Save Who! Part 2 of 3 - UPDATES

by (Peri / Piera)

"A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about."
(The Master, in "The Five Doctors")

    ***     New SAVE WHO Updates for NOVEMBER 1996    ***

       New updates & information for the SAVE WHO! Campaign.  

Doctor Who wins TV60 Award!
The big news, of course, is that Doctor Who won the Most Popular Drama at 
BBC's 60th Birthday Awards!  On November 3rd, 1996, Doctor Who won Best Drama 
beating out such celebrated shows as "Casuality" (The British equivalent of 
ER) and the long running favorate, "Eastenders".  Sylvester McCoy and Peter 
Davison graciously accepted the award, stating:  "perhaps this award will 
make the BBC reconsider the shows future".

This is now the ideal time to write to FOX and the BBC for a new series.  FOX 
still owns the rights for Doctor Who until the end of 1996, and as it is 
November, we should double our efforts in getting the show back on the air.  
If FOX turns this down, the BBC is the next logical place -- especially in 
the light of the new award!

Addresses and contacts for the BBC, FOX and a few other ppalces can be found 
in part 3 of this FAQ.

A bigg thank you to Marcus Durhams for providing this useful news website:
Go there for more DW pictures and wav files of the BBC Award show.


Please read on!  There are some changes in the 
contact addresses and brand new information ahead 
in part 3.

end of part 2.

Part 3 follows - addresses and contacts