United States Doctor Who Fan Clubs

National Clubs

Club's Name:Children of the 80's Doctor Who Fan Club
e-mail contact: SAD.TRIO@mailexcite.com
Info: A new organization of students and younger people who grew up in the 80's watching Doctor Who and other sci-fi shows. They want to set up clubs around the country at colleges and universities.


Club's Name:The Blue Box Companions (BBC)
Location: Birmingham
Meeting Dates: Every second Saturday at (W)Hoover Public Library, 2:00-5:30 PM, EVERYONE WELCOME!!!
Number of members: 52 paying, more occassional visitors
Membership Fees: $12 per year
Benefits of membership: Monthly newsletter The Blue Box Companions
E-mail address: Paula Woodall

Club's Name:Companions of Doctor Who
Location: Mobile, Alabama
e-mail address:CosmicTraveler2001@yahoo.com
Meeting Dates: Every 3rd Saturday, noon-3 pm
Meeting Location: Springhill/Moorer branch library auditorium, Mobile Alabama
Membership: Free!
Activities: Video viewing and discussion are the main agenda



Club's Name: TARDIS (Formerly Arizona Regoinal Doctor Who Interest Society)
Mailing address:
PO Box 63191
Phoenix, Arizona 85082-3191
Tel: 864-9149 or 864-2942
E-mail address:TARDIS
Meeting Dates: Every other Saturday Evening
Meeting Location: Varies
Membership dues: $12.50
Benefits of membership: newsletter The Index File, monthly
Activities: watching videos, discussions, parties, fund-raisers, auctions, games, camping trips and outings


Club's Name:Time Meddlers of Los Angeles
Mailing Address:
PO Box 4092
N. Hollywood, CA 91617-0092
E-mail address: meddlers@gallifreyone.com
Meeting dates: Third Sunday of the month, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at LASFS clubhouse:
11513 Burbank Blvd.
North Hollywood CA 91601
Membership dues: $15 per year regular, $20 foreign of family membership
Benefits of membership: One year subscription to the newsletter, The Intergalactic Enquirer and monthly meetings.
Other events: Meetings, game shows, videos, parties, annual picnic in October, auctions, talent shows, potlucks. Plus, monthly APA'zine, The Gallifreyan Home Companion, and participation in the annual Gallifrey convention.


Club's Name:Rocky Mountain Doctor Who Viewing Society
e-mail contact:Steve Brown
Meeting dates: First Saturday of each month, except when it conflicts with local sci-fi conventions and other events
Meeting location: Jefferson County Public Library, Golden Colorado (specific directions on their website)




Club's Name: Guardians of Gallifrey
Mailing Address:
170 Broadmoor Avenue
Lake Mary, Florida 32746
Meeting dates: Third Sundays of every month
Meeting location: Venues subject to change on a monthly basis.
Membership dues: $10 subscription only, $12 full membership, $18 family membership
Person in charge: Arthur Dykeman (Lord President)
Benefits of membership:newsletter Guardians of Gallifrey , monthly, yearbook, annual picnic, Anniversary party, holiday variety show, club t-shirts, buttons, etc.
Additional: Holds contests, (short story, artwork)

Club's Name: TRI
e-mail: TRISERV@aol.com
Meetings: Saturdays, Davie/Cooper City Library


Club's Name:Transdimensional Junkies
e-mail address:Gene Fender
Note: This is a very new club (August 1996), and is in the stages of forming. The group will be mainly a Doctor Who club, but does have an interest in other British telefantasy.




Club's Name: Chronicles of WHO
E-mail address: chroniclesofwho@hotmail.com
Meeting location:
Graham Crackers Comics - Wheaton
1207 Butterfield Road
Wheaton IL, 60187
Phone: (630) 668-1350
Meeting dates: 1st and 3rd Fridays, 7 P.M.
Membership Fees: FREE!
Fanzine: SpackOff!, Revia
Activities: Watching all types of Who videos, volunteering for WYIN-56 pledge drives, pizza nights, various club field trips and outings, after-meeting dinners, talent shows, marathon-Who parties, etc.
Membership benefits: Club members receive a discount on all purchases during club meetings and a free copy of the fanzine when published.

Club's Name:University of Chicago Doctor Who Screening Society
E-mail address: Carl Malmstrom
Meetings: Free admission, every Thursday, 6:30-9:30 PM or so at Univ. of Chicago, in Biological Sciences Building
Activities: Viewings of episodes


Club's Name: The Whoosier Network
Mailing Address:
c/o Linda Cooksey
304 Bluff Street
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
E-mail address:lindy@wico.net and mdooley@hsonline.net
Meeting Dates: First Friday of every month
Membership due: $14/year (USA); $16/year (Canada); $18/year (overseas)
Benefits of membership: Monthly newsletter, The Gallifreyan Gazette


Club's Name: Universal Network of Iowan Time Lords (UNIT-1)
Currently a web-based but planning get togethers in the Cedar Rapids/Hiawatha area.
Mailinglist:Mailing list - register as unit-1


Club's Name: The Time Lords of Kansas
Location: Wichita, Kansas



Club's Name: There's a Penguin on the Telly (T.e.A.P.O.T.T.)
Mailing Address:
424 Carriage Way
Baton Rouge LA 70808
E-mail contact: Johanna Schroth
Person in charge:Johanna Schroth
Meeting Dates and Location: Every 2nd, 4th and 5th (if possible) of the month at Mr Gatti's on State Street near LSU; Dinner at 6 p.m., videos at 7 p.m.
Cost: Free, but you should buy your dinner
Established: 1992
Activities: A group devoted to the serious watching of anything even remotely British



Club's Name:Maryland Doctor Who Club
Contact:Mike Outler
Registration: On-line at above link
Dues: None


Club's Name:The Knights of the White Guardian
General Address:
c/o John Courtney
107 Cobb Ave
Chicopee MA 01013
phone: (413) 592-9275
Membership Address:
Robert Claffie Jr
328 Newtonville Ave
Newton MA 02160
phone: (617) 630-1938
Dues: $15 a year
Benefits of membership: 12 newsletters a year, about 24 pages in size.
Activities: We hold various events each year with activities as diverse as our annual trek to United Fan Con in Springfield to an outing to King Richard's Faire

Club's Name: The United States Branch of UNIT
Mailing Address:

22 West Druid Hill Ave
Randolph MA 02368-5211
e-mail address:unitusa@aol.com
Membership Dues: $10/year, extra $2 per person for family membership, $13.50 Canadian, $17.00 overseas.
Benefits of Membership: Newsletter Trap One Report, membership cards and buttons.
Activities: Help organize and assist at convetions, local PBS stations, clubs fanzine also produced, Robotes, Rebels and Renegades, filk songs tapes
Organization: There are different sections of this group, one in New York, and one in Massachusetts

Club's Name: Boston/Cambridge Doctor Who Viewing Society
Activities: Monthly/Bi-weekly viewings of videos, visit website for latest information on meetings


Club's Name: Motor City Tardis
Mailing Addres:
Motor City Tardis
11286 Allen Road
Taylor, Michigan 48180-4344
E-mail address:motor.city.tardis@pobox.com
Membership dues: $15/year
Benefits of Membership: Monthly Newsletter


Club's Name: Celestial Affiliation of Time Lords (C.A.O.T.L.)
Location: Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) e-mail address: Brad Sagendorf
Meeting Dates: Every other month and other random acts of Time Meddling happen with our "College" events
Interests: "Colleges" include - Red Dwarf, Courious Goods (Friday the 13th, the series), Bill and Ted, HHGTTG, Time Meddlers (RPG gamers). The list of "Colleges" has shrunk since the last regeneration, but it will get larger



Club's Name: St. Louis Celestial Intervention Agency
Mailing address:
St. Louis CIA
PO Box 733
St. Louis MO 63188
Annual dues: $12
Meetings: First Saturdays of the month, 1-4 PM at the main branch of the Saint Louis County Library. 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd.



Club's Name:Doctor Who Fan Club of Omaha, Nebraska
Mailing Address:
Doctor Who Fan Club of Omaha, Nebraska
c/o George Algozzini
10726 Nicholas Street #7
Omaha, NE 68134
e-mail address:GAlgoz@aol.com
Meetings: TBA
Membership Dues: TBA
Benefits of Membership: Video viewing, RPGs, CCGs, Chats, etc
Publications: TBA
Note: This group is just starting (March 1998) and you can get in on the creation and direction of this club. Join Today!!


New Hampshire

New Jersey

Club's Name: Prydonians of Prynceton
Mailing Address:
Prydonians of Prynceton, Inc.
P.O. Box 3194
Princeton, NJ 08543-3194
E-mail address:Prydonians@aol.com
Location: Plainsboro Township Library, Plainsboro, NJ
Meeting Dates: usually 1st saturday of each month
Membership fees: Individual: $12 (second class postage) or $18 (first class), Household: $14 (2nd class post), $20 (first class), Overseas: $4 more. Two year membership have the 25th month free.
Benefits of membership: fanzine lending library, monthly newsletter, The Prydonian Renegade, parties, meetings, picnics, merchandise
Additional: They have their own sections on GEnie and AOL.

New Mexico

Club's Name: Southwest Fans of Telefiction (SWFT)
Mailing Address:
Southwest Fans of Telefiction
c/o Eric E. Klammer
3700 General Bradley N.E.
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111
E-mail address:maxwelis@nmia.com
Meetings: Every third Friday of the month at the University of New Mexico Law School, Room 2405, 7:00 PM
Membership Dues: $5 per year
Benefits of Membership: Being with other people who enjoy telefiction (Doctor Who, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, X-files, etc.), comics, movies and much more!
Publications: Quarterly newsletter, The New Mexico Timestream, $5 for six issues.
Note: Group was formerly known as the Doctor Who Fan Club of New Mexico (DWFCNM), 1985-1991

Club's Name: The Arcalians of Albuquerque
Mailing Address:

The Arcalians of Albuquerque
c/o Faith Hosford
8401-5 Pan American Fwy., N.E.
Albuquerque, NM 87113
E-mail address:Jonathan Watts
Meetings: every other Saturday at above address, from 3:30 PM till whenever
Membership dues: no dues necessary for membership, newsletter is $10/year
Publications: bi-monthly newsletter, The Arcalian Archives

New York

Club's Name: Doctor Who New York
Coverage: New York and the surrounding areas
Dues: None!
Activities: Meetings to chat, catch up on episodes, generally have a good time.
Website: Has merchandise, vendor links, calendar, good info for more than just local folks. There is also a Philadelphia Branch.

Club's Name: The Gallifreyan Embassy
Mailing Address:

The Gallifreyan Embassy
PO Box 661
Mineola NY
Dues: $10/year
Benefits of Membership: Get bimonthly newsletter (cost for postage to Canada and other countries a little bit more). Monthly gatherings with food and videos, and movie outings.

Club's Name:Buffalo Time Council
Mailing Address:

Buffalo Time Council
c/o Dennis Blake
11 Henley Road
Buffalo NY 14216
(716) 836-8995
e-mail:David Ennis
Meetings: 4th Sunday of each month at the apartment of president, Dennis Blake. Starts are 1:30, all visitors welcome.
Dues: $10 to join, $8 to renew.
Benefits of Membership: Bi-monthly newsletter, Council Times, including info, reviews, announcements etc.
Misc.: The group covers a wide range of Sci-Fi including Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf and Star Trek. The website has many useful links.

North Carolina

North Dakota


Club's Name: Doctor Who Columbus
e-mail address: doctorwhocolumbus-owner@yahoogroups.com
Activities: Roughly monthly meetings/events - going to movies, conventions, viewing parties
Joining: Free - follow the link at the website
Updated: Added May 20, 2005

Club's Name:Friends of the Time Lord
Mailing Address:

2741 Faber Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45211-7908
E-mail address: fotl@welcome.to
Regular Meeting Dates: Third Sunday of each month
Membership Fee: $16 per year per mailing address
Benefits of membership: newsletter Corridor of Infinity, bi-monthly. Members also participate in PBS pledge drives.

Club's Name: Ohio Type 40
Meetings: Quarterly at the Maple Heights Public Library, Check website for time and dates.
E-mail: John (mrcm4tbl@yahoo.com)
Special Meetings: TBA
Membership Dues: $10/year
Quarterly Newsletter: The Type 40 Blueprints
Meetings include: Current events, videos, trivia and roleplaying.
Coming soon: Website and special events


Club's Name:Tulsa Doctor Who Viewing Society
Mailing address:
Tulsa DWVS
PO Box 580651
Tulsa, OK 74158-0651

e-mail contact:TDWVS@webtv.net
e-mail list:Subscribe hee
Meetings: every other Saturday of the month, 1:30-5 pm (in 1999), changes to 1-5 pm in 2000.
Location: Tulsa Central Library Lecture room
Dues: Donations welcome
Benefits of Membership: Monthly newsletter, 2 meetings per month, occasional Dinner meetings and we always gather after meetings for coffee, tea and conversation.

Club's Name:Serendipity
Location: Oklahoma City
Members: 20-30 regulars
Meetings: Usually third Saturday of each month at the Del City Public Library from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.
More info: contact Denise Loague or Carol Myers
About: Established in 1988 for the purpose of getting Doctor Who back on our local PBS station, we are a non-profit organization that promotes British and American science fiction. The club is the sponsor of "British TV & More" and "Tea Time with the Doctor" at Thundercon, Soonercon and Darkcon. We will also sponsor a Doctor Who actor, at Thundercon 8 (May 28-30, 1999, Okla. City). Our monthly meetings feature an afternoon of videos, displays and fannish conversations.


Club's Name:The Patraxes of Portland Oregon
Mailing Address:
Patraxes of Portland
c/o Josh Swanberg
15850 SE Harrison
Portland OR 97233
E-mail Contact: Josh Swanberg
Membership Cost: $10/year to cover newsletter expenses
Benefits of membership: Newsletter-The Patrax Periodical and viewing parties


Club's Name: Doctor Who Philadelphia
Coverage: Serving the tri-states Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the Greater Philadelphia Area.
Dues: None!
Activities: Meetings to chat, catch up on episodes, generally have a good time.
Website: Has merchandise, vendor links, calendar, good info for more than just local folks. This is the branch of the Doctor Who New York group.

Club's Name: The Patrexeans of Pittsburgh
Mailing Address:

Patrick M. Crowley
6410 Bartlett St.
Pittsburgh, PA
e-mail address:davros@lm.com
Activities: Videos, discussions, etc.

Club's Name: The Central Intervention Agency
Mailing Address:

Steevi A. Diamond
425 Gordon St
Allentown PA 18102
e-mail address:Steevi Diamond
Information: Things are still be worked out, so contact Steevi for more information - so far there are no dues or costs associated with the group (how's that for a deal?).

Club's Name: The Philadelphia Area Video Group
e-mail address (contact):DabblerKB@aol.com

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota


Club's Name:The Gods of Ragnorak
Mailing Address:
3501 Pilgram Lane
Mascot, TN 37806
Location: various locations in Knoxville
E-mail address: Sarah G. Hadley or Sarah
Meeting: every few weeks.
Membership qualifications: $3/year (no fanzine), $15/year (includes fanzine)
Benefits of membership: Newsletter Full Circle, $2/issue, $15/year membership/subscription


Club's Name:Intergalactic House of Daleks
e-mail address:info@drwho-dfw.com
Meeting location : At various member's houses
Meeting dates and times: Typically third Saturday of the month at 1 PM (unless otherwise noted)
Activities: Video viewing, being around people who understand what you're talking about, information exchange, etc.
Dues: FREE!!!!

Club's Name:Space City Time Lords
Location: Houston Texas
e-mail address: nitro9@egroups.com
e-mail contact: Tim Eggert
Subscribe to mailing listeGroups
Meeting location : Houston, TX (Specific location changes, subscribe for details...)
Meeting dates and times: First Saturday of every month usually 4 - 10pm. We often screen three Doctor Who stories and run an even longer marathon in November to celebrate the show's anniversary.
Activities: We view the show once a month, and have a constant e-mail based forum to discuss the program. We also sometimes schedule events that "simulate" space & time travel, such as an outing to the Texas Renaissance Festival (largest in the U.S.), Dickens On The Strand (in nearby Galveston) or Space Center Houston. We are also considering creating a print publication edited by members. Check out our web site for more information.
Dues: Meetings and membership are free.


Club's Name:Outer Gallifrey 2
Mailing Address:
Outer Gallifrey 2
c/o Jennifer Billingsley
2064 E. 4675 S. #B
Salt Lake City, UT, 84117
e-mail address:Jennifer Billingsley
Person in charge:Jennifer Billingsley
Meetings: Third Saturday of each month at 7:30 PM for videos, food and discussion. There are also occassional "get togethers", RPGs, Socials, Road Trips, etc.
Meeting Location: Contact Jennifer Billingsley for more info
Dues: None
Newsletter: Can be found at both Meda Play locations in Salt Lake Valley. Will be expanding to Ogden and Provo soon, or you could subscribe for the price of 6 postage stamps

Club's Name:Further Outer Gallifrey 2
Location: Provo Utah
e-mail address:Jennifer Billingsley
Person in charge:Jennifer Billingsley



Club's Name: Northern Virginia Doctor Who Viewing Society
Meetings: Monthly or more frequently - check website for upcoming dates. Generally the 1st Monday of the month, 7 PM to 10:30 PM.
On-line discussions, forums are also available for those who can not attend meetings
Meetings at the Fairfax County Government Center, a tad west of Fairfax VA
Dues: None, but if you want some pizza you should contribute
Mailing list:novadwvs-subscribe@egroups.com - to subscribe to mailing list
Mailing list website:http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/novadwvs
e-mail contact: info@novadwvs.org


West Virgina