me at that address. Thanks to everybody
who's helped, particularly: Raistlin Wakefield, Michael Sliger, Andrew
Hung, Tim Anderson, Nathanael Nerode, David Howe, Joseph Monticello.


This list includes only four changes: Neanderthals (spelling), Genesis 
of the Daleks, 9 (Episode number), two Time card rarities.


Card Types:               Creatures Types:      Rarities:
C = Creature              P = Past              X = Ultra-Rare
E = Episode               R = Present           R = Rare
F = Flash                 F = Future            U = Uncommon
R = Resource              T = Timeless          C = Common
T = Time                                        P = Promo

  Rarity  Total   Specials
    X         3          3
    R        98         96
    U        95         91
    C       105         84
    P         1          1
            ---        ---
            302        275

SPECIALS (Time and Watcher cards)

Time 1                                            TP
    white cloudy bands with fractal attractors in NE
    C (starter)
Time 2                                            TP
    triple spray from flower petal black hole
    C (starter)
Time 3                                            TP
    dark purple oil slick with black in NE
Time 4                                            TP
    figure eight with speckly purple background top, green at bottom
Time 5                                            TP
    stellar black eyes
Time 6                                            TP
    purple counter-clockwise spiral

Time 1                                            TR
    green spiral from SW to centre on orange/red
    C (starter)
Time 2                                            TR
    multicoloured oil film bubbles -- predominantly black
    C (starter)
Time 3                                            TR
    jagged blue and cyan with white highlights to left, grey to centre
Time 4                                            TR
    red/black spiral
    C or U
Time 5                                            TR
    emerald rain forest with black lines radiating from centre
Time 6                                            TR
    multi-coloured shapes
    C or U

Time 1                                            TF
    orange and red swirled tunnel with dark purple centre
    C (starter) 
Time 2                                            TF
    colourful central cluster of bubbles with green NE, yellow NW, red SW
    C (starter)
Time 3                                            TF
    green centre galaxy spiralling counter-clockwise on purple
    C or U
Time 4                                            TF
    horizontal sweeps (yellow, green, orange) with black ovals up left
    C or U
Time 5                                            TF
    concentric multicoloured fuzzy circles sweeping from 6 o'clock
Time 6                                            TF
    orange figure eight at centre surrounded by red loops

Watcher, The 1                                    CP
    concentric black and green circles on abstract dark background
    C (starter)
Watcher, The 2                                    CP
    smudged green globe radiating out dark purple
Watcher, The 3                                    CP
    brown and copper swirled globe on black and ochre expressionistic

Watcher, The 1                                    CR
    clockwise swirled gold and red star on blue sphere with smeared
    C (starter)
Watcher, The 2                                    CR
    globe on background, both with fractal purple and yellow pattern
Watcher, The 3                                    CR
    metallic green and silver globe on background of radial black on red

Watcher, The 1                                    CF
    gold globe with blue and red spiral in NW on concentric green
    C (starter)
Watcher, The 2                                    CF
    oval patterned green and orange globe on radial white/blue bands
Watcher, The 3                                    CF
    globe obscured by fuchsia and green folds on pink background


Exterminate                                       F


Davros                                            CT
Doctor Who IV, Tom Baker                          CT
Doomsday Machine                                  R


Ace                                               CR
Ancient Law of Gallifrey, The                     F
Animus                                            CF
Ark In Space, The 7                               E
Black Dalek                                       CT
Black Guardian, The                               CT
Blinovitch Limitation Effect                      F
Brigadier, The                                    CR
Castrovalva 5                                     E
Claws of Axos, The 6                              E
Curse of Fenric, The 6                            E
Cybercontroller                                   CT
Cyberleader                                       CT
Daemons                                           CP
Destroyer, The                                    CR
Doctor Who I, William Hartnell                    CT
Doctor Who II, Patrick Troughton                  CT
Doctor Who III, Jon Pertwee                       CT
Doctor Who V, Peter Davison                       CT
Doctor Who VI, Colin Baker                        CT
Doctor Who VII, Sylvester McCoy                   CT
Double Time                                       F
Earthshock, 8                                     E
Emperor Dalek                                     CT
Emperor of Draconia, The                          CF
Eye of Harmony, The                               R
Faceless Ones, The 6                              E
Fast Return Switch                                F
Fenric's Flask                                    R
Flashback                                         F
Genesis of the Daleks, 9                          E
Genocide                                          F
Ghostlight 7                                      E
Gold Dalek                                        CT
Goth                                              CT
Great Intelligence, The                           CR
Group Capt. Gilmore                               CR
Gustave Lytton                                    CR
Harp Of Rasillon, The                             F
Harry Sullivan                                    CR
Ichtar                                            CP
K-9                                               CT
Kamelion                                          CP
Katarina                                          CP
Kontron Crystals                                  R
Kronos                                            CP
Kublai Khan                                       CP
Lazar's Disease                                   R
Leela                                             CP
Living Power Battery                              F
Malus, The                                        F
Marine Space Corps                                CF
Massacre, The 6                                   E
Master's Spaceship, The                           R
Master, The                                       CT
Meddling Monk, The                                CT
Melanie Bush                                      CR
Mind of Evil, The 7                               E
Moonbase, The 7                                   E
Movellan Logic                                    F
Nestene                                           CR
Nyssa                                             CF
Oracle, The                                       R
Peking Homunculus                                 CP
Planet of Evil 6                                  E
Prapilus                                          CF
Random Laser Beam Emitter                         F
Rani, The                                         CT
Raston Warrior Robot                              CF
Revenge Of The Cyberman, The 6                    E
Ring of Rasillon, The                             R
Robot 6                                           E
Rod Of Rasillon, The                              R
Romana                                            CT
Sash Of Rasillon, The                             R
Sergeant Benton                                   CR
Silver Nemesis, The 6                             E
Sisterhood, The                                   CT
Sonic Screwdriver                                 R
Space Pirates, The 6                              E
T-Mat                                             R
Tachyon Recreation Generator                      R
Tetraps                                           CF
Time Corridor                                     F
Time Dam                                          R
Time Warrior, The 7                               E
Time Winds                                        F
Timelash 6                                        E
Tranquil Repose                                   R
Vengeance On Varos 6                              E
Viral Destruction                                 F
Vislor Turlough                                   CF
Vorum Gas                                         R
Warning                                           F
Web of Fear, The 8                                E
Whomobile                                         R


76 Totters Lane                                   R
Adric                                             CF
Aggedor                                           CF
Alliance, The                                     F
Alpha Centauri                                    CF
Ambassadors, The                                  CR
Atlantean Fish People                             CP
Aztecs, The 5                                     E
Balarium Gas                                      F
Barbara Wright                                    CR
Ben Jackson                                       CR
Bendalypse Gas                                    F
Black Orchid, The 5                               E
Black Scorpion, The                               CP
Blindfold                                         F
C.I.A.                                            F
Clanton Gang, The                                 CP
Cryogenics                                        F
Demat Gun                                         R
Dodo Chaplet                                      CR
Earp Clan, The                                    CP
Extortion                                         F
Faster Than Light Propulsion                      F
Game Of Rasillon, The                             F
Glitter Gun                                       F
Great Fire Of London, The                         F
Green Death                                       CR
Hexachromite Gas                                  F
High Council Meeting                              F
Highlanders                                       CP
Ian Chesterton                                    CR
Irongron                                          CP
Jamie McCrimmon                                   CP
Jo Grant                                          CR
Kartz and Reimer Time Capsule                     R
Kastrians                                         CR
Kinda Jhana's Box, The                            R
Linx                                              CP
Liz Shaw                                          CR
Master's Presence, The                            F
Mechanoids                                        CF
Meteorites                                        F
Monoids                                           CF
Morgaine                                          CR
Myth Makers, The 6                                E
Neurotrope X                                      F
Nimon                                             CF
Perpugillian Brown                                CR
Polly Lopez                                       CR
Prof. Clifford Jones                              CR
Sacred Flame                                      R
Sarah Jane Smith                                  CR
Seers                                             CF
Siligtone Dome                                    R
Skarasen                                          CP
Sonic Cone                                        F
Sonic Toolkit                                     F
Sontarans                                         CF
Space Freighter                                   R
Space Pod                                         R
Spar 7.40                                         R
Spectrox                                          R
Steven Taylor                                     CF
Susan                                             CR
T.C.E.                                            F
Tegan Jovanka                                     CF
Teleportation                                     F
Temporal Grace                                    F
Tharils                                           CT
Thunderbolt Missile                               F
Time Acceleration Beam                            F
Time Loop                                         F
Time Ram                                          F
Time Scoop                                        F
Time Travel                                       F
Time Worn                                         F
Tomb of Rasillon, The                             R
Total Survival Kit                                R
Trench                                            R
Trisilicate                                       F
UNIT Headquarters                                 R
Venusian Aiki-Do                                  F
Vervoids                                          CF
Vicki                                             CF
Victoria Waterfield                               CR
White Dalek                                       CT
White Guardian, The                               CT
Winifred Bambera                                  CR
Woolfweeds                                        CF
Zoe Heriot                                        CF
Zygons                                            CR


Andromeda Sleepers                                F
Autons                                            CR
Bannermen                                         CR
Barbed Wire                                       F
Bazooka                                           R
Bok                                               CR
Brain Transformer                                 F
Brothers Of Demnos, The                           CP
Chameleon Circuit                                 R
Chumblies                                         CF
Cloister Bell                                     F
Crusades                                          F
Cyber Bomb                                        F
Cybermat                                          CT
Cybermen                                          CT
DN6                                               R
Dalekenium Bomb                                   F
Daleks                                            CT
Death Ray                                         R
Draconian                                         CF
Drahvin                                           CF
Dulciens                                          CF
Duranium Shield                                   F
Elixir of Life                                    F
Exxilons                                          CF
Eye of Orion, The                                 F
Fendahleen                                        CR
Force Field                                       R
Fusion Booster                                    F
Giant Robot                                       CR
Greek Hoplites                                    CP
H.A.D.S                                           F
Hal's Arrow                                       F
Happiness Patrol, The                             F
Hydromel                                          R
Ice Warrior                                       CF
Keeper Of Traken, The                             F
Krotons                                           CF
Menoptera                                         CF
Metamorphic Symbiosis Regenerator                 F
Mind Battle                                       F
Mind Drain                                        F
Mongol                                            CP
Neanderthals                                      CP
Ogron                                             CR
P.C.M. Gas                                        F
Particle Suppressor                               F
Policemen                                         CR
Primitives                                        CF
Q Capsule                                         F
Ransom Demand                                     F
Raston Attack                                     F
Records Of Rasillon, The                          R
Robomen                                           CR
Robophobia                                        F
Romans                                            CP
Rutans                                            CP
SIDRAT                                            R
Sanctum                                           F
Sea Base Four                                     R
Sea Devils                                        CP
Shrivenzales                                      CF
Silurians                                         CP
Space Special Security                            F
Space Station                                     R
Star Base                                         F
TARDIS                                            R
Tartarus                                          F
Terileptils                                       CP
Time Barrier                                      F
Time Controller                                   F
Time Eddy                                         F
Time Stop                                         F
Transduction Barriers                             R
Trionic Lock                                      R
UNIT Corporal                                     CR
UNIT Soldier                                      CR
Underground Bunker                                R
V-Ship                                            R
Venom Gun                                         R
Web Gun                                           R
X-Ray Laser Cannon                                R
Yeti                                              CR
Zarbi                                             CF