Save Who! Part 3 of 3 - Addresses

by (Peri / Piera)

"All this waiting, not knowing what's happened to him. It's worse than being 
with him."  
(Sarah about The Doctor, in THE MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA)

***  NEW ADDRESSES and revised information as of NOVEMBER 1996  ***

OPERATION: SAVE WHO!  Complete Address List & Web Sites:


(IMPORTANT: please do not put "Doctor Who" anywhere
on the envelope!  They will think it's fan mail and forward 
it somewhere else.)

FOX Broadcasting Movie Department
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

FOX Viewer comment hotline (weekdays only)
(310) 369-3066

FAX: (310) 369-1433

They also have a general comment e-mail 

You can also reach their internet address:


Here's the direct address:

or you can enter through the disclaimer statement:

Important BBC Addresses & Contact Numbers:

Dr. John Thomas, Managing Director
BBC Worldwide Television
80 Wood Lane
London W12 OTT
Tel:0181 743 5588/0181 576 2000

Viewer and Listener Information
Villiers House
The Broadway
London  W5 2PA
Tel: 0181 743 8000  

Various e-mail addresses include:  (viewer and listener correspondence)  (Points of view - viewer feedback)

You may also want to send letters to various executives, and others
involved in the project with a word of thanks and possible encouragement
for more. These include:

Trevor Walton/Tom Burke
Movies for TV, FOX Network
10201 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90035

Tom Thayer
President Universal Television
Building 500
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City CA 91608
FAX: (818) 733-1591

Bob Greenblatt
Vice-President in Charge of Series, Fox
10201 West Pico Blvd, Bldg 88
Room 303
Los Angeles, CA 90035

The following was contributed by Marcus Durham 

Everyones been writing to the BBC, Fox and Universal, 
But what about the British tabloid press? It's worth a try 
certainly and they cannot ignore loads of letters. 
I suggest we only target a few newspapers for maximum
effect. Try writing to:

The Daily Mirror
1 Canada Square
E14 5AP

Charles Catchpole, works at the News of the World 
these days. He had much to do with saving the series 
in '85. So why not write to him at:

The News of the World
1 Virginia Street
E1 9BD

Contact address for Australia:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
General Manager
ABC Corporate Relations
GPO BOX 9994
Phone (02) 333 1500
Fax (02) 333 5305

In Australia, the good Doctor is shown on the 
ABC (Oz version of the Beeb).  They have a 
www site at

(Thanks to Peter Sansom for this info!)

Various sites that support the SAVE WHO campaign:
(please contact me if you want to be a part of this list)

SAVE WHO FAQ can be found on:
 1. Introduction to Save Who,
 2. Updates,
 3. Addresses to contact,>

Doctor Who Fan Network:  A huge fan organization 
 that knows a lot about WHO. Includes a purple 
 ribbon petition to SAVE WHO!

Mike Wilson's WHO SPACE

Doctor Who: A Brief History Of Time (Travel) 
 by Shannon Patrick Sullivan
and the Doctor Who News Page

The homepage by Marcus Durham

Marcus Durhams DW news website
Go there for more DW pictures and wav files of the BBC Award show.

Jerry Strider's SAVE WHO PAGE

The Sci-Fi Connection

The Web of Fear: The home page of the United 
 Whovians of Tucson, has also added a link to 
 the SAVE DOCTOR WHO page.  (Thanks to Karen 
 Funk Blocher [UWoT Veep] for the info)


THE WHO FAQ FOR rec.arts.drwho
Siobahn (Shabang) Morgan (

The rec.arts.drwho FAQ collection by
Chuck Foster 

* Send Flyers to non-internetters to write all comic shop owners.  

In an effort to get non-internetters in on the SAVE WHO 
campaign.  Eric J. Carter   
has created a flyer about SAVE WHO.  Email him and he will 
send you some flyers for your own distribution lists.  
He suggests we "Find as many shops as you can and try to 
get them to distribute to shops they know about."  I've 
already gotten mine!  Thanks, Eric.

And that's the end for now.  If anyone has any sites that they 
like to contrinbute, please email me at 

end of SAVE WHO FAQ.