TOP 30 little known facts about the Telemovie

by Christian Kent

To continue on from the last list ... encore ...

  1. The TARDIS has a flair for melodramatic timing.
  2. The look of surprise on Chang Lee's face when he entered the TARDIS wasn't caused by the fact it was "bigger on the inside"; he was actually surprised because the TARDIS interior wasn't white anymore.
  3. The Doctor really has no idea WHAT they say on his planet.
  4. "There is no context!" has no meaning.
  5. A temporal orbit, by definition, is the state of being a non-event, caused by the cessation of normal forward-travel through the dimension of time, instead "pausing" at the one moment and neither travelling forward nor backward. The analogy to a spatial orbit is that there are no changes in height, kinetic energy or gravitational potential energy, and no work is being effected. The view for the observer is that the object will disappear, or dematerialise. For further reading, refer to Oolon Coluphid's semi-fictional novel, "Life's Like That in a Black Hole".
  6. The Doctor REALLY WAS Ghenghis Khan.
  7. Grace didn't have the heart to tell the Doctor her alarm clock has always flashed 12:00.
  8. The Doctor has a clock fetish. Look carefully.
  9. Grace already had plenty of practice fitting "that" device, as it happens ... and yes it DID hurt a LOT!
  10. The Master likes to eat tissues.
  11. The Doctor DID escape from psychiatric.
  12. All those "Doctor" jokes in the movie were unintentional, yes!
  13. Grace really does know a fair bit about temporal physics. She found a book about it in a classroom on her last visit to England.
  14. The Master hasn't liked being called "Honey" ever since he was put on trial and executed by the Planet of the Bee People. Luckily for him, he had an extradition treaty with the Planet of the Snake People, who consequently made him an honourary Snake Person.
  15. Brian's feet are half Gallifreyan on his father's side.
  16. The TARDIS really IS lo-tech -- it's a Type 40, remember.
  17. Ten minutes is slow. The really cool Type 120s can do that heavy-patronage route in just three and a half minutes these days.
  18. The Doctor never got around to cleaning up his spilt coffee, or the Master's slime trail; these two points of continuity are not oversights, but were actually planned as major plot devices in the mooted Fox series. Unfortunately, as it stands, these two details have fallen into fandom obscurity.
  19. Brain took the sofa, and other furniture, to save money for the props department.
  20. The Doctor's "plan", which never quite got explained to Lee by the Master, was that Grace accompany him back to the TARDIS, he would close the Eye of Harmony, and they would embark on a series of adventures across the universe which would last approximately the equivalent of 13 weeks of Grace's time. Unfortunately, this piece of dialogue was cut at a late stage by the instruction of Fox staff.
  21. That scarf was left in the locker by the 4th Doctor, no less, on a previous untransmitted adventure, "Independence Day of the Daleks". Incidentally, the Nixon mask was actually one of the Master's previous cunning disguises which he used in a dastardly attempt to overtake an Earth superpower and tip the balance of the Cold War.
  22. Dying in the TARDIS is never easy, or a certainty!
  23. San Francisco gangs often shoot at icons of British television. (This little-known phenomenon has only recently come to light in an epic documentary series by the BBC, "Americanitis", which explores the loathing and hatred of all things trans-Atlantic by people who live in the United Kingdom, and to a lesser extent, other nations of the Commonwealth. Interestingly, throughout the documentary, the long-running science-fiction BBC series "Doctor Who" serves as a common link to many of these phenomena).
  24. Further to the last point -- Eric Roberts was originally cast with the full title of "The Evil American Master".
  25. The Doctor WAS some kind of weird genetic experiment.
  26. Sylvester McCoy didn't need the help of visual effects to achieve the regeneration scene. It is unconfirmed at this stage, however, whether he in fact played the entire part ostensibly acted by Paul McGann, entirely through the use of facial contortions.
  27. The Doctor really was half-human, despite all the contradictions this implies. For instance, his second heart is purely vestigial, and serves no purpose other than as a talking point to prospective companions.
  28. The Master's antics throughout the movie were a homosexual metaphor intended to juxtapose the Doctor's new heterosexual tendencies. (NB: This is possibly a well known fact).
  29. While the 7th Doctor relaxes in the TARDIS reading a book, he actually prefers to listen to "You Might Become a Fish". (NB: This just might be true).
  30. All those close-ups of Sylvester McCoy's feet were at the personal request of Doctor Who New Adventures author, Kate Orman.