The Doctor Who Internet Sad Fan Test

by Richard (Halibut) Salter

How sad a Doctor Who Net geek are you?

If you can answer these 50 questions, you can work out how sad, I mean, how utterly devoted you are to Doctor Who and the Internet.

Score 1 mark for a yes answer to each question, total 50 marks.

  1. Have you ever posted anything to rec.arts.drwho?
  2. Do you frequently post to rec.arts.drwho (every day)?
  3. Do you have problems stopping posting to rec.arts.drwho?
  4. Have you ever posted anything to alt.drwho.creative?
  5. Was it anything creative?
  6. Have you ever flamed Dave Yadds?
  7. Do you always flame Dave Yadds?
  8. Have you submitted something for Net-Decalog?
  9. Have you ever contributed to the alt.drwho.creative passaround story?
  10. Have you ever heard of the alt.drwho.creative passaround story?
  11. Have you ever tried to stop Jen and Jill arguing?
  12. Succeeded?

    For the next 6 questions you score correctly if you can put the real name to each of the following net-idents:

  13. Jennikatra
  14. The Admiral
  15. ThE dOcToR
  16. Percy :)
  17. Paul Cornell
  18. Uncle Halibut VIII
  19. Have you ever flamed anyone?
  20. Did you flame them for bashing your favourite Doctor?
  21. Or was it your favourite story?
  22. Or for bashing you?
  23. Or just for the sheer hell of it?
  24. Can you explain what Banishment of the Daleks is?
  25. Can you give a coherent review of Outback?
  26. Do you know how many female netters fancy Sylvester McCoy something rotten?
  27. Do you know how many male netters fancy Sylvester McCoy something rotten?
  28. Do you fancy Sylvester McCoy something rotten?
  29. Have you ever followed up a posting with the words "Me too!"?
  30. With more than one exclamation mark?
  31. Do you have a kill file the size of Wales?
  32. Does your name appear anywhere in the Weekly Doctor Who FAQ?
  33. In the monthly one?
  34. In the alt.drwho.creative charter?
  35. Have you seen the Star Trek: Voyager pilot?
  36. Did you hate it on principal?
  37. If you answered yes to question 35), are you British?
  38. Lose 3 marks if you subscribe to *any* Trek newsgroups, gain 1 if you don't.
  39. Do you know what Storm God Rising is?
  40. Do you know who keeps the NA/MA rankings?
  41. Do you know who keeps the alt.drwho.creative charter?
  42. Do you know where he blatantly copied it from?
  43. Can you name all three editors of Net-Decalog?
  44. Did you guess the baddie in Legacy during the first 30 pages?
  45. Did you think that the paper Blood Harvest was printed on was more interesting than the actual story?
  46. Where you disappointed when the L'Officiers told us Fox weren't going to pick up Amblin Who?
  47. Do you know what Trans-Dimensional Junk is?
  48. Have you ever had an entry included in the bloopers list?
  49. Have you ever consulted the bloopers list when watching a Doctor Who story?
  50. Do you know why I'm being insufferably smug about DWM and the Internet?