Top 10 Weird Missing Stories Stories

By Charles Daniels

With Rumors, False Leads, and Mis-information abounding I thought
I should catalogue the weirdest rumors/ideas/delusions about the
missing these are the

Top 10 Weird Missing Stories Stories

10. Fury From the Deep exists in full in a remote Tibetian
    monastery guarded by a secret army of specially trained
    ninjas who believe that Patrick Troughton is an image
    of the Buddha and that the story is an inspiring tale
    about defeating the inner ego.  The audio has been dubbed
    over into an ancient dialect which is simultaneously
    mysterious and hilarious.

 9. Aliens from Alpha Centauri have DVD copies of all episodes
    of Doctor Who along with all television tranmissions from
    the late forties to early 1994.  They are willing to sell
    back all episodes of Doctor Who for 24 Billion Pounds of
    Gold or 3 Dapol Daleks as Dapol Daleks are the highest
    form of currency on Alpha Centauri IV

 8. The Underwater Menance exists in full in the archives but it  
    has been mislabled "The Three Stooges Go to Atlantis".  There     
    was some confusion when this print was last reviewed due to
    the lack of Larry and Curly but the scenes with "Moe" was
    enough for it to be continued being mislabelled.

 7. A private collector named Eddie Shumocker currently has
    episodes 1 and 3 of the Moonbase however they are the
    centre piece in his complex plot to rule the world and
    the BBC seemed unwilling to pay the 4.99 pounds he requested
    per episode.  

 6. Episode 10 of Daleks' Masterplan is not missing, in fact it
    was never even filmed, the BBC just ran episode 3 of The
    Chase and hoped that no one was paying attention after 
    10 episodes.

 5. Despite repeated fan efforts, constant work, and the hopes and
    dreams of millions of loyal fans, The Dominators is not missing. 

 4. Due to a test drive with the TARDIS Marco Polo was filmed
    in 13th century China.  After great enthusiasm on the part
    of Marco Polo and Kublai Khan the BBC made the mistake of
    actually telling them how much money they would be paid
    for their performances.  Both Marco Polo and Kublai Khan
    refused to have the story repeated and all seven episodes
    where stolen and housed in Kublai Khan's treasure room
    where they still rest today.

 3. The story Web of Fear was stolen by the CIA for being
    "too close to the truth".  The episodes were studied
    at Area 51 for several years before a secret agent,
    most likely Bob Lazar, leaked out episode 1.  Episodes
    2 - 6 are currently housed at an unknown installation
    and the writers, all surviving actors, crew persons,
    viewers, fans and their friends and families are under
    complete 24 Hour surveillance.

 2. John Cura has all the missing episodes and is releasing
    them one frame at a time.

 1. Crazy Star Trek fans are suppressing a mother lode of
    Lost who episodes, trailers, documents, clips, interviews
    so they can plagarise them for their own on Star Trek
    film and television scripts.  Their ring leader is
    Picard "Pointy Ears" Kirk.