Drinking Game for the Doctor Who Movie Enemy Within

whose to blame: Robert Smith and Chris Heer

though they probably won't admit it!

1 sip for spoilers

1 sip for each shot of the Master in Sunglasses

1 sip each time Sylvester moans in pain

1/2 glass for the regeneration

1 sip for each time McGann's face convolutes in that headset-thingy

1 sip for each Grace cleavage shot

1/2 glass for each time the doctor says the words "Half" and "Human" together

2 sips each time he passes through a mirror

1/4 glass for when Grace says "I finally meet the right guy..."

3 sips for each shot of the Pyrdonian Seal

1 sip for each dematerialisation sound-effect

1/2 glass for each Doctor-Grace kiss

Finish the bottle if you cried because DW is back

Pretty good!  I'll be rather hammered!

Here's a few for you to add privately:

1 sip for every time the *Master* says "half human."

2 sips every time the Master spits goo.

1 sip for every sound effect from the previous series you recognise.

1/2 glass every time somebody dies.
   Full glass if they stay dead.

Entire bottle if you cry because of the way Sylvester goes out.