Ideas for PBS Fundraiser to end all Fundraisers

By Kassi Pittman

Ideas for PBS Fundraiser to end all Fundraisers:

1.   Performances by the Gallifreyan Tabernacle Choir
2.   Build Your Own TARDIS with the cast of Red Green
3.   Free Sonic Toolset with donations of $250 or more
4.   The companions perform 'Riverdance' with Patrick Troughton on the
      uillean pipes
5.    Dalek Rap featuring Davros - performs his smash single 'EXTERMINATE'
6.   From the Future to the Past - Tom Hanks's documentary on the history 
      of time travel
7.   Tom Baker and Aretha Franklin perform Luciano Pavoratti's Greatest Hits
8.   Garrison Keillor's 'Lake Rassilon' - where all the women are wry,
   all the men are eccentric, and all the children have greek-sounding names
9.   'Who Talk' - a call-in show with a panel of DW writers and
   producers past and present (?), where all your DW questions are answered
   in mysteriously abstract ways
10.   Auction some of the less-used rooms in the TARDIS