People related to Doctor Who,
who have died.(9/1/95)


William Hartnell, the first Doctor
Pat Troughton, the second Doctor
Jon Pertwee, the third Doctor
Richard Hurndall, alternate first Doctor
Peter Cushing, movie version of the first Doctor
Roy Castle, movie version of Ian, companion
Jacqueline Hill, Barbara Wright, companion
Adrienne Hill, Katarina, companion
Michael Craze, Ben, companion
Ian Marter, Harry Sullivan, companion and novelization writer
Robert Jewell, Early era Chief Dalek
Peter Butterworth, the Meddling Monk, adversary
Terry Walsh, Stuntman primarily during 1970's
Roger Delgado, the Master, adversary
Peter Pratt, the first decayed Master
John Arnatt, Borusa
Valentine Dyall, The Black Guardian - adversary
Peter Jeffrey, Count Grendel (also was in the Macra Terror)
Michael Wisher, the first Davros, other roles also
Christopher Gable, played Sharaz Jek
Michael Sheard, many appearances from 1971 - 1988

Writers and Script Editors

Terry Nation, writer, creator of the Daleks
Anthony Coburn, wrote "Unearthly Child"
David Whitaker, first script editor, writer
Dennis Spooner, second script editor, writer
Ian Stuart Black, writer during Hartnell, Troughton years
Brian Hayles, writer, created the Toymaker, the Ice Warriors, Peladon
Gerry Davis, script editor, writer, co-creator of Cybermen
Kit Pedler, writer, co-created Cybermen
Malcolm Hulke, writer, created the Silurians, Sea Devils, Draconians
Robert Holmes, writer, script editor, created Autons, Sontarans
John Lucarotti, writer of several early historical stories
Douglas Adams, script editor, writer during Tom Baker years

Directors, Producers and creative personal

Delia Derbyshire, music - played the first rendition of the theme
John Wiles, producer
Sydney Newman, Co-Creator
Nick Mallett, director 
C.E. "Bunny" Webber, part of the initial creative team
Rex Tucker, part of the initial team that created Doctor Who, Director of "The Gunfighters"
Innes Lloyd, producer
Douglas Camfield, director
Lennie Mayne, director
Graham Williams, producer
Terence Dudley, director, writer
Peter Grimwade, director, writer
Dennis Ryan, special effects engineer - designed Daleks
John Nathan-Turner, producer
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