Contacting FOX and the BBC

Updated May 22, 1996 (FAX numbers added)

Includes Snail-mail, e-mail, telephone, and FAX addresses of various organizations involved with the recent Doctor Who Movie. If you have any corrections or additions items that you think should be included here - please send them my way
Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan

Eventhough FOX did not put Doctor Who on their Fall lineup, there is still hope (Hey, there WAS a movie made, wasn't there - it ain't dead yet!). You may now want to encourage FOX to have the Doctor as a mid-season replacement, or perhaps encourage the producers of the film (BBC and Universal) to produce it for syndication.

Since the film was a multi-national project, then it would be good if there were also multi-national letters sent - so the BBC addresses are also included (doesn't make a lot of sense for someone in the UK to write to FOX....)

While e-mail messages may be easy to send, they are also easy to delete. If you are really interested in getting Doctor Who on the air, you should send a written letter via Snail-mail - they are much more difficult to ignore than e-mail messages!

General rules of writing to networks - be polite, concise, and check your spelling (unlike what I do). Ranting, screaming, writing in all caps, etc., tend to be ignored and tossed in the circular file cabinet. Don't make demands, threats or other nasty comments - try to be as nice as possible in encouraging these folks to put Doctor Who on the schedule. Form letters also tend to be ignored.

If you don't write the letter, who will?

(thanks to William Taylor, Marcus Dunham, Paul Rhodes, et al, for this info)

FOX Addresses:

FOX Broadcasting Company
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills CA 90213-900

Viewer comment hotline (310) 369-3066 (weekdays only)
FAX (310) 369-1433

They also have a general comment e-mail address:

You can also reach their internet address by accessing here.

BBC Addresses:

Dr. John Thomas, Managing Director
BBC Worldwide Television
80 Wood Lane
London W12 OTT
Tel:0181 743 5588/0181 576 2000

Viewer and Listener Information
Villiers House
The Broadway
W5 2PA
Tel: 0181 743 8000

Various e-mail addresses include:
Viewer and listener correspondence
Points of view - viewer feedback

You may also want to send letters to various executives, and others involved in the project with a word of thanks and possible encouragement for more. These include:

Trevor Walton/Tom Burke
Movies for TV, FOX Network
10201 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90035

Tom Thayer
President Universal Television
Building 500
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City CA 91608
FAX: (818) 733-1591