Top Ten lists

By Dr Evil

Top Ten Excuses for Being A Doctor Who Fan.

End embarrassment as you field that "but *why*" question
with this handy list of excuses.

1. Oh come on, it's so funny. 'Type's not my forte,' tee
2. I have a thing for young girls screaming.
3. My kids love it, although I have to tie them to a chair
and force them to watch a video at three hourly intervals...
4. I guess I like big blue boxes.
5. It's either this or masturbating ten times a day.
6. It's an addiction. One day you're just merrily tootling
along, and the next thing you know you're wondering which
episode they mention the Hoothi.
7. Douglas Adams and Kate Bush have both written episodes,
you know. It *must* be good.
8. I don't know, the BBC just keep sending me these videos.
9. What? Does that mean you're a Trekkie then?!? You know
what we do to Trekkies round our way...
10. I'm Steve Roberts. I *have* to, it's my job. Honestly.


Ten signs that you've been on RADW too long...

1. You look in the Radio Times, see John Peel's name and
immediately think of Daleks being retconned...
2. You write thousands of words in defence of a book you had
previously adjudged to be 'alright, I s'pose'.
3. You feel Waxvax is getting at you personally.
4. You moan about someone being too vociferous and then get
disappointed when the next day's turnover doesn't reach 200
5. You can't help but think of Azaxyr as an eight-foot tall,
cold blooded Ice Warrior, rather than the living embodiment
of the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons that he probably
most resembles.
6. You find yourself in conversations with friends dominated
by internal thoughts along the lines of: "*That's* something
I can use against that smug git Ray".
7. You know who John Cura is.
8. You find yourself coming over all Marcus when someone
posts a binary.*
9. You *really* can't wait for the next wacky survey.
10. You spend hours thinking up new top ten lists to
entertain everyone.