rec.arts.drwho Handy Acryonyms

By Dr Evil

Okay, the amount of traffic through here is as big as ever,
so I thought I'd set my mind to some handy radw-specific
acronyms to ease the flow of conversation. Just cut out this
message along the dotted lines, stick it to the back of a
weetabix box and you too can communicate with the minimum
amount of fuss and bother.

FMD! - Foxstore must die!
ObQA - Obligatory quotefile attempt
RTCOE1OIOTD - Regarding the colourisation of Episode 1 of
Invasion of the Dinosaurs
NBHTUIA/AY - New books haven't turned up in
Australia/America yet
HSR! - Hey Steve Roberts!
MWCAHKMS - McCoy was crap and he killed my show
PMWGACD! - Paul McGann wasn't given a chance, dammit!
JBIAQJ - Jon Blum is a... well you can presume the rest
LYWKAYF - Like you would know Azaxyr you fascist
TBAC - The books aren't canon
TBAC - The books are canon (these last two could be
confusing yet fun)
DASTLOGLN? - Did anyone see the League of Gentlemen last
TBBCBAAGATVO - The BBC Books aren't as good as the Virgin
TSEWSSALACS - The Scarlet Empress was self-serving and
lacked a coherent story (only to be used if your acronym is
WDIPTIDOMS? - Where do I put the Infinity Doctors on my
but it's only to be used by someone calling themselves
'Linda Tripp'
RTL... - Regarding The Lion...
JWUMNBWAWBE - Just wait until my next book when all will be
explained (only to be used if your acronym is DM)
IAJNTF - It's all John Nathan Turner's fault
IAMGF - It's all Michael Grade's fault
IWUACS - It was up against Coronation Street
IWUAR - It was up against Roseanne (no mean position)
MOTRUNITD - My own theory regarding UNIT dating
MOTRWTCSB - My own theory regarding what to call story B
DYMTHOOTPO? - Do you mean the Hartnell one or the Pertwee
one? (see previous entry)
LTPIGAI - Look The Pit is great accept it (only to be used
if your acronym is DB)
IASTIR - I'm American so therefore I'm right (Only to be
used by Christians claiming there was too much sex in the
SIWPA - Sorry I was pissed again (only to be used if you're
acronym is D-E)

CIACD - Canon is as canon does.
JNTKOS - John Nathan-Turner killed our show.
ACKOS - Andrew Cartmel killed our show.
TCSKOS - That comedy sketch killed our show.
GALIWOAPT - Get a life, it was only a pisstake.
HACTVI(IC)? - Has anyone checked the vaults in (insert
HTNSORDWADW - How the new series of Red Dwarf will affect
Doctor Who.
INIUMRS - I'm not interested unless McGann records some.
...ATCIS - ...And the companion isn't Sam.
...AI(IN)PH... - ...Although if (insert name) plays her...
DWISATBIDHH! - Doctor Who is shit and Tom Baker is dead ha
ha! (only to be used by anonymous clerics).
HGWSGC - Hugh Grant was surprisingly good considering.
IDANCTMW - I've downloaded a new cover to my website.
IJBASWSHCODWATDWHMIIW? - I've just bought a slightly worn
second hand copy of Doctor Who and the Doomsday Weapon, how
much is it worth?
AGBTRBTFTTPOMIC - A great book totally ruined by the fact
that the portrayal of McGann is crap.
JSPOWHS - Julia Sawalha's put on weight hasn't she.
WYFD?-VN! - Who's your favourite Doctor? - Vote now!
IG3RATGCM - I got three runs at the Gallifrey cricket match.
HHHHHHHH - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (only to be used by...
well you can guess)
CS-SJA! - Christmas Squid-styled joke alert!
WTFSSYB! - Where's the fucking spoiler space you bastards!
(exclusively used by someone with the initials P'O'H)
TIAL(IN)FL(IPN) - This is a local (insert noun) for local
(insert plural noun).
ATFVRTG... (DF) - About this fan video review thing Gary...
(drums fingers).
FUSFDO! - For USF's Dean only! (don't ask me)
TFWMTMB - Those faces were Morbius's they must be.
SITIOTBITWMG! - Sorry if this is off-topic but isn't the
Wicker Man great!
SITIOTBAOMDG - Sorry if this is off-topic but aren't OMD
SITIOTBATNSWF... - Sorry if this is off-topic but about this
new Star Wars film...
624IASS... - 624 years in a sodding sewer...
HAGASFSEICDWIS? - Has anybody got any suggestions for
something else I  can do while I'm skint?