The Clips List

Compiled by Steve Phillips

Original Version, with images

Re-formatted version 1.0 - 20/1/97

This document lists all those extracts from Doctor Who that still exist where the complete episode has been lost. I have not noted home recordings of work being shot as these do not constitute actual transmitted material from the series. (For the record, there is 8mm or 16mm footage of location work in progress from the following pre-Tom Baker stories: The Smugglers, The Abominable Snowmen and The Daemons; and studio work in progress on Fury From The Deep and The Evil Of The Daleks).

The clips fall naturally into two categories. The first consists of the professionally-copied, full-screen, broadcast-quality material (generally held by TV stations). Many of these type of extracts exist because they were used in a different programme which survived the BBC's junkings of the seventies when the complete copies of the Doctor Who episodes were lost. Others hail from overseas, particularly Australia, where in October 1996, fans Dominic Shanahan and Ellen Parry uncovered many extracts from seasons four and five which nervous censors had snipped from ABC-TV's original showings of the episodes.

The other major batch of clips hail from a 15 minute silent reel of 8mm film which was recorded by a fan in the sixties by pointing a home film camera at his TV set during original transmissions of the episodes. Another Australian fan, Graham Howard, must be thanked for the liberation of this material. Most of the clips on this reel are in the form of very short "reaction" shots and are thus difficult to tie down to exact places in their source episodes. Hence, descriptions for these clips are presented on an "educated guess" basis (arrived at by studying research materials such as scripts, audios and telesnaps) and should not be taken as gospel! These 8mm clips have been shot/transferred at varying speeds and the timings should be taken as approximate. Any of these clips which clock-in at under half a second have been ignored.

For each clip I give a brief description of the material and the running time in minutes and seconds [M:SS], rounded to the nearest second. Each entry is followed by an italicised letter/s which direct the reader to notes at the bottom of each page which give additional details such as the format of the material.

Many of the clips have missing or adulterated soundtracks. These days this is not a great problem, as good quality audio recordings exist for all missing episodes.

I have also included an "inverse" of the clips list - a section which details which existing episodes have portions missing. These portions are generally absent due to cuts made overseas.

For those who were familiar with my previous clips list, the list is now presented on a season-by-season basis as the original single document was proving too unwieldy. The text given for each clip has been tightened, too, but not, I hope, with a great reduction in the amount of information presented. There are lots of JPG grabs included from the clips. If the documents prove too slow to load, please turn off image loading in your web browser.

Please note that all transmission (tx) dates are in British/European D/M/Y format. TR = film telerecording. cVT = colour broadcast videotape (2" Quad, 1" C, D3 etc).


Thanks to the following people for help, either directly or indirectly, in compiling this list: Dennis Greenaway, Graham Howard, Paul Lee, Robert Mammone, Steve Roberts, Rich Shipton and Mal Tanner.

Copyright © Steve Phillips 1991-97.