The New Adventures/Decalog FAQ

The New Adventures/Decalog FAQ

Version 2.0

This FAQ is the third of three "Books" FAQs .
This FAQ was written by Richard Prekodravac (

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1. General Questions.
   (a) What are New Adventures?
   (b) How do they differ from the Doctor Who New Adventures?
   (c) What are the Decalogs?

2. The New Adventures
   (a) Who are the main characters of the New Adventures?

3. Books slated for release
   (a) The New Adventures
   (b) The Decalogs

4. So you want to become an author.
   (a) Does Virgin Publishing accept submissions
   (b) Where can I get a copy of the Writers' Guidelines?
   (c) What is Virgin's address?

5. Availability of books.
   (a) How can I get these books?
   (b) Distribution problems?
Section One: General Questions.

***What are the New Adventures?***

The New Adventures is the series of novels featuring characters
established by Virgin Publishing during 1991-1996 when they were
publishing the Doctor Who New Adventures.
Contrary to popular belief as Rebecca Levene. the series editor. said in
an interview in Broadsword (issue 13):  [the New Adventures are] actually
intended to showcase the entire NA cast and universe - Bernice won't be a
central character in every book." 

***What are the Decalogs?***

The Decalogs are a collection of 10 short pieces of fiction, linked by a
running theme. The first three Decalogs dealt with characters from the
Doctor Who universe.
Two Decalogs off 1997 are:
Decalog 4 dealing with Roz's ancestory and the Xhosa people (khulula
impahla :-)
Decalog 5 which looks at 10 wonders of the universe.

Section Two: The New Adventures

***Who are the main characters of the New Adventures?***

Bernice Summerfield
Wolsey (the cat)
Jason Kane
Christopher Cwej
Irving Braxiatel

Section Three: Books slated for release.

***New Adventures***

      May         Oh no it isn't!     Paul Cornell
     June         Dragons' Wrath      Justin Richards
     July         Beyond the Sun      Mathew Jones
   August         Ship of Fools       Dave Stone
September         Down                Lawrance Miles
  October         Deadfall            Gary Russell
 November         Ghost Devices       Simon Bucher-Jones
 December         Mean Streets        Terrance Dicks
  January         Tempest             Christopher Bulis
 February         Walking To Babylon  Kate Orman
    March         Oblivion            Dave Stone
				April         The Medusa Effect   Justin Richards
      May         Dry Pilgrimage	     Paul Leonard and Nick Walters


      May         Decalog 4 edited by Justin Richards and Andy Lane
September         Decalog 5 edited by Jim Mortimore and Paul Hinder

Section Four: So you want to become an author

***Does Virgin Publishing accept submissions***

Yes, however for the moment they are asking to withhold any submission
you want to make until they are ready to commission new authors. Virgin
are not looking at any submissions for the Benny New Adventures.

***Where can I get a copy of the Writers' Guidelines***

Through contacting Virgin Publishing, or you can obtain a copy at various
Web pages such as Broadsword, Nitro-9

***What is Virgin's address***

   Virgin Publishing
   332 Ladbroke Grove
   London W10 5AH
Section Five: Availability of books

***How can I get these books?***

You may be able to find the latest releases at your local major bookstore
chain, however you may not have much luck in some cases.  You may have to
order the books using the ISBN numbers that are included in the monthly
FAQ by Siobahn Morgan.

Distributers on the Web

Tel: +44 (0) 1753 889 988
contact Andrew Wong for details: E-mail:

ph: 1-800-TREKKER

Other distributers are on the Web such as The Who Shop and John Fitton

***Distribution problems?***

You can write to Virgin Publishing Ltd. if you are having problems with
the distribution of NAs and MAs in your area (address supplied in section