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Davison Era:

"Four to Doomsday", where Adric becomes one-dimensional (quite a feat, he normally only makes it into two-dimensional during Season 19), Nyssa is redundant, and the Solid Gold Dancers don't make the transition to science-fiction very well.

-- Greg McElhatton (, Aug 1 1995

[re: ted kennedy is the Doctor]

The only connection I can see is that the Doctor cannot steer his vehicle accurately, and as a result gets his passengers lost in the vortex.

-- Peter Anghelides (, Aug 2 1995

>Just wondering if anyone out there knows if someone has signed on to >play the new installment of the doctor in the upcoming Fox pilot? - If >there really is going to be a Fox pilot, that is. Craig, you are inviting a ton of hatEmail! But in the hope of stalling a rash of ill-tempered postings, here is what you should expect to hear from people (so you can now ignore this thread):

Chris Heer: No-one has been announced. Lofficiers: We can't tell you. Kate Orman: Sylvester McCoy covered in chocolate sauce. David McKinnon: Some Unknown Guy. The Admiral: Check out my home page. Steve Traylen: Special K know, but we're not saying. The Robinsons: AAAAAGHHH!! Jon Pertwee: I am the Doctor*. Eric Idle: I am NOT the Doctor, so piss off. John Nathan-Turner: Stay Tuned. David Owen: Correct. Hope this helps.

* Though we are negotiating a contract with him so that, at all his future convention appearances, he will step through the doors of the TARDIS and announce "I am preseident of the Paul Cornell Fan Club of North America, and membership forms are available in the foyer".

-- Peter Anghelides (, Aug 3 1995

[re: missing adventures]

Segonax wrote:

>>Thank God they stayed missing. There is absolutely nothing radical >>about these hapless rehashes. Somebody PLEASE write one that doesn't >>totally copy a single episode, somewhere in the series. >My God I wish this post had been missing. It's an complete waste of >bandwidth, and utterly lacking in content, originality, or consistency. >Somebody PLEASE post something that doesn't totally copy some stupid >idea someone else posted somewhere else on the Usenet. -- David "Vituperative" McKinnon ( Aug 3, 1995

>Y'know, watching "Battlefield" the other day, I was struck by how close >McCoy gets to Jon's Seventh Doctor. :-) It's the car. Chicks love the car. Oh, sorry, wrong show.

-- Peter Anghelides (, Aug 3 1995

>Hurrah!! The USF Radio, Electronics, and Dining Club has just gotten a >color television with VCR! I get to watch Doctor Who in color on >Saturday nights now :). We had only a tiny b&w TV. Now I just hope, as >I do my little Radio Amateur thing and wait for Erin to breeze by Tampa >Bay, that USF's Channel 16 won't suffer any damage to its tower. Boy, is Tom Baker's bright orange curly hair going to surprise you.

(Actually, it used to be brown, but then Adric got this job selling hair tonic, and the Doctor used it just to be nice to the lad, and. . . voila!)

-- Christopher D. Heer (, Aug 3 1995 "some greg brady guy"

[re: how to buy NAs without being completely embarrassed]

You people do this all wrong.

I play it cool, like I'm buying the new Stephen King book or something. If they say nothing, and don't snicker or anything, great. If they give the slightest hint of smarmy attitude, though. . . I stare at them. Without blinking. I then say something along the lines of "Hey, that's a nice shade of purple that your hair isn't." Crooked smile. "Been to any movies about penguins lately?"

At this point, you've assumed control of the situation. She's not thinking your a dork, 'cos she's too busy wondering if you're going to go all homicidal or start doodling on the counter or something. The *last* thing she's thinking about is the cover to Set Piece.

-- Christopher D. Heer (, Aug 3 1995


It's just so bloody silly. And boring. If you had to build a robot, would *you* give it a silly voice that you can't understand? Well? Would you?

-- R. P. Augood (, Aug 7 1995

(Kate Orman) writes:

>It'd be fun to have some Target-style footnotes. "See Doctor Who and the >Transit". :-) Or, if Uncle Terry or Malcolm had written the novelization in 1977:


DOCTOR WHO knows something is seriously wrong when he arrives at an UNDERGROUND station of the year 2150. A terrible COMPUTER PROGRAM from the STARS has reprogrammed the powerful COMPUTERS that safely direction MANKIND's transportation.

Young KADIATU LETHBRIDGE-STEWART, a friendly non-threatening white girl, and the granddaughter of THE BRIGADIER, helps DOCTOR WHO outsmart the clever virus, and has no sex along the way.

Can DOCTOR WHO save the human race from his own mistake?

Cover by Chris Achilleos

Suggested Retail Price:

UK: L0.75

US: $1.95

Australia: $24.95

Canada: $2.95

-- Jason A. Miller (sadly netless), Aug 7 1995

[re: McCoy Mumbles]

Delta and the Bannermen, Part One, just after they've won the holiday. The Doctor notices the sign on the bus:

'Nostalgia Trips this could be interesting. It was Nostalgia Trips thenwas nabisnurglaziters trarl'.

And Mel laughs, in a sorry-Sylv-didn't-catch-a-crukking-word-of-that kind of way. As soon as I got the novel I turned to that scene and the line *wasn't there*. Git.

-- Lance Parkin (, Aug 7 1995 (David McKinnon) writes:

>To which Segonax replied: >>Plenty of things. I like K9, I like Romana II, I like Peri. >Cool! I like these things, too. See how glibly the self-appointed Lords of r.a.dw steal Segonax's ideas without so much as a by your leave? No wonder he's upset.

-- Paul Rhodes (, Aug 9 1995 (Steve Traylen) writes:

>Seriously though grape flavour is pretty unknown in the Uk, just like the >greatest fruit ever bestowed on mankind is unknown in the US - namely the >*blackcurrent* Sounds like a naff right-on arts show. Perhaps you mean "blackcurrant"?

-- Paul Rhodes (, Aug 10 1995

Chris Marriott asks. . .

>As a matter of interest, why is the story "Invasion of the Dinosaurs" >called that when the opening credits simply say "Invasion"? Don't you mean "Dinosaur Cutaway", er "Inside the Dinosaurs", sorry, "30, 000, 000 BC" ?

-- Dave Owen (, Aug 10 1995

>Keeping each screen line down to >75 characters would help too... I wish David A. MacIntee would keep his *books* down to 75 characters. [*]

[*] More ambiguity! I mean 75 people in the storyline, rather than books that are only 75 bytes in length. Then again...

-- Dave Owen (, Aug 10 1995

It was 10 Aug 1995 04:27:25 GMT. I was reading instead of working. And apparently Segonax was blathering about. . .

>Handle it - I have a mind the size of a planet. All rock, then, is it?

-- Christopher D. Heer (, Aug 10 1995

>I heard DWM will be revamped and will be aimed at 12 year olds. > >LAUGHS >LAUGHS Sorry about that Richard. The magazine *was* going to be targeted at you four-year-olds, but you have less pocket money to spend than older kids. You'll have to get your big brother to read it out aloud to you and explain the long words.


-- Dave Owen (, Aug 11 1995

Dear Segonax,

Less is more. More is less.

Love Sylv.

-- Sylv (, Aug 12 1995

: > What's the most "boring" story ever?

Mark of the Sodding Rani. NOTHING HAPPENS in the whole hour-and-a-half. It's like being dead, only with bad Northern accents.

The one point of interest is Anthony Ainley's beard at its most astonishingly stupid, but it's NOT worth watching 90 minutes of pompous verbosity for.

-- Phil Hallard (, Aug 14 1995

Paul Rhodes:

>>>Michael Wisher (Davros, and other parts, as if anyone here needed >>>reminding) died a week or two ago, apparently of a heart attack. Jon Blum:

>>(He can't be dead. He's just in suspended animation while his backup >>systems repair themselves... well, I can wish...) No, 'cos then he'll come back as David Gooderson.

-- Christopher D. Heer (, Aug 14 1995

Looking for a good time? Then why not call me on 999. I have a cosy little place with a big rotor and I can take you to places that no human has ever been before. I usually travel with two or three companions for preference, so bring your friends along. Big stupid planets with dumb names need not apply.

-- Bruce Alan Greenwood ( Aug 15 1995

>>(And of course, we're all going to go on calling the stories whatever >>we want anyway. I'm off to watch "Silly Nemesis" now...) > >Why? 'cos he couldn't find Wallies of the Fishpond at the time.

-- Chuck Foster (, Aug 16 1995

>>Set Peace!?!?!?! >>You mean I've missed the second book in Kate's Set (or Sutekh) >>trilogy!?! >Oh, you've missed a whole lot. Some of the titles include: >Set War >Set Lords >Set Vengeance >The Ashes of Set >:-) This is obviously a Set up.

-- Kate Orman (, Aug 16 1995

I've got the idea for a Troughton, Ben and Polly MA, and to simultate that authentic Fourth Season flavour, exactly one-sixth of the narrative is going to be missing, and in it's place will be a couple of dozen words narrated by Ben Jackson:

'Well, the Doctor escaped, and fled across the jungle pursued by the Ugloids. Meanwhile, Jamie made a startling discovery...'

-- Lance Parkin (, Aug 16 1995

How long have you been here? Do you not know that the purpose of radw is to waste time? Time that I sit here collecting, folding up neatly, and sending off to the Master in small blue packages. Eventually, when we have enough, we shall use it to change all dictionaries to the Yads spelling system (tm), and in the confusion take over the world! Mwa ha ha...

-- Sylv (, Aug 16 1995

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