The New Adventures and Missing Adventures FAQ.

Version 4.0 Part 1

The Doctor Who New and Missing Adventures FAQ is the first of three
"Books" FAQs.
This FAQ was written by Richard Prekodravac (

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1. General Questions.
   (a) What are the New Adventures?
   (b) What are the Missing Adventures?
   (c) What are the Decalogs?

2. The New Adventures.
   (a) Who is this Time's Champion?
   (b) What does old Ace/new Ace refer to?
   (c) Who are there new companions in the New Adventures?
   (d) A Summerfield family tree.
   (e) How do you pronounce Cwej?
   (f) Who is Kadiatu Lethbridge Stewart and is she related to Brigadier
       Lethbridge Stewart?
   (g) Which New Adventure(s) should I read next?

3. The Missing Adventures.
   (a) Which Missing Adventures have ties with the New Adventures?
   (b) Who are there new companions in the Missing Adventures?
   (c) Which Missing Adventure(s) should I read next?
   (d) In what order do the Missing Adventures go?

4. People, Places, Groups on the InterNet.
   (a) Abbreviations specific to the NAs and MAs
   (b) email addresses
   (c) What of the New and Missing Adventures on rec.arts.drwho?
   (d) Are there Web sites on the New and Missing Adventures?
   (e) Authors' Web pages.

5. NA/MA ranks and Broadsword.
   (a) How do I vote in the NA/MA ranks?
   (b) Is Broadsword an official part of Virgin?
   (c) What are the Sgloomi Po Awards?
   (d) FAQ Thanx

Questions in The New and Missing Adventures FAQ Part II

6. The New Adventures.
   (a) What is meant by the terms Timewyrm series, Cat's Cradle series,
       Future History Cycle, Alternate Universe series, Psi Powers
       series refer to?
   (b) What are the books of the New Adventures?
   (c) Have any old enemies have appeared as enemies in the New

7. The Missing Adventures.
   (a) In which Missing Adventure has the nth Doctor?
   (b) Which Companions are in which Missing Adventure?
   (c) Where do the novels appear in Doctor Who continuity?
   (d) Have any old enemies have appeared as enemies in the Missing
Section One: General Questions.

***What are the New Adventures?***

The New Adventures is a series of original novels published by Virgin
Publishing Ltd. that began in 1991 which continued the adventures of the
seventh Doctor and Ace after the televised story Survival. As of May 1996
there have been 50 New Adventures.

***What are the Missing Adventures?***

Another recent series of publications (again published by Virgin
Publishing Ltd.) are the Missing Adventures which cover the entire range
of Doctor Who history.  The books have adventures featuring Doctors 1-6,
as well as their companions. These books are intended to fit seamlessly
into gaps of television stories.
For example "Goth Opera" by Paul Cornell is a fifth Doctor Missing
Adventure "which takes place between the televised stories Snakedance and
Mawdryn Undead".

***What are the Decalogs?***

The Decalogs are a collection of 10 short pieces of fiction, each story
featuring one of the seven Doctors. Each Decalog has a running theme
linking the stories togehter.

Decalog One is about a detective hired to solve the enigma of the Doctor
Decalog Two revolves around the concept of the Doctor's home.
Decalog Three: Consequences is about toasting marshmellows.
Decalog Four dealing with Roz's ancestory and the Xhosa people (khulula
impahla :-
Decalog 5 which looks at 10 wonders of the universe.

Section Two: The New Adventures.

***Who is this Time's Champion?***

In the New Adventures, some authors have developed a mythos of the Gods
of Gallifrey. The Gods are actually Eternals who have been shaped by the
thoughts of Time Lords and given power by great disturbances in the
universe's structure, such as the Timewyrm.
Amongst the Gods are Time, Death and Pain. They are not
gallifreypomorphic incarnations of these things: Death does not kill
people. Instead, they appear to make deals with Time Lords regarding
these things. Time has taken the Doctor as her Champion.

This story element appears in "Revelation", "Love and War", "No Future",
"Set Piece", "Human Nature", "Sleepy", and "Happy Endings".

***What does old Ace/new Ace refer to?***

Old Ace refers to lovable and troubled teenager from the Televised
stories, however Ace left the TARDIS crew in the novel "Love and War"
after the Doctor had betrayed and used her. She returned in "Deceit"
after three years in the Dalek war as a corporate-trained soldier.
Ace left the TARDIS crew in "Set Piece', however she reappears in "Head
Games" and "Happy Endings".

***Are there new companions in the New Adventures?***

Professor Bernice (Benny) S. Summerfield was introduced in "Love and
War". She left the TARDIS crew in "Happy Endings", however she makes an
appearance in "Return Of the Living Dad" (August 1996), "So Vile a Sin"
(November 1996), "Eternity Weeps" (January 1997), and "The Dying Days"
(April 1997).
However Benny will be in her own series of novels begining with "Behind
You" (May 1997).
Wolsey is a tabby tom cat introduced in "Human Nature". Wolsey is the
TARDIS cat, can you imagine that, a TARDIS cat.
Christopher (Chris) Ronadante Cwej was introduced in "Original Sin."
Chris leaves the New Adventures in "Lungabarrow" (March 1997)
Roslyn (Roz) Inyathi (Sarah) Forrester was introduced in "Original Sin",
but will (dearly) depart in "So Vile a Sin" (November 1996).

***A Summerfield family tree.***

Bernice S. Summerfield is the daughter of Admiral Issac Summerfield and
(Dr?) Claire Summerfield (deceased). Her doll's name was Rebecca but was
blasted by the Daleks when she was 4 (that is when Benny was 4). She
likes to be called Benny, the S stands for surprise. Her title of
Professor is fictitious, however she is doing a Phd at the moment in
archeology. She got married to Jason Kane on the 19th April 2010. Her
full name is Bernice Kane-Summerfield. Jason's full name is Jason
Summerfield-Kane. They will have a son Keith Summerfield-Kane.

***How do you pronounce Cwej?***

The correct pronounciation is "Shvwey" however since most people don't
know how to pronounce it Chris prefers "Kwedge".

***Who is Kadiatu Lethbridge Stewart and is she related to Brigadier A.G.
Lethbridge Stewart?***

Kadiatu is a genetically engineered human from the several thousand DNA
sequences of first generation Ubersoldaten. Because of this Kadiatu is
related to the Brigadier as Kadiatu's father Yembe was an Ubersoldaten.
Yembe rescued her from the Imogen laboratory in Leipzig. Yembe is the
great grandson of the Brigadier, Kadiatu is named after her grandmother
who is featured in the novelisation of "Remembrance of the Daleks".
Kadiatu first appeared in "Transit" and also appears in "Set Piece", "The
Also People", "Happy Endings" and will make an appearance in "So Vile a
Sin" (November 1996).

***Which New Adventure(s) should I read next?***

In general you should read the novels in their release order (see Part II
of the FAQ). However with 50 New Adventures this seems a daunting task.
As a rough guide the New and Missing Adventure ranks (see section five)
will give you the opinion of the general radw population. Some stories go
together such as those of the Timewyrm, Cat's Cradle and Alternate
Universe Cycle

Section Three: Missing Adventures

***Which Missing Adventures have ties with the New Adventures?***

"Goth Opera" follows the New Adventure "Blood Harvest".
"Lords of the Storm" preceeds the New Adventure "Shakedown".

***Who are there new companions in the Missing Adventures?***

Grant Markham became a companion of the 6th Doctor following the events
of 'Trial of A Time Lord'.

***Which Missing Adventure(s) should I read next?***

As a rough guide the New and Missing Adventure ranks (see section five)
will give you the opinion of the general radw population.
If you're not sure a posting on rec.arts.drwho will guarantee a response
from people offering their favourites.
In general read your favourite Doctor.

***In what order do the Missing Adventures go?***

The Missing Adventures fit into the televised stories and so has no order
as far as a series of books go. There is a list of the release order in
each book. There are many places on the web with this list (see section
Section Four: People, Places, Groups on the InterNet.

***Abbreviations specific to the NAs and MAs***

The following information may help people who need help trying to work
out what NA means (cf Trebor Semloh). Most of the novels are abbreviated
during discussions and can be worked out from the context.
radw - rec.arts.drwho
NA - New Adventure
NAs - New Adventures (the series)
MA - Missing Adventure
MAs - Missing Adventures (the series)
ACF - "All Consuming Fire"
Hummer, LHH, LHHB, LH - "The Left-handed Hummingbird"
Crystal Bucket - "The Crystal Bucephalus"
TOYL - "Time Of Your Life"
Lords of the Yawn - "Lords of the Storm"

***email addresses***

1. Authors
Yes, several of the authors of the New Adventures and Missing Adventures
and other Who-vian books are regular posters to the newsgroup. In general
they seem very happy to answer questions about their books or Doctor Who
related topics. If you have lengthy questions, perhaps you should limit
your enquires to e-mail. In some cases, fan harassment of authors has
apparently driven them away.

Peter Anghelides 
   Decalog 3

Ben Aaronovitch ---
   The Also People
   So Vile a Sin (with Kate Orman)

Jon Blum ---
   Vampire Science (with Kate Orman)
   Seeing I (with Kate Orman)

Daniel Blythe ---
   The Dimension Riders
   Infinite Requiem
   Decalog 2

Paul Cornell ---
   Timewyrm: Revelation
   Love and War
   No Future
   Human Nature
   Goth  Opera
   Happy Endings
   Oh No It Isn't
   Decalog 1, Decalog 2

Martin Day ---
   The Menagerie
   Devil Goblins from Neptune (with Keith Topping)
   The Hollow Men (with Keith Topping)

Keith R.A. DeCandido ---
   Decalog 3

Andy Lane ---
   Lucifer Rising
   All-Consuming Fire
   Original Sin
   Empire of Glass
   Decalog 1, Decalog 2,
   Decalog 3 (editor with Justin Richards)
   Decalog 4 (editor with Justin Richards)

David J Howe ---
   Decalog 1 (editor with Mark Stammers)

Paul (Leonard) Hinder ---
   Venusian Lullaby
   Dancing the Code
   Toy Soldiers
   The Speed of Flight
   Decalog 5 (editor with Jim Mortimore)

Craig Hinton --- .....
   The Crystal Buccephalus
   Millenial Rites

Steven Moffatt ---
   Decalog 3

David A. McIntee ---
   White Darkness
   First Frontier
   Lords of the Storm
   Shadow of Weng Chiang
   The Dark Path

Jim Mortimore --- (c/o Paul Hinder)
   Lucifer Rising
   Blood Heat
   Eternity Weeps
   Decalog 5 (editor with Paul Hinder)
   Eye of Harmony

Kate Orman ---
   The Left Handed-Hummingbird
   Set Piece
   Return of the Living Dad
   The Room With No Doors
   So Vile a Sin (with Ben Aaronovitch)
   Vampire Science (with Jon Blum)
   Walking to Babylon
   Seeing I (with Jon Blum)
   Decalog 4

Lance Parkin --- ....
   Just War
   Cold Fusion
   The Dying Days
   Decalog 4

John Peel ---
   Timewyrm: Genesys
   War of the Daleks
   Legacy of the Daleks

Neil Penswick ---
   The Pit

Justin Richards ---
   Theatre of War
   System Shock
   The Sands of Time
   Dragon's Wrath
   Decalog 3 (editor with Andy Lane), Decalog 4 (editor with Andy Lane)

Gary Russell ---
   Invasion of the Cat-People
   Scales of Injustice
   Doctor Who (novelisation of the telemovie)
   Business Unusual

Richard "Halibut" Salter ---
   Decalog 4

Mark Stammers ---
   Decalog 1 (editor with David Howe), Decalog 2 (editor)

Dave Stone ---
   Sky Pirates!
   Death and Diplomacy
   Buring Heart
   Ship of Fools

Keith Topping ---
   Devil Goblins from Neptune (with Martin Day)
   The Hollow Men (with Martin Day)

2. Other people

NA/MA ranks
 Shannon Patrick Sullivan:
NA/MA repoll ranks
 Shawn Stanley:
 David Robinson (general enquiries)

***What of the New and Missing Adventures on rec.arts.drwho?***

The New and Missing Adventures have a big impact on rec.arts.drwho such
as the recurring discussion "are the New Adventures canon?" People are
welcomed to post reviews of novels they have read.  Discussion of topics
raised in an NA or MA is often debated on radw. Often people who need one
or two points clarified are welcomed. People on radw are helpful and will
help anyone with any enquiries.

Perhaps one of the key posts on radw is the NA/MA ranks by Shannon
Patrick Sullivan. You are invited to vote in the poll by sending your
preferences to Shannon (see section seven on how to do this). Shannon
posts the poll on radw at the beginning of every month.

Each week a New Adventure is chosen to be read and discussed and on radw.
The schedule is contained in part II of this FAQ.

***Are there Web sites on the New and Missing Adventures?***
(More Web sites to be included in future updates.)

Broadsword Web Site
Broadsword is the online version of the fanzine that is dedicated to the
New and Missing Adventures. It has a list of NAs and MAs including covers
and blurbs. Both Virgin and BBC Writers' Guide can be found here.

Another version of the Virgin Writers' Guide is at this location. Also a
list of New and Missing Adventures and Kate Orman's "How *not* to write a
New Adventure." Also a Nitro is a copy of this FAQ, version 1.0.

Into the Vortex (was Doctor Who Online)
Doctor Who Online features the covers and blurbs for upcoming New and
Missing Adventures. It also features other books from Virgin including
Decalog 3, Who Killed Kennedy, History of the Universe, The Making of
Episode 3 of The Talons of Weng-Chiang, 500pp.

Ghoti's Homepage
Introduction to the NA/MA guide, an attempt to work out a continuity
guide to the New and Missing Adventures.

Shannon Patrick Sullivan NA/MA ranks
Perhaps one of the most dynamic web pages here in contains a list of the
New and Missing Adventures voted by radw.

Shawn Stanley's NA/MA repoll ranks

Ben Aaronovitch page
David P Golding's page is dedicated to this great writer.

The Sgloomi Po Awards
Also established by David P Golding. This site will contain the full
Awards ceremony that was conducted on radw.

Professor X
Featuring Professor X in the Newish Escapades and the Mythic Escapades.

***Authors' Web pages***

Martin Day

Paul Leonard Hinder

David Howe

Kate Orman

Dave Stone Sgloomi City

Section Six: Availability of books

***How can I get these books?***

You may be able to find the latest releases at your local major bookstore
chain, however you may not have much luck in some cases.  You may have to
order the books using the ISBN numbers that are included in the monthly
FAQ by Siobahn Morgan.

Distributers on the Web

Tel: +44 (0) 1753 889 988
contact Andrew Wong for details: E-mail:

ph: 1-800-TREKKER

Other distributers are on the Web such as The Who Shop and John Fitton

***Distribution problems?***

You can write to Virgin Publishing Ltd. if you are having problems with
the distribution of NAs and MAs in your area (address supplied in section
Section Five: NA/MA ranks, Broadsword and FAQ thanx.

***How do I vote in the NA/MA ranks?***

To vote in the poll, score each book out of 10 and send your votes to
Shannon at
If you have reread a book score that book out of 10 and send your vote to
Shawn at

***Is Broadsword an official part of Virgin?***

No. That means we do not decide who gets published. We don't control the
pricing of books. We don't distribute the books.

***What are the Sgloomi Po Awards?***

The Sgloomi Po Awards honours the work of the New and Missing Adventure
authors for a given year. People of radw are invited to vote for a novel
under given categories. The results are collected and counted by
Broadsword. In April on radw the Sgloomi Po Awards Ceremony is held,
which in general are very silly.

***FAQ Thanx***

Thank yous to these people for helping me write this FAQ:
Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan, Shannon Patrick Sullivan, David Golding, Tim
Archer, David Robinson, Alden Bates, Peter Silvestro