Internet Adventures Program Guide - Part 1

Internet Adventures Program Guide - Part 1

Doctor Who - The Internet Adventures
Programme Guide v. 1.0 (Part 1 of 2)
by Jeffery Beuck (>
Revised: 9/17/97

The Internet Adventures
IA#1 - DeathRace!
IA#2 - Six Sides To Every Story
IA#3 - Altered State
IA#4 - Experiment IV
IA#5 - Arc
IA#6 - Time's Children
IA#7 - Tangent

The Missing Internet Adventures
MIA#1 - Cascade
MIA#2 - Promise of the Daleks
MIA#3 - Red Dawn
MIA#4 - The Terrible Zodin
MIA#5 - The Horror of Angels

The Companions Internet Adventures
CIA#1 - The Panda and the Leopard
CIA#2 - Doppelgang Warfare
CIA#3 - Revenge of the Alliance

The Internet Adventures (IA's)  are a series of moderated round-robin
stories launched by Becky "The Moderator" Dowgiert
(> to allow fans and amateur writers
everywhere to add their own contributions to the world of Doctor
Who in the most popular DW fan fiction forum on the Internet.  The
Internet Adventures are a series of loosely linked stories following the
adventures of the 8th Doctor after the time of the TV movie, taking
place before he meets Sam of the BBC novels.  The stories begin at a
point when the Doctor has been reunited with Grace Holloway (yes,
the one who killed him), and she has joined him on his travels.  The
current IA's feature Gwilym (Wil) Young, a youthful Paracastrian
jester who joined the Doctor in the story "Arc."  A new chapter in the
round-robins is posted to alt.drwho.creative each week.  Anyone and
everyone is welcome to write for the IA's; signups are announced on
alt.drwho.creative prior to the beginning of each story. 

The Missing Internet Adventures (MIA's) are IA's which feature past
Doctors and companions, much like the Virgin Missing Adventures
series and the new BBC Books past Doctor novels.  The Companions
Internet Adventures (CIA's -- we have an acronym for everything!)
feature one or more of the Doctor's companions after they have left
him behind (or vice versa), and are similar to stories such as
Downtime, K-9 and Company, or the Benny New Adventures.

Special thanks to Ian McIntire for pointing out my mistakes and 
misinterpretations before posting this to the group!


1.  DeathRace!

Posted: 20 March - 9 June 1996
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - by Jeff Beuck
Chapter 2 - "Roadsters and Pterodactyls" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 3 - "Operation Death" by David Robinson
Chapter 4 - "Higher Stakes" by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 5 - "Murder Inn the Dark" by William Howells
Chapter 6 - "The Rani's Game" or "Hide and Seek" by Richard Auer
Chapter 7 - by Ian McIntire
Chapter 8 - "Stick or Twist?" by J.J. Farmer
Chapter 9 - "This Is Getting Bizarre" by Andrew R. Vogel
Chapter 10 - "Some Days Are Better Than Others" by Becky
Chapter 11 - "What Chance of a Hotel in Mayfair?" or "Something
Nasty In the Community Chest" by Vicky Jewitt
Chapter 12 - "The Spirit of the Game" or "The Three Graces" by
Alan Taylor

The Doctor and Grace are confronted by the Celestial Toymaker, who
seeks revenge on the Doctor for past defeats by kidnapping the
TARDIS and forcing the Doctor to participate in a trans-continental
automobile race on the planet Deremar.  The Doctor and Grace, left
with no choice but to participate, set out on the long trek in the
Doctor's faithful old car, Bessie.  Along the way, they encounter a
bounty hunter named Jadi Morok whom the Doctor bribes into
assisting them.  As they journey through the race, they are forced to
play several real-life games, including Operation, Snakes and
Ladders, Clue, Monopoly, and a card game named "Mao."  They also
compete against several old villains, including the Rani, the Meddling
Monk, the Cybermen, the Daleks, and Davros.  Using their wits,
shortcuts, and a little cheating, they manage to overcome their
opponents and reach the finish line before them, but the Doctor
realizes that he cannot win the race because it would allow the
Toymaker to win the lives of billions of Deremarians who have bet
against the Doctor.  To thwart the Toymaker's plans, the Doctor sets
up a temporal stasis field around the finish line, preventing anyone
from finishing the race.  His plans foiled, the Toymaker confronts the
Doctor one last time.  The Doctor reveals the Toymaker to still be
imprisoned in a dimensional trap, and the image of the Toymaker to
be a London vagrant upon whom the Toymaker had projected an
image of himself from the trap.  Having lost his game, the Toymaker
is exiled back to another dimension.  Jadi Morok leaves when he
receives a distress call from his sister.

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2.  Six Sides to Every Story

Posted: 24 June - 16 September 1996
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - "Ad Astra" by William Howells
Chapter 2 - "The Golden Prize" by Rebecca Dowgiert
Chapter 3 - "Can't Hold Back the Years" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 4 - "In the Dark" by Jenifer Jennings Hancock
Chapter 5 - "Interludes and Exterminations" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 6 - "Pasts Told and Futures Remembered" by Alden Bates
Chapter 7 - "A Key For All Reasons" by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 8 - "The Seventh Side: Inside" by Richard Auer
Chapter 9 - "Why Wasn't I Invited?" by David Robinson
Chapter 10 - "Six Plus One Equals ... Six?" by Jenifer Jennings
Chapter 11 - "The Beginning of Answers" by Tom Campbell
Chapter 12 - "Bait" by J.J. Farmer
Chapter 13 - "... & Switch" by Rebecca Dowgiert

The Doctor and Grace land on the planet Atrios some twenty years
after the Doctor and Romana first visited in their search for the Key
to Time.  The Doctor meets up with his old friends Merak and
Princess Astra, but Deveran Xao, Princess Astra's Security Officer
and a renegade Time Lord, transforms her into the sixth piece to the
Key to Time and kidnaps her.  To prevent the entire Key to Time
from falling into enemy hands, the Doctor lashes together an ersatz
tracer, and with Grace and Merak in tow, sets out to reassemble as
many pieces of the Key to Time as he can.  Although they are
hounded by mysterious renegade Time Lords who capture another
piece of the Key to Time disguised as a golden sphere on the planet
Amyros, the Doctor and his companions manage to assemble pieces
disguised as a Colossus on the planet Dorito, a crystal on a planet of
vampires, the copy of "The French Revolution" at Coal Hill School in
1963, and a baby's rattle on Planet X.  When Merak is sucked into an
other-dimensional vortex, the Doctor uses the four segments of the
Key to Time which he has collected to pilot the TARDIS into a
Lovecraftian dimension to rescue him.  To prevent the TARDIS from
breaking down, Grace forms a mental link with the TARDIS while
the Doctor rescues Merak from the Cthuhlu, an inhabitant of the
other-dimension.  When they return to the regular universe, the
TARDIS detects a seventh piece of the Key to Time, which is
disguised as the mysterious yellow dip at Bernice Summerfield's
wedding in Cheldon Bonniface.  The TARDIS then falls into another
dimensional trap, but the Doctor and his companions are rescued by
the White Guardian, who warns the Doctor that the Key to Time
cannot be allowed to fall into enemy hands.  Tracing the last two
segments of the Key back to their enemies' lair, they land on
Gallifrey, and inform Castellan Spandrell and President Romana of
their mission.  Together, they confront the renegade behind the
scheme to assemble the Key to Time -- a madman who calls himself
"Rassilon", who has been using a cult known as the Order of
Westenra as a front and who intends to use the Key as a conduit to
allow the Black Guardian's interference in the universe.  Because of
the extra seventh piece, the false "Rassilon" is unable to assemble the
Key correctly.  When Merak's love restores Astra to humanoid form,
it is revealed that the seventh piece was a replacement for her.  The
Key, possessing some intelligence of its own, then disappears, the
Black Guardian's scheme defeated.  The members of the Order are
arrested, and Astra finally comes face to face with her double --
President Romana.

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3.  Altered State

Posted: 30 September 1996 - 7 January 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - "Initial Confusions" by Alden Bates
Chapter 2 - "Confused Beginnings" by Richard Auer
Chapter 3 - "Cross Purposes" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 4 - "Uh, What's Going On?" by Russ Massey
Chapter 5 - "What Happens If I Press This?" by David Robinson
Chapter 6 - "Ya Gotta Be Cultured; Know What I Mean?" by William
Chapter 7 - "The Days of Our Alt-Lives" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 8 - "The Plot Schtick-ens" by Chris Nelson
Chapter 9 - "How Many Doctors In the House?" by Robert Marks
Chapter 10 - "Be Careful What You Wish For ..." by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 11 - "Father Figure" by David Burke
Chapter 12 - "Points of Convergence" by David Versace
Chapter 13 - "Unlucky for Some" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 14 - "Rationalizations and Denouments, or Simplify,
Simplify, Simplify!" by John "Omega" Seavy
Chapter 15 - "Reality Check! or  Wake Me When We Get To
California'" by Jenifer Jennings Hancock

The Doctor and Grace awake to find themselves in a parallel universe,
in a parallel TARDIS belonging to a parallel Doctor who is searching
for his father, a Time Lord named Ulysses.  Searching for clues as to
what has happened, they land on a Skaro inhabited by emotional
Daleks who rap and hold poetry slams and who are led by Mistress
Mel, a dominatrix version of Melanie Bush (who once was a
companion and lover of the alt-Doctor).  Meanwhile, the alt-Doctor --
a randier and less-ethical version of our own Doctor -- and his current
companion and lover, the alt-Grace, awake in the real Doctor's
TARDIS.  Searching for a clue as to what has happened, they land in
nineteenth century France where they are captured by unknown
persons from the future and imprisoned, but escape.  Things become
more complicated when the two Graces are switched back to their
proper universes, leaving each Doctor with the wrong companion. 
After escaping from Mistress Mel, the Doctor and alt-Grace head to
the planet alt-Necros, a happy place inhabited by dancing Cybermen
and Sontarans.  There they meet the alt-Master, a sentimental, cross-
dressing tranvestite who is the Doctor's brother and best of friends in
the alternate universe.  The alt-Doctor and Grace, meanwhile, have a
brief encounter with Mortimus (the Meddling Monk) who, with his
counterpart Mortimus in the alternate Universe, is revealed to be
working for alt-Omega, the mastermind who created the link between
the universes and switched the two Doctors in the first place. 
also turns out to be the alt-Doctor's uncle.  Mistress Mel,
tipped off as to the Doctor's whereabouts by alt-Mortimus, tracks
down the Doctor on alt-Necros, and confronts him with the alt-Doctor's
daughter whom Mistress Mel bore to him.  She takes the
Doctor, alt-Master, and Grace back to alt-Skaro where the Doctor is
to be executed, but he is mysteriously saved by the apparition of the
second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe from his universe.  After traveling
through a CVE back to the real universe, the second and eighth
Doctors and their companions land in Kansas where they finally meet
"Dr. Ulysses," the father of the alt-Doctor.  The alt-Doctor and Grace
soon arrive, as do a squadron of Mistress Mel's Daleks, who finally
succeed at exterminating the alt-Doctor.  But Dr. Ulysses turns out to
be possessed by alt-Omega, who was imprisoned by the alt-Doctor's
family and who had to kill off every member of the alt-Doctor's
bloodline in order to be free.  Having finally succeeded, he reveals
that the second Doctor, Zoe, Jamie, and alt-Grace were just mental
projections he used to lead the Doctors to their doom.  He now aims
to become Supreme Ruler of the Universe through his link to the alt-
Matrix, but Mistress Mel, hoping to gain power for herself, tricks him
into a mental link in which she overpowers alt-Omega's already
unstable mind and takes his place as controller of the Matrix.  The
Doctor, using his previous link to the Matrix, defeats her.  In a last
minute twist, as the Doctor, Grace, and alt-Master are relaxing on a
beach, they spot Mistress Mel, who is still alive and plotting revenge
against the Doctor.

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4.  Experiment IV

Posted: January 28 - April 24 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - "The Fountain" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 2 - "Nice Weather We're Having" by Jennifer Pinyan and
Robert Marks
Chapter 3 - "Time Flies Like an Arrow, Time Lords Like a Puzzle"
by Paul Gadzikowski
Chapter 4 - "Things Fall Apart" by David Versace
Chapter 5 - "It Never Rains But Pours" by Tyler Dion
Chapter 6 - "Return to Innocence" or "Trois Hommes et un Couffin"
by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 7 - "A Stitch In Time" by Susannah Tiller
Chapter 8 - "Tumble Into Rough" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 9 - "Experiment Four, Time Lords Zero" by Brad Trechak
Chapter 10 - "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Colder" by David
Chapter 11 - "Rock and a Hard Place" by Christine A. Renner
Chapter 12 - "Showdown at the Matrix Corral" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 13 - "Boxes Within Boxes; In Which We Find Another Wolf
In the Fold, and We Discover the Peculiar Intellect of Rabbits; Grace
Realizes She's Screaming; Infraspatial Geometry, and the
Peculiarities of Chalk Circles, In Which (Finally) Everything is Set to
Rights" by John "Omega" Seavey

Three college students -- Crispin, Ann, and Stuart -- break into animal
experimentation lab owned by cosmetics magnate Ysabelle Givenchy
in the hopes of releasing the animals.  They accidentally stumble upon
"Experiment Four," Givenchy's fountain-of-youth machine which
taps into the time vortex.  When Crispin sabotages the machine, the
lab becomes grafted onto the Doctor's TARDIS, and the time vortex
begins to collapse, causing chaos throughout history.  Forced to make
a landing as the vortex collapses, the Doctor and company land in
Clacktown on the planet Keownar.  There, Grace is whisked off by a
timestorm to a medieval monastery where she encounters the Abbot, a
Time Lord who, unlike the Doctor, believes only in studying history,
not interfering with it.  Unfortunately, the severing of her telepathic
link with the TARDIS begins to have a debilitating effect on her. 
Romana, who is concerned at the collapse of the vortex, makes
contact with Grace and the Abbot to warn them of the impending
danger.  A group of Chattermalians -- humanoids who reject
technology -- attack the Doctor and his group, believing them to be
unholy sorcerers, but they are saved when Blastok, the Chattermalian
leader, is turned into a baby by the collapse of the vortex.  The
collapse of the Time Vortex grounds every TARDIS in existence,
including that of Drax, who lands on Keownar.  Dessia, a Celestial
Intervention Agency agent and Drax's cousin, pilots a SIDRAT to
Keownar to prosecute the Doctor, believing him to be responsible for
the collapse, but the Doctor and Drax talk her out of executing him. 
Using the Eye of Harmony as a homing beacon, both the Doctor and
the Abbot make their way back to Gallifrey, where the Doctor and
Grace go into the Matrix in the hopes that Grace can use her link with
the TARDIS to restructure the Time Vortex.  Inside the Matrix, the
Doctor is confronted by Fenric, who has been causing the the time
storms, and who is using Crispin and Givenchy as agents to bring
chaos upon the universe.  The Doctor distracts Fenric with a game of
chess while Grace patches up the Time Vortex.  Using a trick, the
Doctor defeats Fenric at chess, but Fenric escapes into Givenchy's
body and steals the Doctor's TARDIS.  By connecting Grace to
another TARDIS, they catch up with Fenric, and using a chalk circle,
the Doctor traps Fenric and jettisons him into the restructured Time

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5.  Arc

Posted: 27 January - 4 May 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - by Peter Goddard
Chapter 2 - by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 3 - by Vicky Jewitt
Chapter 4 - "Today Is Tomorrow" by Erika Davies
Chapter 5 - "Pair of Docs" by Ian McIntire
Chapter 6 - "Gliphonics Is Fundamental" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 7 - "In Rawd We Trust" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 8 - "Rulers and Prelates" by Russ Massey
Chapter 9 - "Unexpected Grace" by David Robinson
Chapter 10 - "Rawd Deal" by Alden Bates
Chapter 11 - "The Ally Within" or "Hooked on Gliphonics" by Becky
Chapter 12 - "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Gestalt?" by Richard
Chapter 13 - "Plan A" by Will Howells
Chapter 14 - "The End of the Rawd" or "A Streetcar Named Dies
Irae" by Matt Clifton

The Doctor and Grace arrive on the planet Paracastria, where natives
are in awe of ancient crystalline statues known as the Rawds.  There,
the Doctor and Grace meet up with an assortment of characters,
including Irving, an archaeologist; Sophie, a Elionan journalist whose
hair changes color with her emotion and who has connections to
K'thaal, leader of the Church of the Life-Arc; Gwilym (Wil) Young, a
runaway jester from the court of Lord Harsferd; Legion, a multi-
dimensional pickpocket; Kali, the "chosen one" of the gliphstream,
which is an organic computer program passed from host to host;
Brook, a hired thug who is trying to discover the secret of the
gliphstream; and a Grace from the very near future who is suffering
from burns and smoke inhalation and whom the TARDIS took back
in time to warn the Doctor and herself about what is to come.  The
Doctor captures the gliphstream using Sophie's holo-camera, and
takes it to the TARDIS.  After some investigation, the Doctor
discovers that Irving has uncovered the secret of the Rawds and the
gliphstream in an excavation site outside of town.  At the excavation
site, he finds a control room for the Rawds, which is activated by the
gliphstream which the future Grace is carrying, but Brook takes over
the control room, which he has captured for K'thaal.  The Doctor
returns to the TARDIS to investigate the gliphstream still trapped in
the TARDIS, and discovers that Irving is really fellow Time Lord
Irving Braxiatel, who has come to investigate mention of his initials
in the Paracastrian book of prophecy known as the Ylton.  K'thaal
looses the Rawds upon Paracastria, and they begin their original
mission, which was to terraform the planet to a habitat suitable for
methane-breathing life.  The Doctor allows the gliphstream to take
over the TARDIS, which gives it access to the higher dimensions in
which it naturally existed.  K'thaal, in an attempt to take over the
gliphstream, is crushed by a collapsing wall when Wil attacks him. 
Legion enters the higher dimensions, and sacrifices himself to release
the gliphstream from the TARDIS.  With the gliphstream free and the
Rawds deactivated, the Doctor bids farewell to Irving.  Grace, whose
health is in danger from her continued telepathic link to the TARDIS,
decides to stay on Paracastria and help nurse back to health the
Paracastrians injured in the Rawd attack.  Wil, who was prophecied
by the Ylton to die in the final battle, survives miraculously, and
the Doctor on his travels in order to escape Lord Harsferd's bounty

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6.  Time's Children

Posted: 26 May -11 August 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - "Birth" by Brad Trechak
Chapter 2 - "The Discontented God" by Vicky Jewitt
Chapter 3 - "Separation" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 4 - "The Great Swindle" by Geoffrey Wessel
Chapter 5 - "The Lynch Doppelganger: red, grey, deeper redder, blue"
by Richard Prekodravac
Chapter 6 - "Cutting Edge" by Rebecca Dowgiert
Chapter 7 - "Interference Patterns" by Matt Clifton
Chapter 8 - "The Third Law of Time" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 9 - "Double, Double, Toil and Trouble" by Ruth Arkkannan
Chapter 10 - "The End" by Peter Goddard
Chapter 11 - "The Beginning of the End" by Susannah Tiller
Chapter 12 - "Trent's Last Case" by Cameron Dixon

The Doctor and Wil land on the planet Delta, where they meet the
Bishop of a mysterious group called "the Order."  Pretending to be
the Doctor's granddaughter, Susan, the Bishop sends the Doctor and
Wil on a mission "to prevent chaos" which begins in 1960's China,
during the reign of Mao Tse Tung.  There they are attacked by agents
of the Order, and scattered through space-time.  Wil arrives in
twentieth-century England, where he befriends a young man named
Darok.  The Doctor arrives on thirtieth-century Earth, where he
encounters Adjudicator Anna York.  The Order releases an Inyithki
Slayer to kill the Doctor and Anna, but they escape due to a timeslip
created by a nexus-sensitive named Trent, and meet up with Wil and
Darok.  Darok informs them that the Bishop has been trying to find
him in order to kill him, and that the Bishop knows the whereabouts
of his twin sister, Della.  Believing them to be illegal "Time's
Children" of natural Gallifreyan childbirth, the Doctor tracks Della to
a pocket dimension, linked to the Bishop's headquarters via
The Bishop, though, has been searching for Darok, and now
that she has found him, she reveals them all to be Chaotics, creatures
who thrive on chaos and are invisible to the human eye but cast
visible shadows.  Darok and Della were "disruptive" Chaotics who
turned to the forces of order and therefore had to be destroyed.  But
because the Chaotics make no plans and do not value life, the Bishop
commits suicide and throws the Universal order into chaos.  Taking
the TARDIS to a final confrontation, the Doctor and Wil travel to the
near future and find themselves in a closed London Underground tube
station, which is really the secret headquarters of PHASE (Planetary
Hazard Assault Service -- Earth), UNIT's successor organization. 
PHASE is led by John Chesterton, son of Ian and Barbara, who
informs the Doctor and Wil of the ongoing battle between PHASE
and the Chaotics.  Darok, working as PHASE's scientific advisor, is
trying to help them prevent the chaos brought by the Chaotics, but
PHASE is losing the battle.  John is called away by news of his
father's impending death, and the Doctor, Wil, and Darok are left to
face the impending chaos alone.  When Anna and Trent arrive, Anna
reveals herself to be the Chaotic Della, and the Doctor reveals Trent
to be the true Time's Child, born of Gallifreyan parents and
genetically altered to bring order to the universe and prevent Chaos
from entering the world again.  With the order brought by Trent, the
Chaotics are sealed away in a corner of the universe, and Trent
returns to his life on twentieth-century Earth.

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7.  Tangent

Posted: 27 May - 12 August 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - "Ambivalence" by Rebecca Dowgiert
Chapter 2 - "The Mad Old Bat in a Shack" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 3 - "Touchdown" by Will Howells
Chapter 4 - "A Stitch In Time ..." by John "Omega" Seavey
Chapter 5 - "Running Around, Getting Caught and Escaping Again"
by Bruce Greenwood
Chapter 6 - "In One Ear Tube, Out the Other" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 7 - "The Past Is Like a Foreign Country" by David Burke
Chapter 8 - "When Caution Is Thrown to the Wind" by Tyler Dion
Chapter 9 - "One Foe Is Not Enough; Let There Be Two!" by Richard
Chapter 10 - "No Alarms and No Surprises, Please ..." by Ben Payne
Chapter 11 - "Things Can Only Get Worse" by David Robinson
Chapter 12 - "All the People, Right Here Right Now" by Geoffrey

On Altos 3, the Doctor and Wil encounter Bevin, a young woman
whose prescient grandmother Nana has predicted that the Doctor's
visit to their planet will bring about death and destruction.  When the
Doctor talks with Nana, he discovers that she is really Bevin, who
was thrown back in time 40 years by an event soon to come and who
is, paradoxically, her own grandmother.  Meanwhile, the Cybermen,
travelling in a stolen Sumaran vessel, come to Altos 3 to track down
the source of a temporal energy emission.  They capture Wil and
Bevin and plan on converting them with the rest of the local
population into Cybermen, but the Doctor rescues them.  Nana takes
the Doctor to her hacienda, where she reveals that she had
accidentally unearthed the source of the temporal emissions years ago
in the hopes of preventing them from being released.  The temporal
emissions are emanating from a control room deep in the heart of the
planet, which is really a Planet-TARDIS devised by Rassilon as the
ultimate weapon against the vampires.  Meanwhile, Wil and Bevin
meet up with Jacob Maguire, a local man who tries to organize a
resistance against the Cybermen.  In a failed attack against the
Cybermen, Jacob is captured and turned into a Cyberman.  Wil and
Bevin attempt to save him, but Bevin is captured, and Wil escapes
into the Sumaran ship where he accidentally activates a Mara, which
takes over a Cyberman.  The Mayor of the town betrays the Doctor
and Nana to the Cybermen, but Nana holds them off using a
radioactive isotope which kills one of the attacking Cybermen, but
leaves the other with only its logic circuits damaged.  The damaged
Cyberman, whom the Doctor calls Richard, accidentally sends Altos
3 on a collision course for a sun.  After striking up an alliance with
Richard, the Doctor confronts the Cyber-Mara, and plays on its need
for self-preservation to make it leave the doomed planet.  The Doctor
then uses the TARDIS to send Altos 3 back to its original position. 
Nana is killed by the Cyber-Jacob, but the Doctor and Wil rescue
Bevin before her Cybernization is complete, and restore her to her
human self.  After killing the Cyberleader, Richard becomes the new
Cyberleader and leads the Cybermen off the planet.  After realizing
that the Mara had fled Altos 3 to possess Tegan on Earth, the Doctor
and Wil make a brief stop in Australia to free her from the Mara once
again.  Bevin stays behind on Altos 3, where she makes the decision
to go back in time and continue the time loop.

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