An alternative Program Guide

by Charles Daniels

Beware The Dustbins!

The GuideOther Bizarre Things
1st And 2nd Doctor Adventures - Scroll down Novelization artwork and more details about the Alternative Programme Guide
3rd Doctor Adventures Doctor Mysterio
4th Doctor Adventures Lost Episode Found!
5th - 7th Doctor Adventures Special Comic Relief Episode
8th Doctor - TV Movie Dodo's New Adventures
9th and 10th Doctor Adventures Doctor Who and the Dustbins
2005 Children in Need Special Dustbins: Vacation on Earth 2150AD
2005 Christmas Special K9 & Bitches - Special
New Adventure Novel - Mind the Gap
Big Finish Audio - (BF05) The Fishmonger

Warning - This collection contains material that may be offensive to those of you with no sense of humor or appreciation of fine literary work. So if you find South Park or even Monty Python offensive, you have no business being here. Shoo, get out, escape while you still can.

First and Second Doctor Stories

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6