The rec.arts.drwho Quote File

Originated by Richard "Uncle Halibut" Salter

"Of course, if you had a quote file, you could look it up in the quote file under quote file"....

Jason A. Miller, 31st May 1995 (

Welcome everyone to the latest Quote File. The Quote File is basically all the smartest, wittiest, most entertaining stuff collected off of rec.arts.drwho, filtered by trained hands (they're bunking off this month, so I'm doing it) and presented back to you in a sort of instant-nostalgia recycling exercise curiously reminiscent of the Reader's Digest only more enlightening. Essentially, it is the funniest quotes to appear in the newsgroup as nominated by *you*. To that end, if you see a quote you think deserves an entry in the Quote File, just mail Robert at

or the handy-dandy

and include the attributions and the quote in full.

Please don't be shy about nominating stuff directly to Robert via e-mail. Saying 'quotefile!' in the newsgroup may just be a way to express how funny you think a post is, but it's also highly likely that, due to the sheer traffic of stuff round here, it won't find its due receptacle. Even if you only think it's mildly funny, or if you think that nobody else might get the joke, Robert would *much* rather have too much to choose from than too little.

I've tried my best to get the dates and attributions right, but a few will probably have wandered about of their own accord, so please don't get too upset and be sure to mail Robert with any corrections for the web page(s). (No, really, I'm sure loads of mine are completely screwed.)

Disclaimer: The copyright of all material contained herein remains with the original poster. No attempt is made to supercede any copyright and the Quote File maintains its impartiality under Fair Use for purposes of Comment or Review.

The quotefile is updated monthly (usually midmonth, although it varies depending on the schedule) and past and present quotefiles can be found at:


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