Internet Adventures Program Guide - Part 2

Internet Adventures Program Guide - Part 2

Doctor Who - The Internet Adventures
Programme Guide v. 1.0 (Part 2 of 2)
by Jeffery Beuck (>
Revised: 9/17/97

The Missing Internet Adventures

1.  Cascade

Posted: 18 June - 9 October 1996
Moderator: Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 1 - "The Rock of Osmyr" by Vicky Jewitt
Chapter 2 - "Chasing Waterfalls" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 3 - "Fire and Ice" by Chris Nelson
Chapter 4 - "Time and Time Again" by Lance Hall
Chapter 5 - "A Broken Speculum" by Matt Clifton
Chapter 6 - "Pilot Project" by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 7 - "Purple Haze" by Rebecca Dowgiert
Chapter 8 - "Survival of the Fittest" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 9 - "Everything Changes" by David Burke
Chapter 10 - "Helran" by Louise Dennis
Chapter 11 - "Changes" by Stephen Hwang
Chapter 12 - "Surrealism" by J.J. Farmer
Chapter 13 - "Rebirth" by Robert Michael Huberty

The Third Doctor and Jo Grant arrive on the planet Osmyr to visit the
legendary Waterfalls.  But Osmyr is torn between forces loyal to the
Monarch, who has disappeared, and President Leian, who captures
the Doctor and Jo.  Leian hands over his son, Helran, and the Doctor
to a race of blue-skinned reptiles known as the Hirathain.  The
Hirathain claim to be on a quest for knowledge to  become the
dominant species in the galaxy.  After being shot down by an
Ornithian ship, the Doctor meets the Hirathain Head Scientist, a
mentally unstable humanoid.  
     Meanwhile, Jo, escaping from the Fereth -- poisonous butterflies
released by a group of guards secretly working against the President --
befriends Neshyp, an Osmyrian villager.  Jo is affected by the healing
properties of the Osmyrian water, and begins to metamorphosise. 
They hide out in the TARDIS, but Jo accidentally activates it, causing
the TARDIS to take her to the planet on which the Doctor has
crashed.  The Ornithians capture Jo and amputate her leg to stop the
spread of the metamorphosis, but the infection has already spread,
and her leg grows back.  She finally completes her metamorphosis,
into a bird-like Ornithian.
     The Hirathain Head Scientist is revealed to be a Time Lord
whose memory the Hirathain have wiped.  The Hirathain have
mutated his TARDIS into a device which will give President Leian
the power to pilot his planet anywhere in the galaxy.  Secretly,
though, the Hirithain plan to pilot it into the Ornithian home world,
destroying two birds with one stone.  To stop the Osmyr-TARDIS,
the Doctor and Helran, who has a telepathic link to the Monarch,
enter the Monarch's mind to make Osmyr overshoot the Ornithian
home world.  Using the TARDIS, the Doctor restores the Monarch's
memory, and the Monarch takes control of his TARDIS again.  The
Doctor restores Jo to normal using the healing properties of the
Osmyrian falls and a sample of her DNA.

This story takes place between the television episodes "Planet of the
Daleks" and "The Green Death."

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2.  Promise of the Daleks

Posted: 9 October 1996 - 24 January 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - "A New Beginning" by Robert Marks
Chapter 2 - "In Which Many Corridors Are Run Down, a Worm in
Paradise Is Discovered and the Doctor Introduces Us to a New
Companion" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 3 - "SpiderWebs" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 4 - "...Spoil the Broth!" by J.J. Farmer
Chapter 5 - "Interludes" by Stephen Hwang
Chapter 6 - "Five Minutes Pass ..." by Chris Nelson
Chapter W - "Continuity Errors" by Bruce Greenwood
Chapter 8 - "Time's Shifting Glare" by Tom Campbell
Chapter 9 - "It's Behind You" by William Howells
Chapter 10 - "Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction ... But Not Much" by
Brad Trechak
Chapter 11 - "All's Well That Doesn't End" by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 12 - "End and Forever" by Grant Watson

The Sixth Doctor and Peri attend Susan Foreman's funeral, where
they meet Jenny Foreman-Campbell, Susan's orphaned
granddaughter.  Taking Jenny with them, they are hijacked by
humanized Daleks descended from the Daleks the Second Doctor
injected with the "Human Factor" (see "Evil of the Daleks").  The
humanized Daleks, led by Varus, are losing the war with the Imperial
Daleks, and have sought the Doctor's help.  When the humanized
Dalek base is overrun by Imperial Daleks, the Doctor, Peri, Jenny,
and several of the humanized Daleks escape.  Peri is captured by a
Spider-Dalek, one of the original creations of the humanized Daleks.
     Meanwhile, the Sarcopti, a creature capable of altering time
which had been banned to the vortex by the First Doctor and Susan
when Susan sacrificed her remaining regenerations to imprison it,
finds a way back into real time using the Daleks' time corridor.  The
Sarcopti takes over Captain Visiam Bonna-Lunn, a nearby freighter
pilot, and begins restructuring history to prevent the Doctor from
destroying Skaro.  As it tries to restructure the Doctor's personal
history, it finds the task harder than it expected, and the Doctor's
alternate selves fight back to prevent Bonna-Lunn's ship from
appearing in the right place to serve as host for the Sarcopti.  When
the timestream settles down, Jenny is now a later regeneration of
Susan, and the Sarcopti uses the Spider-Dalek as a host. The Doctor
plans to use the Imperial Dalek fleet to destroy the Sarcopti, but the
Time Lords -- using Vipod Mor as their agent -- intervene, placing a
chronon shell around the planet which kills all of the humanized
Daleks, but the Sarcopti escapes in the Doctor's TARDIS.  In its final
confrontation with the Doctor, the Sarcopti is launched forward into
infinity, and the Doctor erases all traces of its presence from history. 
Doing so, though, he finds himself back at Susan's funeral, she
having given her lives to eliminate it in the beginning.  The story ends
with the Seventh Doctor reciting the terrible tale to Mel.

This story takes place after the radio serial "Slipback" and between
the television episodes "Revelation of the Daleks" and "Trial of a
Time Lord."

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3.  Red Dawn

Posted: 5 February - 13 April 1997
Moderator: Ian McIntire
Chapter 1 - "Angling for Trouble" by Tyler Dion
Chapter 2 - "Mars Attacks!" by Brad Trechak
Chapter 3 - "Sskrantz and Ssturn Are ...?" by Chris Nelson
Chapter 4 - "The Sleeper Must Awaken ... or Victoria's Not Too
Great Adventure" by Kris Herzog
Chapter 5 - "Diplomatic Immunity Syndrome" by Ian McIntire
Chapter 6 - "The Story of Kohentan" by Louise Dennis
Chapter 7 - "Discosutekh" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 8 - "New Moon" by David Burke
Chapter 9 - "Master of Mars" by Joe Mason
Chapter 10 - "A Martyr for All Occasions" by Jefferson Eng

The Second Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria arrive on Mars far in its past. 
They encounter two friendly Ice Warriors named Ssturn and Sskrantz
who are making a pilgrimage to Olympus Mons.  Unbeknownst to
them, an Osiran named Kohentan has already landed, and under the
guise of searching for a lost Osiran colony, is planning to mutate his
body and kill the rest of the Osirans with a plague hidden in the
colony below.  Kohentan captures Victoria and uses her as his
servant. The Doctor and Jamie, with the help of Ssturn and Sskrantz,
learn that Kohentan is a renegade servant of Horus, and set out to free
Victoria.  Before they reach Kohentan, they are intercepted by
Senkra, another Osiran in the service of Horus and Ra, who straps
bombs to the four and plans to use them to destroy Kohentan.  While
Ssturn and Sskrantz try to persuade their fellow Ice Warriors to rebel
against the Osirans, Victoria, possessed by Kohentan, forces the
Doctor and Jamie into the lost colony to retrieve the plague.  Ra, to
prevent the release of the plague, arrives in his battle barge to
the entire planet.  The Doctor uses a communicator in the lost colony
to contact Ra and dissuade him from destroying the planet, but Ra
possesses him, and forces Jamie to take the plague to Senkra.  When
the Ice Warriors threaten Kohentan, he releases Victoria's body. 
Ssturn accidentally sets off one of the bombs, which kills Kohentan,
Senkra, and the plague.  The Doctor, Jamie, Victoria, and the two Ice
Warriors come out unharmed.  Ra, in his battle against Sutekh, leaves
the battle barge behind, which becomes the Martian moon Deimos.

This story takes place between the television stories "The Ice
Warriors" and "The Enemy of the World."

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4.  The Terrible Zodin

Posted: 5 February - 3 April 1997
Moderator: Ian McIntire
Chapter 1 - "My Mother Always Said, Human Is As Human Does"
by Paul Gadzikowski
Chapter 2 - "Rio De Janiro: Tourist's Haven" by Richard
Chapter 3 - "A Girl and Her Cat" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 4 - "Spy vs. Spy" by Stephen Hwang
Chapter 5 - "A Sale of Two Kitties" by Laura McAtee
Chapter 6 - "Everything Old Is New Again" by Pab Sungenis
Chapter 7 - "Barring Accidents ...." by Ian McIntire
Chapter 8 - "Resurrection" by William Howells
Chapter 9 - "The Gambit of the Black King" by Mary E. Rogers

The First Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan land in Mombasa, Kenya,
where they discover bizarre genetic experiments being conducted by a
Madam Zodin, a one-time sword swallower now obsessed with
eternal life and world domination.  Zodin captures the Doctor, but the
others escape.  Susan strikes up a friendship with one of Zodin's half-
human/half-tiger mutant experiments.  Ian is captured by a man
named Osaka who claims to be one of Zodin's business partners, but
is in reality Creed, a cop from New York.  The time-space vortex
begins to break down as it is revealed that Zodin is experimenting
with DNA found from a wounded, time-sensitive Tharil.  Barbara
and Ian meet up with the Eighth Doctor and Grace, who, learning that
the Doctor's past self is there, decide to clear off, but not before
giving Barbara the password to Zodin's computer system and
warning Barbara and Ian of what is to come.  Barbara hacks into
Zodin's computer system, destroying the security net so that Creed
and UNIT -- led by Captain Forrester and Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart
-- can make a raid on Zodin's compound.  Zodin takes some genetic
samples from the Doctor, in the hope of splicing his time-sensitive
DNA into the missing genes of the Tharil chromosomes.  When she
does, she discovers nanobots in the Doctor's body, which she injects
into herself to give her the powers of regeneration and
The tiger-man whom Susan met turns out to be Richard McIlveen, 
Creed's telepathic son, whom Zodin mutated in order to create a Tharil
capable of mind-controlling and enslaving the others.  Unfortunately,
Rick is destined to become the "Black King," the Tharil who betrays
his people to the Gundans, and for whom the other Tharils have been
searching.  As his redemption for this betrayal, he uses his mind
powers to take over Zodin, preventing her from conducting any more
experiments and from enslaving the Tharil race.

This story takes place between the television episodes "The Reign of
Terror" and "Planet of Giants."

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5.  The Horror of Angels

Posted: 28 May 1997 - 6 August 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - "The Death of Hope, the Death of Dreams" by Richard
Chapter 2 - "A Cartload of Certainties" by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 3 - "Suffer the Little Children" by J.J. Farmer
Chapter 4 - "The Fall of Sparrows" by Bruce Greenwood
Chapter 5 - "Shells and Sigmas" by Heather Keesecker
Chapter 6 - "Opening Old Wounds" by David Goldfield
Chapter 7 - "Chimes of the Mind" by Tyler Dion
Chapter 8 - "Guardian Angel" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 9 - "The Death of Hesitation, the Death of Prophecies" by
David Robinson
Chapter 10 - "Steal Hope" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 11 - "Where Angels Fear to Tread" by Brad Trechak

In the Chylan system, the Seventh Doctor and Ace encounter the mad
prophet a!Gel, whose case of multidimensional dementia causes
strange incidents in the space-time continuum and makes the Doctor
blind.  Months later, Ace and the Doctor (who is still blind) arrive on
the arboreal planet of Dusa-Loka, twin planet of Deva-Loka, to try to
correct the damage.  When Ace vanishes, the Doctor encounters two
natives, Vivienne and Furze, who try to help him.  Meanwhile, Karol,
a religious leader of Dusa-Loka, awaits the return of a secret mission
sent to finish decoding an age-old prophecy of the prophet a!Gel. 
Unfortunately, the mission ship is destroyed by a mysterious enemy
which has been decimating Dusa-Lokan ships.  A single escape pods
survives and makes it to the planet below.  Ace, who has been held
prisoner below ground by a mysterious brown ooze, is released when
the Doctor makes a pact with an agressive psychic entity calling itself
an "angel."  Ace soon meets up with Krzysztof, the survivor of the
crash, and with Joseph, a Third Reich Nazi who has been transported
to Dusa-Loka by a!Gel's multidimensional dementia.  They meet the
possessed Doctor at the TARDIS, and the Angel transfers itself to
Joseph.  The Doctor takes them all to Karol's ship, the Proust, where
the Doctor reveals the meaning of the prophecy which the members
of Karol's religious order have spent their entire existence trying to
decipher: "Beware of ourselves.  Beware of the Angels."  The entity
inside Joseph reveals itself to be the mind of the neighboring planet
Deva-Loka, one of the Kaep Twin planets which were birthed by the
group-mind of the third planet of the system, Dhukka.  When Dhukka
attempted to give birth, a!Gel's insane perception of the universe
caused the offspring to split in a dichotomy of good and evil.  To stop
the chaotic warring of Dusa-Loka's group mind (which has been
destroying the Dusa-Lokan ships), Joseph destroys its chimes,
bringing the twin worlds together as one, reversing the effects of the
multidimensional dementia, and restoring the Doctor's sight.

This story takes place between the television episode "Survival" and
the television movie "Doctor Who."

The Companions Internet Adventures

1.  The Panda and the Leopard

Posted: 11 October - 16 December 1996
Moderator: Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 1 - "Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them, and Step Away
>From the Card Catalogue" by Ian McIntire
Chapter 2 - by Allesandra Isenberg
Chapter 3 - by Louise Dennis
Chapter 4 - by Chris Nelson
Chapter 5 - "Are You Sitting Comfortably?" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 6 - "Be Careful What You Wish For ..." by Chris Sweitzer
Chapter 7 - "Just Browsing" by Vicky Jewitt
Chapter 8 - "The Curse of Valaxia" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 9 - "Never Let the Facts Get In the Way of a Good Story" by
Cameron Dixon

Twenty years after Steven Taylor stayed behind on the planet of the
Elders and Savages, his planet is visited by Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart 
and aM!xitsa, who have come to research the name "Valaxia"
in the Elders' extensive library.  Meanwhile, Allesa, a companion
from the Doctor's future, mysteriously appears, and warns them that
"Fictional Energy" is leaking through into the space-time vortex.  If
the leak is not stopped, the vortex will be irreparably damaged.  As
Steven tries to keep the peace between Kadiatu and Allesa, he is aged
by the fictional energy forces when Valaxia possesses him.  In a final
showdown in the Library, Valaxia reveals herself to be a goddess
whom the Doctor imprisoned in a book several millenia ago.  She
threatens to destroy the universe with the fictional energy, but with
the help of Kadiatu and Allesa, Steven turns the fictional energy
against her and destroys her.  Allesa returns to her travels with her
Doctor, Kadiatu and aM!xitsa continue their travels in time and
space, and Steven remains behind as governor of the Elders' planet.

2.  Doppelgang Warfare

Posted: 6 February - 19 May 1997
Moderator: Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 1 - by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 2 - by Chris Sweitzer
Chapter 3 - "A Change of Plan" by Vicky Jewitt
Chapter 4 - by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 5 - "Moving Violations" by Ian McIntire
Chapter 6 - "In Which Not a Lot Happens, But Our Heroes Do
Happen To Escape (or When The Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets
Going)" by Jefferson Eng
Chapter 7 - "Tears of a Clone" by Cameron Dixon
Chapter 8 - by Chris Sweitzer
Chapter 9 - "Doubles or Nothing" by Ian McIntire
Chapter 10 - "I Think I'm a Clone Now" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 11 - "Snap!" by Vicky Jewitt
Chapter 12 - "All's Cloned That Ends Cloned" by Jeffery Beuck

It is 1984, and Tegan has just ended her travels with the Doctor. 
Seeking a friendly face in hostile London, Tegan meets up with Sarah
Jane Smith and K-9 Mark III.  Unfortunately, some of the Daleks'
duplicates have survived and are now split into two warring factions --
renegades, under the control of a man named Smith, and those still
loyal to the Daleks, under the control of the Lytton double.  As
London is infiltrated by the duplicates, Tegan and Sarah Jane become
unsure of who is real and who is not.  Tegan is captured by the
renegade clones, but is released into the captivity of the Dalek-loyal
clones as a ploy to discover their whereabouts.  As Sarah Jane
becomes involved, she teams up with two intrepid youngsters named
Josh and Tim, who turn out to be clones and who steal K-9. 
Meanwhile, both groups of duplicates are trying to find the real
Lytton -- one group to kill him, the other to determine why duplicates 
of him retain their stability. Sarah Jane enlists the help of UNIT, and 
Colonel Crichton and Captain Bambera come to the rescue.  In the 
final showdown at the real Lytton's headquarters, Lytton, Tegan, and 
Sarah Jane escape, but most of the duplicate leaders are destroyed in 
an explosion, and UNIT, with the help of K-9, set about to track down 
the last few remaining clones.

3.  Revenge of the Alliance

Posted: 22 January - 26 April 1997
Moderator: Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 1 - by Chris Casino
Chapter 2 - "Guys and Dolls" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 3 - "Shadows and Enterprises" by Cory McCasland
Chapter 4 - "Dis-Continuity" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 5 - "Non, je ne regretcon (or, Revenge of the Retcon)" by
Susannah Tiller
Chapter 6 - "Story Structure and the Characters It Rode In On" by
David Versace
Chapter 7 - "The Grey Man and the Big Bad Guy" by William
Chapter 8 - "Krima's Revenge or Let's Party With Jabba" by Chris
Chapter 9 - "The Doctor Strikes Back" by Jeffery Beuck
Chapter 10 - "Return of the Doctor" by Becky Dowgiert
Chapter 11 - "Time For an Alliance, I Think" by Alan Taylor
Chapter 12 - "The Show's Not Over Til the Time Lady Sings" by
Susannah Tiller
Chapter 13 - "Is That a Mysterious Entity From the Dawn of Time In
Your Pocket or Are You Just Pleased to See Me?" by William

In the year 2000, Chang Lee -- now a respectable high school student
-- is summoned to Gallifrey by Ganos Burok, President of the Time
Lords, to help the Doctor who is trapped in the Land of Fiction yet
again.  Having no clue as to what is going on, Chang Lee is beamed
into the Land of Fiction, where he encounters a menagerie of
characters from popular TV shows, movies, and literature.  The Land
of Fiction is seemingly under the control of an alliance between the
Master of the Land and Wendy Chen, sister of the rival gang leader
who was murdered by Chang Lee's gang.  Whilst trying to rescue the
Doctor, Chang Lee encounters Romana, the true President of
Gallifrey, whom Ganos Burok trapped in the Land of Fiction to
eliminate her.  As continuity errors crop up in the story, it turns out
that the Land is really under the control of the Alliance -- Sutekh, a
God of Ragnarok, Fenric, and a Daemon -- four powerful beings who
became trapped in the Land of Fiction and who desire revenge on the
Doctor.  The Doctor is eventually pulled into their web, but he,
Romana, Chang Lee, and Wendy escape when they accidentally
change the world into a Land of Overused Cliches and the Alliance
loses all creative input.

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