Save Who! Part 1 of 3

by (Peri / Piera)


The following is the monthly posting of the OPERATION SAVE WHO FAQ.

SAVE WHO began in May 1996 shortly after the premiere of the Doctor Who 
telefilm, "Enemy Within."  Since that time, SAVE WHO has become a global 
affair, launching many successful campaigns in the US, the UK and Australia 
all dedicated to bringing Doctor Who back on our television screens.  Though 
these campaigns have had a terrific turnout, we can always use more people 
and more ideas...

This FAQ is in 3 parts to make it easier to read.  Part 1 is the original 
introduction to OPERATION SAVE WHO, posted in May 1996 (for newbies and 
anyone who missed the posts the first time around); Part 2 are the current 
updates & noteworthy news (always consisting of new information on SAVE WHO); 
and Part 3 contains the addresses for FOX, The BBC and other important 

Any questions or additional information on the status of Dr Who can be sent 
to me at  Also, if you know of any individual save who 
campaigns being run, please contact me and I'll advertise your campaign both 
here on the FAQ and in rec.arts.drwho.

This FAQ can be found on various web sites (listed in part 3) as is posted in 
rec.arts.drwho once a month.

"All this waiting, not knowing what's happened to him. It's worse than being 
with him."  
(Sarah about The Doctor, in THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA)

We've all heard the news that DOCTOR WHO is not on FOX's 
proposed Fall schedule.  But that doesn't mean we have 
to give up on it becoming a series. Now more than ever 
we should continue writing, faxing and phoning our 
support of Doctor Who.

"Babylon 5", "Star Trek", "Party Of Five", "The X-Files", 
"Northern Exposure", "Cheers", "Seinfeld", "Quantum Leap" -
- what do these shows have in common?  They were all in danger 
of being canceled their 1st year because of poor ratings. 
What saved them?  The ongoing loyalty and support of 
their fans.  Science Fiction fans are the most loyal 
and dedicated fans there are -- Doctor Who fans even 
more so!  Let's show our dedication by beginning an 
ongoing campaign to SAVE DR WHO.  

I know many of us have been writing, faxing and phoning 
and that's wonderful. Some people have been kind enough 
to put the addresses of  Fox & Universal on the net -- 
now we just need to expand our list a little.  
(See part 3 for a list of complete addresses.) But now 
we need to double our efforts if we wish to see 
DOCTOR WHO back on the air.  I propose we not only 
continue writing to FOX, the BBC and to UNIVERSAL, 
but also to other potential syndicated networks, 
such as UPN, etc.    But don't just send one letter 
or make one phone call and be done with it -- continue 
to write, to fax, and to phone as much as possible.

All it takes is a little effort to keep the ball 
rolling.  Everyone who has access to a fax machine 
can fax one document a day to the networks and producers.  
Call the network phone numbers during your lunch hour 
and ask for DR WHO to be brought back.  If everyone 
in this newsgroup alone were to send, say, 1 letter a 
week, that would start off things beautifully.   
Persistence is key!

"The Doctor is never more dangerous than when the 
odds are against him." 
(- The Master, THE DEADLY ASSASSIN)    

The same can be said of DR WHO fans  ;)

Get yourself motivated by throwing Who parties -
- invite some friends over to watch Dr. Who 
videos and to stuff envelopes!  Get everyone you 
know to send an email at least once a day.  Go 
to your local Science Fiction bookstores and 
ask if you can post flyers asking everyone to 
write to the networks to keep "Doctor Who" alive.
Start a petition to keep Who on the air.  
Think up creative ways to keep OPERATION WHO alive. 
Every little bit helps!

And remember - you can catch more flies with honey than 
vinegar.  Always be polite, but insistent.   Praise the 
networks for taking chances with their programming - don't 
denounce them for what you feel are foolish moves on 
their part.   Point out the positive aspects of having a show 
like Doctor Who on their network.  Praise the originality 
of the show, the brilliant performance by Paul McGann, and 
long successful history of the series.   (It worked for 
"Star Trek", why not Who?)

Be gracious, be brief and be succinct.   Sing the praises 
for DOCTOR WHO and politely demand that the show be made 
into a series.  Even if you didn't care for the movie, DON'T 
tell them that!  Keep the feedback positive and glowing. We 
CAN make a difference.

end of Part 1

Part 2 follows - Updates