Why do we need a Fourier Coefficient database?

Well, to be perfectly honest, we don't really need anything. However, if you are a researcher in the area of regularly pulsating, intrinsic variables, you have probably run across Fourier coefficients at some time in your life. As can be seen in the many papers about Fourier coefficients, they are quite useful.

Since the introduction of the modern form of finding coefficients, there have been many publications concerning them. Sometimes, a different form of the original formula is used - this can make comparisons difficult or introduce unexpected errors if these differences are not noted. Sometimes different photometric systems are used - that has to be noted as well. This website is an effort to provide researchers with a comprehensive listing of coefficients - or as comprehensive as I can make it.

A few things to note -

At the present time there is data for over 1000 galactic variables, as well as more than 1100 cluster variables (in 35 different clusters), and nearly 6500 extragalactic variables in 6 different galaxies.

If you would like to make a suggestion or if you have data to provide to the database, just contact me, Siobahn Morgan.

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