TOP 10 Signs You Might be a Whovian

by Marc Ferraro

  1. You live in a small house with a giant basement so you can tell people: "It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside."
  2. You find yourself speaking with a Brittish accent and getting into the wrong side of the car more and more often.
  3. You bring an old deodorant can to AP chemistry class....
  4. You get cable strictly for the purpose of getting Iowa Public TV so you can watch reruns.
  5. When asked what type of screwdriver you want, you say, "Sonic."
  6. You have a working theory that mozzalastics may be Dalek larva.
  7. You spend over an hour confusing the clerk at Mr. Bulky's by asking for the location of the "Jelly Babies" instead of the "jelly beans."
  8. You are served Brussels Sprouts and you shout out, "My God, who castrated the Chimerons?!?"
  9. When your mother asks what happens if the ropes break before the two of you go bungie jumping, you promptly reply, "We'll regenerate."
  10. In an attempt to immitate Sylvester McCoy, you stuff a live ferret in your pants.
The following was brought to you buy the demented mind of a teenage Whovian and sponsored in part by the Sanity Imapaired Sisters and The Nebraska Idiocy Foundation.

Marc Ferraro
Daughter of Denise and Denis, female with a male name.