Zoe's Fashion Parade

Initially Zoe wears this fetching two-tonejumpsuit, for 'The Wheel In Space' and the start of 'The Dominators'.

During 'The Dominators' Zoe changes into this Dulcian dress-type thing.

For the start of 'The Invasion' Zoe dresses incognito, with a feathery boa.

For then end of 'The Invasion' and all the way through 'The Mind Robber' Zoe wears this sparkly catsuit.

In 'The Krotons' Zoe wears this fetching PVC outfit.

During 'The Seeds Of Death' Zoe changes into this white shirt and trouser suit.

For 'The Space Pirates' Zoe wears this jacket and unitard outfit.

For The War Games, Zoe wears a trenchcoat and trousers

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