Doctor Mysterio

by Charles Daniels

  Doctor Mysterio - A Brief History

   When Doctor Who was taken to foreign lands it endured many name changes.
   Every week people tuned into see "Doctor Who's Flying TARDIS",
   "Doctor What", "Old English Man In Time", and most famous of all
   "Doctor Mysterio"!  During the Tom Baker and Colin Baker eras it was
    often shown as "El Loco Doctor Mysterio".

   Many people think the show lost special elements and intricacies
   when translated into foreign languages.  For instance the version
   shown in Nigeria completely dropped the entire time travel element
   of the series in translation.  Instead the footage was used as
   a wacky comedy about a new high tech London apartment which always
   experiences problems and has a variety of whimsical wacky neighbors.
   As the series progressed new actors would move into the apartment
   only to change how it looked and continue on misadventures with
   old and new monsters/lodgers.

   The Doctor Mysterio version added it's own special flavor to
   the Doctor Who Mythos.  Doctor Mysterio has been criticized
   throughout the years for removing scenes, and sometimes even plots,
   from the show.  However little praise is ever granted them for
   recasting and adding material of mostly nude women giving away
   toasters.  During the infamous run of Doctor Mysterio many young
   actresses spent long periods of time on couches, so much that
   when Doctor Mysterio was finally cancelled the entire couch industry
   felt a serious blow -- however even this could not return the

   Luckily with the Nueva Adventures, Doctor Mysterio goes on.
   There have been countless Doctor Mysterio novelizations,
   original novels, programme guides, reference works, and
   bunny slippers.

   As Doctor Mysterio himself once said (In translation) "Once you've
   been with Doctor Mysterio, some of the magic stays with you for
   the rest of your life...but you'll NEVER EVER Prove it in court!"