Top 10 Worst Crossovers

by James A. Wolf

    "Oh my God, they've killed Kenny!"

2)  "Susan, why are you wearing that absurd outfit?"
    "Grandfather, please, you can call me Sailor Galifrey, now."

3) "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
   "I think so, Brain, but was there *ever* an Accordion of Rassilon?"

4)  "Well, by this time the Generall Lee had disappeared down that
ol' interstatial temporal lift, and the Doctor...  Well, he was trying
to explain things to ol' Boss Hogg..."

5) "Now, lets just see who this 'alien ghost' really is..."
   "It's the Master!"
   "Yes, Doctor, It was me all along.  And my brilliant scheme
would have succeeded, had it not been for you and these meddlesome

6) "Doctor, look at this!"
   "What is it, Sara?  Oh, a shipwreck.   Hmmm.  S.S. Minnow.
Doesn't ring any bells."
   "Wasn't there an S.S. Minnow that got lost a few years ago in
the Hawaiin islands.  It had a couple of celebrties on board.
Thurston Howell, the millionare, and a noted actress as well..."

7)  'On September 9th, ****, a special session of the High Council
of Galifrey was conducted.  In a moment, the results of that session."

8)  "I can assure you, Ms. Slocumbe, K-9 is a very well behaved dog."
    "I don't care.  Protecting my pussy comes first.  I just know
so many beasts want to have a go at it!"

9) [A crashed spaceship smoulders in the front yard].  
   "Lucy, you have some `splainin' to do!"

10) "The terrible Zodin has Davy Jones in her clutches...  This
looks like a job for the Monkeemen!"
    "No, this is a job for the Sonic Screwdriver, Mickey."
    "Well, you use the Sonic Screwdriver, and we do a number, okay?"
    "Wait," [Pulls out recorder.]  "Now I'm ready!"

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