The Quick Doctor Who Episode Guide

By Chet Hart

revised 11/23/96

This quick episode guide was created for my uses. The story synopsis'
are my own creation and are as small as I can make them and still say
something about the plot. Errors, correction and additions should be
eMailed to the listkeeper at "".

Detailed story information can be found in the "Doctor Who Programme
Guide" by Jean-Marc Lofficier (ISBN: 0-426-20342-9, 1994 edition). The
book containes complete story outlines, cast listings and other cross-
reference information. You will also find information about the early
New Adventures novels.

Story Series
Anniverary Stories
Missing Episodes
William Hartnell   1963 to 1966
Patrick Troughton  1966 to 1969
Jon Pertwee        1971 to 1974
Tom Baker          1975 to 1982
Peter Davison      1982 to 1984
Colin Baker        1984 to 1986
Sylvester McCoy    1987 to 1989
Paul McGann        1996

The following information concerns story lines which were linked by
some commonality such as plot or setting.

   The Ark in Space
   The Sontaran Experiment
   Genesis of the Daleks
   Revenge of the Cybermen
   The Ribos Operation
   The Pirate Planet
   The Stones of Blood
   The Androids of Tara
   The Power of Kroll
   The Armageddon Factor
E-SPACE SERIES (Tom Baker Era)
   Full Circle
   State of Decay
   Warrior's Gate
   Mawdryn Undead
   The Mysterious Planet
   Terror of the Vervoids
   The Ultimate Foe

       TENTH - The Three Doctors
    TWENTYTH - The Five Doctors
TWENTY-FIFTH - Silver Nemesis

by Michael Phillips
The stories listed here are currently missing certain episodes which
have been lost due to improper storage or deliberate human
intervention. This information is derived from the excellant article
by Michael Phillips and regularly posted to "rec.arts.drwho". Values
in parentasis are the total number of episodes that should be
available followed by the number of the episodes that are missing.

William Hartnell
   MARCO POLO               (7) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 7
   THE REIGN OF TERROR      (6) Missing episode numbers 4, 5
   THE CRUSADE              (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 2, 4
   GALAXY FOUR              (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4
   MISSION TO THE UNKNOWN   (1) Missing episode number 1
   THE MYTH MAKERS          (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4
   THE DALEKS' MASTERPLAN  (12) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4, 6
                                thru 9 & 11 thru 12
   THE MASSACRE             (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4
   THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER   (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 3
   THE SAVAGES              (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4
   THE SMUGGLERS            (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4
   THE TENTH PLANET         (4) Missing episode number 4

Patrick Troughton
   THE POWER OF THE DALEKS  (6) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 6
   THE HIGHLANDERS          (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4
   THE UNDERWATER MENACE    (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 2, 4
   THE MOONBASE             (4) Missing episode numbers 1, 3
   THE MACRA TERROR         (4) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 4
   THE FACELESS ONES        (6) Missing episode numbers 2, 4 thru 6
   THE EVIL OF THE DALEKS   (7) Missing episode numbers 1, 3 thru 7
   THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN   (6) Missing episode numbers 1, 3 thru 6
   THE ICE WARRIORS         (6) Missing episode numbers 2, 3
   THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD   (6) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 2, 4
                                thru 6
   THE WEB OF FEAR          (6) Missing episode numbers 2 thru 6
   FURY FROM THE DEEP       (6) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 6
   THE WHEEL IN SPACE       (6) Missing episode numbers 1 thru 2, 4
                                thru 5
   THE INVASION             (8) Missing episode numbers 1, 4
   THE SPACE PIRATES        (6) Missing episode numbers 1, 3 thru 6

Chester (Chet) W. Hart (listkeeper)
Dave Walshaw
Tom Walsh

     story title                              start      end      #
     ======================================  ========  ========  ==
THE FIRST DOCTOR (William Hartnell)

      An Unearthly Child                     11/23/69  12/14/63   4

Two teachers, Ian and Barbara, are very curious about there new
student who seems to find much of her schooling amusing. They follow
her home one evening to a junk yard; a mysterious blue police box and
her grumpy grandfather - the Doctor.

      The Daleks                             21/21/63  1/2/64     7

The Doctor, Susan (his granddaughter), Barbara and Ian find themselves
on a strange planet with a radioactive atmosphere. They begin to
explore a magnificent city only to be confronted with the universes
most deadly creations. Originally titled The Dead Planet.

      The Edge of Distruction                2/8/64    2/15/64    2

A malfunction of the TARDIS brings the crew to an emotional crisis
that could be their undoing.

      Marco Polo                             2/22/64   4/4/64     7

Political intrique follows the Doctor as Marco Polo, trapped in China,
tries to use the TARDIS to barter his way home.

      The Keys of Marinus                    4/11/64   5/16/64    6

A world ruled by a mad computer entraps the TARDIS crew and only five
special keys can turn it off.

      The Aztecs                             5/23/64   6/13/64    4

Mistaken for representatives of the GODs, the Doctor and his
companions must find a way to return to the TARDIS locked inside a

      The Sensorites                         6/20/64   8/1/64     6

A peaceful race of aliens are being murdered and the Doctor finds
himself working on the case.

      The Reign of Terror                    8/8/64    9/12/64    6

The Doctor must rescue his companions when they are captured and he is
left for dead.

      Planet of Giants                       10/21/64  11/14/64   3

A malfunction of the TARDIS demensional control leaves the Doctor and
his companions at the height of one inch. as a result they overhear an
insane industrialist's plans to sell a pestacide that could destroy
all life on Earth.

      The Dalek Invasion of Earth            11/21/64  21/28/64   6

The Doctor returns to Earth to find that the Daleks have conquered it
and are using human slaves to remove the planets core.

      The Rescue                             1/2/65    1/9/65     2

The Doctor rescues survivors from a crashed spaceship, but before he
can leave he must solve several murders.

      The Romans                             1/16/65   2/6/65     4

While taking a holiday in 64 AD Rome, Ian and Barbara are captured and
sold as slaves.

      The Web Planet                         2/13/65   3/20/65    6

The TARDIS is drawn by an unknown force to a planet ruled by giant
insect lifeforms.

      The Crusade                            3/27/65   4/17/65    4

The Doctor saves King Richard the Lionheart from an ambush by Saracens
only to be accused of sorcery and threats of being burned at the

      The Space Museum                       4/24/65   5/15/65    4

In an alternate time line the TARDIS lands on a planet that is a giant
museum dedicated to the conquests of an oppresive dictatorial race.
When they find themselves on display they realize they must alter this
time line or face their own enslavement.

      The Chase                              5/22/65   6/26/65    6

The Doctor is in a race to stay one step ahead of the Daleks who have
built a time machine of their own and are seeking revenge. The race
continues until they both run into a new enemy that may be more then
they both can handle.

      The Time Meddler                       7/3/65    7/24/65    4

The Doctor finds another Time Lord living in 1066 England. However his
intentions are to alter human history to disrupt the galaxies

      Galaxy 4                               9/11/65   10/2/65    4

Two spacecraft crashland on a deserted planet. The Doctor saves some
of the aliens with power supplied by the TARDIS.

      Mission to the Unknown                 10/9/65              1

A secret agent discovers information vital to Earth's survival on the
planet, Kembel.

      The Myth Makers                        10/16/65  11/6/65    4

Mistaken for Superbeings by the citizens and enemies of Troy. The
TARDIS is captured and in order to retrieve it the Doctor must get
into the city - in a wooden hourse.

      The Daleks Masterplan                  11/13/65  1/29/66   12

Continues the story of "Mission to the Unknown" as the Doctor
discovers the Daleks plan to exterminate the human race, but is
betrayed. Because of the sacrifice of two human women, the Doctor is
able to save Earth by using the Daleks own secret weapon. The longest
single plot story ever made.

      The Massacre of St. Bartholemew's Eve  2/5/66    2/26/66    4

The TARDIS lands in 1572 France just the day before the great
Protestant Massacre. The Doctor is mistaken for a Catholic Abbot who
is under a death sentance.

      The Ark                                3/5/66    3/26/66    4

The Earth has been destroyed and the survivors have fled in a giant
multi-generation starship to another world 700 years away (triptime).
Dodo's headcold causes havoc as the Ark's inhabitents have no
immunity. Aboard the TARDIS the Doctor travels forward to the end of
the voyage to help make peace between the survivors before they arrive
on the new world.

      The Celestial Toymaker                 4/2/66    4/23/66    4

The TARDIS lands in a magical playland where the games are often

      The Gunfighters                        4/30/66   5/21/66    4

The worst version of the "Fight at the OK Corral" ever filmed.

      The Savages                            5/28/66   6/18/66    4

The "civilized" Elders are using the Savages to stay alive. Until one
of the Elders tries to suck the Doctor Dry.

      The War Machines                       6/25/66   7/16/66    4

A mad computer called WOTAN learns to control mens minds and forces
them to build more machines to take over the Earth.

      The Smugglers                          9/10/66   10/1/66    4

Everyone wants to know where the treasure is hidden, but only the
Doctor knows. Can he hold out against the torture of his companions
Ben and Polly?

      The Tenth Planet                       10/8/66   10/29/66   4

The Earth is being sucked dry by the planet Mondas, Earth's sistor
world on the far side of the sun. The inhabitants - called Cybermen -
come to Earth and a south pole satellite tracking station to stop
Humans from somehow destroying Mondas before Earth is drained.

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THE SECOND DOCTOR (Patrick Troughton)

   SEASON FOUR (cont)
      The Power of the Daleks                11/5/66   12/10/66   6

Human scientists are trying to use Daleks as servants on the colony
Vulcan. When rebels try to overthrow the government with Dalek
assistance the rebels soon find themselves in over their head.

      The Highlanders                        12/17/66  1/7/67     4

In 1746 the Doctor is captured along with several Scottsmen and are
about to become slaves in the West Indies.

      The Underwater Menace                  1/14/67   2/4/67     4

The Doctor and his companions are captured by Atlanteans and are then
rescued by a madman who has a scheme to destroy the Earth by flooding
the planet's hot core with the oceans.

      The Moonbase                           2/11/67   3/4/67     4

A weather control station on the moon is the target of biological
warfare as the Cybermen return to again destroy the Earth.

      The Macra Terror                       3/11/67   4/1/67     4

A planet wide holiday camp is being invaded by Crab-like creatures who
have enslaved the vacationers to manufacture a vital gas.

      The Faceless Ones                      4/8/67    5/13/67    6

People are disappearing from airplanes in mid-flight in 1966.

      The Evil of the Daleks                 5/20/67   7/1/67     7

Still in 1966 the Doctor and Jamie are kidnapped and taken to 1866.
There he finds the Daleks are going to use him as part of a plot to
create a race of Super-Daleks.

      The Tomb of the Cybermen               9/2/67    9/23/67    4

The Doctor visits Telos, the homeworld of the Cybermen where an
expedition from Earth has opened an ancient tomb in which Cybermen
have been frozen. But once inside the expidition finds the Cybermen
arn't dead - just sleeping... and waiting.

      The Abominable Snowmen                 9/30/67   11/4/67    6

The Doctor arrives in the Himalayas and is immediately accused of
murder. However, the real killers are the Yeti. Furry creatures who
are not what they appear.

      The Ice Warriors                       11/11/67  12/16/67   6

In the year 3000 the Doctor discovers the frozen body of a troop of
Martian Ice Warriors and revives them only to find out they are on
Earth to conquer the planet.

      The Enemy of the World                 12/23/67  1/27/68    6

Volcanos are erupting all over the Earth and the source is an evil man
named Salamander who is a lookalike for the Doctor.

      The Web of Fear                        2/3/68    3/9/68     6

Strange things are happening in present-day London as the Doctor
discovers that one of the Yeti, from the "Abominable Snowmen", is
active and the Great Intelligence is after him.

      Fury from the Deep                     3/16/68   4/20/68    6

Men are disappearing at a North Sea Refinery and of course the Doctor
is blamed.

      The Wheel in Space                     4/27/68   6/1/68     6

The Doctor and company investgate rumors of a space station which is
infested with rodents. Only to find the "rodents" are actually

      The Dominators                         8/10/68   10/12/68   5

The Doctor's TARDIS lands on the planet Dulkis which is threatened by
an alien race and its robotic creatures. The Doctor must stop the
Dominators before they can turn the entire planet into fuel for their

      The Mind Robber                        9/14/68   10/12/68   5

The TARDIS jumps outside normal space/time and finds itself in the
"land-of-fiction" where all the fantasys of man can be reality and
man's worst nightmares are all too real.

      The Invasion                           11/2/68   12/21/68   8

The Doctor returns to present day London to find a computer scientist
has disappeared. With the help of the newly formed UNIT, the Doctor
uncoveres a plot to eliminate all humnas by the Cybermen.

      The Krotons                            12/28/68  1/18/69    4

The Krotons have enslaved the Gonds for their mental energy. When the
Doctor and Zoe take a mentality test the Krotons are awakened from
their long sleep.

      The Seeds of Death                     1/25/69   3/1/69     6

The Ice Warriors have infected Earth with a dangerous fungus in
preperation for an invasion.

      The Space Pirates                      3/8/69    4/12/69    6

Pirates have stolen a vital navigation beacon and the authorities
suspect an innocent man of being the pirate leader.

      The War Games                          4/19/69   6/21/69   10

The Doctor and his companions find themselves on a world where many
different armies from many different times are at war with each other,
to create a single, perfect, invincible army. All the result of a mad
scheme by another Time Lord called the War Cheif. The Doctor is forced
to call on the assistance of the Time Lords from his home world, even
though this means he is again subject to their laws.

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      Spearhead from Space                   1/3/70    1/24/70    4

The Doctor having been forced to regenerate returns to Earth in exile
from Gallifrey and all time travel. No sooner does he arrive then he
is thrust into a mysterious alien invasion by rocks.

      Doctor Who and the Silurians           1/31/70   3/14/70    7

65 million years earlier the Silurians went undergroud to avoid the
destruction of the surface by a giant asteroid. Now the've awakend and
they want the planet back from the upstart monkeys.

      The Ambassadors of Death               5/9/70    6/20/70    7

Three astronauts are kidnapped by men posing as UNIT officers. The
Doctor discovers that the kidnapped astronauts are actually alien
ambassadors whose mere presence can kill humans.

      Inferno                                5/9/70    6/20/70    7

On an alternate Earth, a deep drilling project has opened the surface
world to dangerous gases from below that cause men to mutate into

      Terror of the Autons                   1/2/71    1/23/71    4

The coming of the Master and the return of the Autons. The Master
makes a deal with an alien intelligence for the control of the
universe and then he starts making dolls.

      The Mind of Evil                       1/30/71   3/6/71     6

A parasite is sucking evil from criminal minds. UNIT is assigned to
eliminate nerve gas missiles and the Master is in prison, supposedly.

      The Claws of Axos                      3/1/71    4/3/71     4

Aliens land on Earth seeking simple hospitality. But in reality they
are an evil parasite brought to Earth by the Master to drain the
planet of all it's energy.

      Colony in Space                        4/10/71   5/15/71    6

On a far off planet in the future the Doctor and Jo find themselves in
the middle of a three-way struggle for domination of the planet as
well as a plot by the Master to acquire the Doomsday machine made by
the original inhabitants of the planet.

      The Daemons                            5/22/71   6/19/71    5

At Devil's End an ancient power has been released from imprisionment.
The Master wants this power and enslaves the townspeople in a scheme
to kill the Doctor who stands in his way.

      Day of the Daleks                      1/1/72    1/22/72    4

Mercenaries from the future try to assanate a present-day diplomat,
but the plot fails. The Doctor follows the killers only to arrive on a
future Earth ruled by Daleks.

      The Curse of Peladon                   1/29/72   2/19/72    4

The planet Peladon has applied for membership in a galatic federation
and the Doctor, mistaken for an Earth delegate to the membership
conferance, must solve a murder and uncover the killers before King
Peladon is himself murdered.

      The Sea Devils                         2/26/72   4/1/72     6

Ships are disappearing and cousins of the Silurians, called Sea
Devils, are responsible. The Master, held in prison, is building a
machine to control the Sea Devils and destroy the world.

      The Mutants                            4/8/72    5/12/72    6

The Doctor, delivering a message from the Time Lords, is forced to
help a mad human in his attempts to terra-form a world. An act that
will kill all the native life.

      The Time Monster                       5/20/72   6/24/72    6

The Master builds a primitive time machine and returns in time to the
fabled Atlantis. There he gains access to the Crystal of Kronos which
gives him control of a creature that feeds on time itself.

      The Three Doctors                      12/30/72  1/20/73    4

Starring William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton & Jon Pertwee - A steller
engineer, Omega, is trapped in an Anti-matter universe and wants the
Doctor to take his place so that he may return to the normal matter
universe. The Time Lords send the Doctor's previous two selves to
assist in stopping Omega before he drains all the power from
Gallifrey. In reward for success the Doctor is given his freedom of
Earth and his access to the TARDIS systems is restored.

      Carnival of Monsters                   1/27/73   2/17/73    4

The Doctor and Jo find themselves trapped on a late 19th century ship
being attacked by a sea-going dinosaur. Only problem is the ship's
bottom opens into a complex of machines not the ocean.

      Frontier in Space                      2/24/73   3/31/73    6

The Doctor finds himself and Jo in the middle of a plot by the Master
to bring Earth and the Draconian Empire to war.

      Planet of the Daleks                   4/7/73    5/12/73    6

The Doctor recovering from his last adventure brings Jo to the planet
Spidron where the Thals of Skaro are trying to destroy an army of
invisable Daleks.

      The Green Death

The waste output of an oil refinery is producing giant green maggots
and the man in charge is under the control of a insane computer.

      The Time Warrior                       12/15/73  1/5/74     4

The Doctor is asked to investigate the disappearence of several
scientists from a UNIT high-security establishment and finds himself
and Sarah stuck in the middle ages fighting an alien clone.

      Invasion of the Dinosaurs              1/12/74   2/16/74    6

Upon returning to Earth the Doctor and Sarah find themselves in a
strangely quite London and contronted by a T-Rex.

      Death to the Daleks                    2/23/74   3/16/74    4

A mysterious plague is running rampent through the galaxy and the
antidote can only be found on one planet - Exxilon (no releation to
the oil company). When the Doctor arrives to help he finds himself in
the middle of a struggle between Humans and Daleks for possition of
the planet.

      The Monster of Peladon                 3/23/74   4/27/74    6

Fifty years after his first visit to Peladon the Doctor returns to
unravel a plot by the Ice Warriors to plunder the planets mineral

      Planet of the Spiders                  5/4/74    6/8/74     6

In order to free a world of humans from slavery, the Doctor must
defeat a race of intelligent spiders - even if it means his own


      Robot                                  12/28/74  1/18/75    4

The Doctor just survives his newest regeneration to find himself
caught up in a mystery involving a 12 foot tall robot and a group of
scientists who want to start world war three.

      The Ark in Space                       1/25/75   2/15/75    4

The Doctor with Sarah and Harry arrive aboard a space station where
the last humans of Earth are being held in suspended animation. After
starting the revival process he finds the station is also in the
process of being invaded by a giant insect lifeform.

      The Sontaran Experiment                2/22/75   3/1/75     2

Because of a malfunctioning matter-transport device the Doctor, Sarah
and Harry journey to the Earth-side of the mechanism to repair the
problem. Upon landing they find that a Sontaran Warrior is
experimenting on humans in preperation for invasion.

      Genesis of the Daleks                  3/8/75    4/12/75    6

While transporting back to the space station the Doctor and his
companions are hijacked to the planet Skaro where the Doctor is
charged with stopping the development of the most dreaded creatures in
the universe - the Daleks.

      Revenge of the Cybermen                4/19/75   4/12/75    4

Returning to an earlier version of the space station the Doctor finds
himself involved with a plot by the Cybermen to distroy an asteroid
made of gold.

      Terror of the Zygons                   8/30/75   9/20/75    4

The Doctor is called to Earth by UNIT to do battle with the Lock Ness
Monster and finds himself doing battle with aliens.

      Planet of Evil                         9/27/75   10/18/75   4

A scientist is driven mad by an invisable entity that kills all his

      Pyramids of Mars                       10/25/75  11/15/75   4

The Doctor and Sarah return to Earth to find themselves struggling
against a superbeing that wants nothing more then to destroy the
entire universe.

      The Android Invasion                   11/22/75  12/13/75   4

The Doctor and Sarah find themselves on Earth, or so they think until
they find out it's a training site for an invasion of the planet.

      The Brain of Morbius                   1/3/76    1/24/76    4

The Doctor must stop Morbius (a criminal Time Lord) from being reborn
by a mad scientist who wants the Doctor's head.

      The Seeds of Doom                      1/31/76   3/6/76     6

A mad man with a green thumb threatens the entire world with a flesh
eating plant.

      The Masque of Mandragora               9/4/76    9/25/76    4

The Doctor and Sarah arrive in Renaissance Italy, unknowningly
bringing a energy creature with them. The creature wants to plunge the
human race back into the dark ages for easier conquest.

      The Hand of fear                       10/2/76   10/23/76   4

When Sarah is almost killed in a rock quary explosion, she discovers a
petrified hand that later regenerates into a very odd woman and then a
even odder man.

      The Deadly Assassin                    10/30/76  11/20/76   4

The Doctor returns to Gallifrey and is immediately embroiled in a plot
to kill the President. To survive the Doctor must find the real killer
and become Lord-President of Gallifrey himself.

      The Face of Evil                       1/1/77    1/22/77    4

The Doctor arrives on a planet he's been to before and finds a small
error he made before has grown into a manic computer with delusions of

      The Robots of Death                    1/29/77   2/19/77    4

The Doctor and Leela find themselves aboard a automated sand-miner
where they are accused of murder only to find out that the real killer
may be a robot and that not all the robots are what they seem.

      The Talons of Weng-Chiang              2/26/77   4/2/77     6

Leela saves the Doctor's life several times as they become involved in
a mystery with Chinese assassins and a mad scientist from the far
future, in the ninetenth century city of London.

      Horror of Fang Rock                    9/3/77    9/24/77    4

People are dying in an isolated lighthouse. At first the Doctor and
Leela are suspected but later the Doctor finds evidence of an advanced
scout for an alien invasion.

      The Invisible Enemy                    10/1/77   10/22/77   4

An alien infection has designs on the Doctor.

      Image of the Fendahl                   10/29/77  11/19/77   4

An ancient alien race seeks to use human time-travel experiments to
return themselves to life and then devour all life on Earth.

      The Sun Makers                         11/26/77  12/17/77   4

The Doctor and Leela arrive on Pluto - a planet with six suns and a
slave population of humans who are ripe for rebelllion.

      Underworld                             1/7/78    1/28/78    4

The last survivors of a war raveged world are looking for the gene-
pool reminants of their race at the edge of the universe.

      The Invasion of Time                   2/4/78    3/11/78    6

The Doctor drags Leela to Gallifrey to stop an invasion by one race
only to fall into a clever trap set by the Sontarans.

      The Ribos Operation                    9/2/78    9/23/78    4

Sent to seek out the Key To Time by the White Guardian, the Doctor and
his fellow Time Lord Romana, find themselves sucked into a botched
mineral scam on the planet Ribos.

      The Pirate Planet                      9/30/78   10/21/78   4

Romana and the Doctor discover a world that eats others and a woman
who wants to live forever - even if the galaxy has to die for it to

      The Stones of Blood                    10/28/78  11/18/78   4

An ancient curse is more then myth as the Doctor and Romana discover a
stone circle that is actually a connection point into hyperspace.

      The Androids of Tara                   11/25/78  12/16/78   4

Palace intrique and murder ensue as the Doctor is forced to repair
junkyard robots and Romana is mistaken for royalty

      The Power of Kroll                     12/23/78  1/13/79    4

The fifth segment to The Key To Time is located on a world that is all
swamp and where humans are having a little dispute with the natives
over who owns the planet.

      The Armageddon Factor                  1/20/79   2/24/79    6

The final confrontation for the last segment to The Key as the Doctor
meets his evil counterpart and finds himself in the middle of two
worlds trying to destroy themselves.

      Destiny of the Daleks                  9/1/79    9/22/79    4

The Doctor and Romana (newly regenerated) must stop both the Daleks
and Movellans from acquiring a valuable prize - Davros.

      City of Death                          9/29/79   10/20/79   4

The Doctor finds himself playing historical tag with a 400 million
year old alien who wants to reverse human evolution in order to save
the survivors of an ancient war.

      The Creature from the Pit              10/27/79  11/17/79   4

The Doctor has meet some strange looking ambassidors in his lives, but
this one is a little different as he finds himself thrown into a deep
pit on a planet with little metal resources.

      Nightmare of Eden                      11/24/79  12/15/79   4

The Doctor must deal with drug dealers and monsters in the midst of
separating to crashed spacecraft.

      The Horns of Nimon                     12/22/79  1/12/80    4

A race of minataurs are about to destroy a world which has lost its
technology as the Doctor and Romana step knee deep into the plot.

      Shada (incomplete)                     unaired

Available on tape as clips and scenes with extensive naration by Tom

      The Leisure Hive                       8/30/80   9/20/80    4

On a world of pure pleasure, built by a dying race, the Doctor and
Romana must stop a plot to clone an army. The Doctor finally finds out
what real old age is like.

      Meglos                                 9/27/80   10/18/80   4

An intelligent plant has designs on a unique power source and will do
anything to get it - especially at the Doctor's expense.

      Full Circle                            10/25/80  11/15/80   4

A malfunction of the TARDIS sends the Doctor and Romana into another
universe (E-Space) and a world where humans are desperately trying to
stay alive.

      State of Decay                         11/22/80  12/13/80   4

One of Gallifrey's most ancient enemies is alive and getting well in
E-Space and only the Doctor can stop them from ravging normal space

      Warriors' Gate                         1/3/81    1/24/81    4

An enslaved alien race capture the TARDIS and involves the Doctor and
Romana in a struggle for their freedom.

      The Keeper of Traken                   1/31/81   2/21/81    4

A decades old statue and the dying Keeper of the Traken Union pull the
Doctor and Adric into political intrique and murder.

      Logopolis                              2/28/81   3/21/81    4

The Doctor needs a little work done on the TARDIS and stumbles onto a
plot by the Master to rule the universe through mathematics.

      K9 and Company (Christmas special)     12/28/81             1

Starring Elisabeth Sladen & John Leeson as the voice of K9 - On modern
day Earth, Sarah Jane receives a gift from the Doctor - K9 mark 3.
Along with a cousin Sarah and K9 investigate some strange goings on.

THE FIFTH DOCTOR (Peter Davison)

      Castrovalva                            1/4/82    1/12/82    4

The Doctor's regeneration isn't going well, so Tegan, Nyssa and Adric
cart him off to a planet of peace and tranquility. Only someone is
waiting for him.

      Four to Doomsday                       1/18/82   1/26/82    4

Having failed to fulfil his own dreams, the being know as Monarch
decides to remove all humans from Earth to repopulate it with the
population from his homeworld.

      Kinda                                  2/1/82    2/9/82     4

Humans have disappeared on Deva Lorka, the result of the desperate
needs of the natives who are threatened by the return of the evil

      The Visitation                         2/15/82   2/23/82    4

The TARDIS lands in 1666, the time of the great plague and the Doctor
finds that three aliens are preparing to release a hoard of plague
infected rats to depopulate the Earth for easier invasion.

      Black Orchid                           3/1/82    3/2/82     2

The Doctor's appearence gives an old tale a new slant.

      Earthshock                             3/8/82    3/16/82    4

The Doctor prevents the desruction of Earth by a bomb planted by the
Cybermen, then follows a control signal back to a space freighter.

      Time-Flight                            3/22/82   3/30/82    4

A Concord jet has gone missing and the Doctor finds that the Master is
using humans as slaves to free a great evil intelligence.

      Arc of Infinity                        1/3/83    1/12/83    4

Omega returns to confront the Doctor as he again tries to return to
the normal matter universe by bonding his body to that of the Doctor.

      Snakedance                             1/18/83   1/26/83    4

Using its influence over her, Tegan takes the TARDIS to a world where
the Mara were banished 500 years earlier.

      Mawdryn Undead                         2/1/83    2/9/83     4

The TARDIS is trapped on an alien spaceship in orbit of Earth. To free
his time machine the Doctor transports to 1983 Earth while Tegan and
Nyssa go to 1977 Earth.

      Terminus                               2/15/83   2/23/83    4

Plague victums are sent to their final resting place - a giant space
station called Terminus, whose crew are enslaved to their jobs by the
drugs that keep them alive.

      Enlightenment                          3/1/83    3/9/83     4

Aboard a racing yacht in space the Doctor is forced by the Eternals to
win a great race. The prise - enlightenment.

      The King's Demons                      3/15/83   3/16/83    2

The Doctor must stop a minor plot of the Master to stop the signing of
the Magna Carta by using a shape shifting robot to impersonate the

      The Five Doctors                       11/25/83 (UK)        1
                                             11/23/83 (US)

Starring Richard Hurndall (as the first Doctor), Patrick Troughton,
Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker (borrowed scenes from "Shada"), Peter Davison -
Five incarnations of the Doctor and several of his companions have
been kidnapped and dropped into the Death Zone on Gallifrey. Now the
Doctor's must do battle with Cybermen, Daleks and the Master in order
to identify the "Player" who has brought them together.

      Warriors of the Deep                   1/5/84    1/13/84    4

In 2084 an underwater base is attacked by Silurians and Sea Devils who
want to launch the bases nuclear missiles in order to start a world

      The Awakening                          1/19/94   1/20/84    2

Elaborate war games become all too real as an alien entity called the
Malus takes control of a small town.

      Frontios                               1/26/84   3/2/84     4

In the very far future a group of Human survivors struggle to survive
even as some disappear. The Doctor finds the kidnapped humans being
used as living batteries by a race of intelligent slugs.

      Resurrection of the Daleks             2/8/84    2/15/84    2

The Daleks need Davros to help them combat a virus created
specifically to kill them. The Doctor is drawn into the plot when the
TARDIS intersects the Dalek's time corridor.

      Planet of Fire                         2/23/84   3/2/84     4

The Doctor, Turlough and their new found friend Peri travel to a world
where the natives worship a volcano and what to through the Doctor
into the flames.

      The Caves of Androzani                 3/8/84    3/16/84    4

Gun running and drug dealing complicate this story as the Doctor
slides in between two sides in a war over a life-extending elixir.


      The Twin Dilemma                       3/22/84   3/30/84    4

Though befuddled by his last regeneration the Doctor becomes involved
in a plot to destroy a planet in order to infest the Galaxy with evil
Mester's eggs.

      Attack of the Cybermen                 1/5/85    1/12/85    2

The Cybermen have a time machine and intend to use it to Destroy Earth
before Earth can destroy their homeworld Mondas.

      Vengeance on Varos                     1/19/85   1/26/85    2

A mining planet is being swindled of its mineral wealth until the
Doctor shows up and tells them the real value of their labors.

      The Mark of the Rani                   2/2/85    2/9/85     2

The Rani (a renagade Time Lord) and the Master form an uneasy alliance
as they remove vital fluids from the brains of Humans.

      The Two Doctors                        2/16/85   3/2/85     3

Starring Colin Baker and Patrick Troughton - The second Doctor is
kidnapped while on a mission for the Time Lords and taken to Earth to
be force to build a time machine for the Sontarans.

      Timelash                               3/9/85    3/16/85    2

The Doctor encounters the Borad, a half-human, half-reptile mutant
dictator who wnats to kill off all the humans on his homeworld to make
room for clones of himself.

      Revelation of the Daleks               3/23/85   3/30/85    2

Davros has been turning the near dead in the Tranquel Repose mortuary
into Daleks for his factions army.

      The Mysterious Planet                  9/6/86    9/27/86    4

The Doctor arrives on a planet that is strangely familure to find it
in the control of a robot who is fighting to preserve three humans
from Andromeda.

      Mindwarp                               10/4/86   10/25/86   4

A dying aliens only hope for survival is the use of another body to
house his brain - so he choses Peri's body (not a bad idea in my

      Terror of the Vervoids                 11/1/86   11/22/86   4

The Doctor and Mel relax aboard a luxury cruise spaceship only to find
themselves fighting off a gaggle of flesh eating plants.

      The Ultimate Foe                       11/29/86  12/6/86    2

The Doctor discovers the true identity of his accurser, the Valyard.


      Time and the Rani                      9/7/87    9/28/87    4

In order to create "strange matter" the Rani is kidnapping the
greatest scientific minds of the universe. And the Doctor is among

      Paradise Towers                        10/5/87   10/26/87   4

The survivors of a great war are building a new world inside an
isolated building. Unknown to them something else has just awakened.

      Delta and the Bannermen                11/2/87   11/16/87   3

A princess escapes from a group of mercenaries and travels to Earth
only to crash land in the 50's at a vacation resort.

      Dragonfire                             11/23/87  12/7/87    3

The Doctor and Mel arrive on Iceworld and decide to go treasure
hunting. Of course no one told them about the dragon.

      Rememberence of the Daleks             10/5/88   10/26/88   4

Two factions of Daleks are searching for the "Hand of Omega", a great
Time Lord invention. While Ace bashes Daleks with a bat the Doctor
tries to bring the pre-UNIT military up-to-speed.

      The Happiness Patrol                   11/2/88   1/16/88    3

On a world where everyone is required to be happy the Doctor brings in
a little ray of normalcy.

      Silver Nemesis                         11/23/88  12/7/88    3

The Cybermen want the device called Nemesis, but so to do a group of
Neo-Nazis. Throw in a woman and her manservent from the 17th century
and of course the Doctor and you have one very tangled little tale.

      The Greatest Show in the Galaxy        12/14/88  1/4/89     4

A circus exists for the amusement of the gods and is filled with human
and robotic clowns.

      Battlefield                            9/6/89    9/27/89    4

The Doctor is mistaken for Merlin (or is he?) as Morgane comes to our
Earth looking for Arthur and the sword Excalibur.

      Ghost Light                            10/4/89   10/18/89   3

The Doctor and Ace visit Perivale in 1883 to find a manson built on an
ancient spaceship and the lord of the manor is a reptile from that
ship who has evolved into a human.

      The Curse of Fenric                    10/25/89  11/15/89   4

Fenric, a great evil from the dawn of time, is released from his
prison where the Doctor placed him 1700 years earlier. Now the Doctor
must defeat Fenric again as well as the humans who have become

      Survival                               11/22/89  12/6/89    3

People are disappearing from Ace's hometown of Perival as she is
transformed by the dying Master into a Cheetah. Yhe last story of the
classic series.


      Doctor Who (pilot/movie)                5/14/96(USA)        1

While on a mission to bring the body of the Master back to Gallifrey,
the seventh Doctor is forced to land in San Fransisco on December 30,
1999. Due to his injuries, inflicted by a street gang, the Doctor
regenerates and then must confront the Master, in a stolen body, as he
hatches a plot to steal the Doctor's body and distroy Earth.
| Chester (Chet) W. Hart                    |