Panatropic Net FanFiction Arhive FAQ

By Random Companion

I thought I might as well post this, especially as I only seem to have 9
people on the archive fast track - If you think you should be one of
them, have another look at the fast track section, and email me.
(remember, I don't see it, so I have to be able to get the software to
do it for me - I need the phrase "archive info" there or it doesn't get
noticed. )

              Panatropic Net Doctor Who Fan Fiction Archive FAQ

                                 Version 1.0


You may also want to refer to the alt.drwho.creative FAQ at
This FAQ can be found nicely HTMLed up at

1. What is the archive?

2. Where is the archive?

3. Is this the only Doctor Who fan fiction site out there?

4. Wasn't it called the alt.drwho.creative archive before?

5. Who started the archive, and who's in charge now?

6. Is this the official alt.drwho.creative archive?

7. Is this authorised by the BBC?

8. How often does the site get updated?

9. Can anyone have fiction added to the archive?

10. Is there anything you won't archive?

11. What if I don't want my fiction added?

12. What if I want something removed?

13. How do I get my fiction added?

14. How do I get the bit about me on the authors page?

15. Can I speed up the archive team?

16. What's are the benefits of the archive fast track?

17. What do I need to put on the ends of my posts, then?

18. But, er...


1.What is the archive?
The archive is a large selection of Doctor Who fiction by amateur and
professional authors of all ages, from all around the world, stored on
the web. The fiction is organised in several different ways - by author,
Doctor, title, type, alien and other characters.


2. Where is the archive? and
I recommend the frames version if you have a suitable browser. It's just
a toolbar frame, which makes it easier to get elsewhere in the archive
quickly, not a separate version, so don't think you may be missing
anything with either version. The archive should be compatible with
almost every browser - I've tested it with Netscape and a Beta of
MacLYNX, and it looks OK, but I know there's at least one obscure
browser which doesn't like it.
I'm told that the site is generally blind-friendly, although it was one
of the browsers used by a blind friend that had the problem.


3. Is this the only Doctor Who fan fiction site out there?
Nope, not by a long way. There's a page of links to some of the others
at - If you want your page
added, email the URL to, and it should be added
next time the site gets updated. We also have a list of general
Who-related links at


4. Wasn't it called the alt.drwho.creative archive before?
Yep. Don't worry, we're still trying our best to archive all the
completed fiction posted to ADC, and we're not disassociating ourselves,
but we also have quite a bit of fiction from other sources now, so the
new name's more accurate.


5. Who started the archive, and who's in charge now?
The archive was started in 199*mumble* by Allesandra Isenberg, who after
a while decided you'd have to be bonkers to want the job of archiving
all this stuff, and so gave it to Random_C.
It's more complex than that, actually. I originally started a separate
archive of drabbles when Allesandra decided that it wasn't worth
worrying about the little things. When she no longer had enough time to
do the longer pieces, there were two volunteers - myself and the
Antiwesley, Kris Herzog.
Eventually, I got up and running and Anti had his own
version on his own site. At around the time I was first recruiting an
archive team, Anti's ISP died, so he came to join me on the Dark Side.


6. Is this the official alt.drwho.creative archive?
No such thing, actually. There are a lot of authors who have their own
fiction on their homepages, and there are other archives of several
people's fiction. We *think* we're the biggest, and hopefully the best -
as far as I know, we're the only archive which doesn't make judgments on
the fiction's content or quality - we're here for everyone, and we're
always interested in ways we can make better.
There's a list of Dr Who fan fiction sites at


7. Is this authorised by the BBC?
No. The BBC seems to be turning a blind eye to fan fiction, and to fan
sites in general, but we're essentially violating copyrights left right
and centre with this stuff. Either Auntie Beeb doesn't know what we're
playing at, or she's pretending she doesn't. Let's hope it stays that
way, eh?


8. How often does this site get updated?
Technically, the 25th of every month. Practically, the 25th of every
month that something doesn't happen to stop me. The archive team are a
great help in getting the fiction added, but it's only me that can
upload the thing, so if my modem dies, I'm on holiday, I'm ill, blah
blah, it gets left until the next month. This does not mean that
anything gets left out, just that it's a bit longer before you see some
of it.


9. Can anyone have fiction added to the archive?
Yep, course. So long as a piece is finished, and we have the author's
permission, we'll archive it. We've also considered a separate archive
of fiction by ADC's regular authors which isn't Doctor Who - we have
some good talent, and we'd like to showcase it. Suggestions of anything
else to add to panatropic to make it a better site are always welcome -
especially if you want to have some input.


10. Is there anything you won't archive?
Incomplete fiction, and things I've been asked not to by the author.
Everything else gets added. I don't think it's my place to say whether
it's any good or not, and I don't have time to actually read most of the
stuff, so I wouldn't be able to form an opinion on it anyway. Adult
fiction is also acceptable, though I password protect it, if I notice
it. I will not be held responsible for adult fiction *not* being
password protected, if the author hasn't put a warning on the post. If
you find something which you think should be protected but isn't, let me


11. What if I don't want my fiction added?
Fine, let me know - I'll need to know whether that applies to all your
fiction, or just certain pieces. You can change your mind about anything
at any time.
However, it's very unlikely that any of your fiction would be added
without you being emailed for permission first, even if you've marked a
post "OK to archive". Accidents do happen, though, we're not


12. What if I want something removed?
No problem. Removing things is a fairly simple procedure, all you have
to do is email and ask.


13. How do I get my fiction added?
It's simple. If you post to alt.drwho.creative, Random will probably
email you fairly soon, to ask your permission. Fiction isn't added until
it's complete, however. You can also email Random and send fiction
direct, although this won't get you archived any quicker. I've even had
some fiction by snail mail, and handed to me on a yellow sticky in a
You do not have to be a regular author, or even have posted before, to
join the archive fast-track.
Posting in plain ASCII text no more than 72 characters wide is
preferable, to ensure everyone can read your fiction, and because
binaries (such as word files) aren't really allowed in adc (and not
everyone can read them). It also helps because the archive team will not
reformat your work to make it more readable.


14. How do I get the bit about me on the authors page?
Just email it to Random - if you have any changes to anything, just
email me, and I'll do my best to get it changed as soon as possible.


15. Can I speed up the archive team?
In a way - you *can* put yourself on the archive fast-track, which
essentially bypasses the archive team. In order to add fiction to the
archive, we need some information about it. Several authors are kindly
adding this information to the end of the last part of each story, which
means that I don't have to get any of the archive team to help with it,
or email you for the info - it saves everyone time, and you get a better


The Archive Fast Track

16. What are the benefits of the archive fast-track?
Your fiction will be added faster, with the blurb you want for it, and
you get a much calmer archive team - it really does make life a lot
easier for us, so we'll be nicer to you. It also helps cut down on
mistakes. I've been told by a professional web author that it should
also be possible to automate the fast track at a later date.


17. What do I need to put on the end of my posts, then?
Because the archive's so complex, I have several things I need to know -
Title, Author, Blurb, Doctor, Other Characters, Aliens, Type

It'll also help me a lot if you put the words "ARCHIVE INFO" before the
information, as I don't always see the ends of the posts when exporting
them from my news program, but I can search for this with my text editor
- so there's less chance of me missing you out. It doesn't have to

Title - the title you want the piece added under. You can use more than
one if you want, many of the IA chapters have alternate titles.
If you do, it will be added by both, with the "or" on both.
Author - The name you want to be added as. You do not have to use your
real name, but if you have an unusual name, I need to know which letter
you want to be added under - I've added myself under R, rather than C.
If you're doing the information for a round robin, please list all the
authors, and which chapters they've done.
Blurb - the information you want to identify the story. If you don't
specify, you'll get something along the lines of "a short Seventh Doctor
piece with Ace." Something you make up will make your piece seem much
more appealing.
Doctor - fairly self-explanatory. 1-13, unspecified, none, Valeyard. If
you've used more than one, list them all. If you've used the 14th
Doctor, or have a different regeneration and want it kept separate, I'll
create a new page - the Trenchcoat Doctor, for example, has his own
page. I've generally included non-McGann 8th Doctor fiction with the
McGann stuff.
Other characters - All these characters have their own page. You might
want to check for an up to
date list of the character pages. If you think there's one I should have
a page for that I haven't, let me know, and I'll create one. I've
included organisations like UNIT with the characters. I will also be
posting a list of new pages to alt.drwho.creative, and listing them at
Aliens - Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, etc. - whatever you've used, let
me know, and I'll create a page if I think there's enough fiction using
them for it to be worth it.
Type - Fiction, Multi-Part fiction, Round Robin, Drabble, Poem or Filk,
all of which can be crossovers or adult. If it's a crossover, I need to
know what with. If a piece you write has adult content, and you don't
tell me, I will not be pleased. I'll also need to know if your piece
uses the alt.drwho.creative alt-universe and it's characters, This Time
Round, adc's pub outside continuity, or is part of the To Die For -
Psycho Nyssa series.


18. But, er...
Still not sure of something (or just not understand what the hell
Random's on about) email and I'll try and answer
your questions.


This version last changed 14th May 1999
Random_C - Yak Butter Sandwich revamped.