Virgin Worlds FAQ 1.1

by Richard Prekodravac

This FAQ is one of three FAQs dealing with books that are of interest to
the newsgroup rec.arts.drwho

The first FAQ is concerned with Virgin Publishing's Doctor Who New
Adventures, Missing Adventures and Decalogs. This FAQ is broken into two
The second FAQ is the BBC Books FAQ concerns the series of Doctor Who
books with the featuring the eighth Doctor and the previous Doctors one
through to seven.
The third FAQ (this FAQ) is the Virgin Worlds FAQ concerns the Benny New
Adventures and science-fiction novels soon to be released by Virgin

This FAQ in its original form was written by Richard Prekodravac (no
longer on the net)
This FAQ is maintained by The Flying Dutchman (

It is vital that when reading this FAQ that you should also read the FAQ
update notes.

1. General Questions.
   (a) What are Virgin Worlds
   (b) What are the Benny New Adventures?
   (c) What are the Decalogs?

2. Books slated for release
   (a) The Benny New Adventures
   (b) The Decalogs

3. So you want to become an author

Section One: General Questions.

***What are the Virgin Worlds?***

Virgin Worlds is the name given to Virgin Publishings Ltd range of
science-fiction books
Although no books have been announce but there are authors such as Lance
Parkin planning a Virgin Worlds book.

***What are the Benny New Adventures?***

Benny New Adventures is the series of novels featuring Bernice
Summerfield and Wolsey her cat. Several other Doctor Who New Adventure
characters will make an appearance in these books
The covers are available for preview at the Doctor Who Books Page

***What are the Decalogs?***

The Decalogs are a collection of 10 short pieces of fiction, linked by a
running theme. The first three Decalogs dealt with characters from the
Doctor Who universe.
Two Decalogs are slated for 1997:
Decalog 4 dealing with Roz's ancestory and the Xhosa people (khulula
impahla :-)
Decalog 5 which looks at 10 wonders of the universe.

Section Two: Books slated for release.

***Benny New Adventures***

      May         Oh no it isn't! by Paul Cornell 
     June         Dragons' Wrath  by Justin Richards
     July         Beyond the Sun  by Mathew Jones
   August         Ship of Fools   by Dave Stone
September         Down            by Lawrance Miles
  October         Deadfall        by Gary Russell


      May         Decalog 4 edited by Justin Richards and Andy Lane
September         Decalog 5 edited by Jim Mortimore and Paul Hinder

Section Three: So you want to become an author

***Does Virgin Publishing accept submissions***

Yes, however for the moment they are asking to withhold any submission
you want to make until they are ready to commission new authors. Virgin
are not looking at any submissions for the Benny New Adventures.

***Where can I get a copy of the Writers' Guidelines***

Through contacting Virgin Publishing, or you can obtain a copy the
writers' guidelines at Dave Golding's Web page:

***What is Virgin's address***

Virgin Publishing
332 Ladbroke Grove
London W10 5AH